Ek Boond Ishq 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with, Thakur talking to MJ and tara about radha and MJ says that tara is outside bhopal, she must be in ram nagar.. Thakur says how can you be soo sure.. MJ says dont ask me about this, I just need to go and tara says she will also go, But MJ says no and she says she will go. Thakur says you both will go to mangalghad which is our ancestral village and leaves… Aradhna is saying that she is missing tara.. Nandu is going somewhere and aradhna asks yug to go with her and he agrees.. Radha is on the bed and the guard is there.. The guard goes to her and says her that she should not gp anywhere, he is going to market… Radha writes his entire schedule in a paper… Nirmala asks thakur is it imp. For tara and MJ to go there and thakur says yes it is. Mithi says me and adi also went there and it is a beautiful place. Rudrapratap says yaa let them goo.. Vasu says she also wants to go but thakur says no. MJ says that i have work to do but Rudrapratap says thy have to go… And everybody leaves.. Tara says to thakur that I know what is in your head baba and I know that.. Thakur says you understand me very well. You both will go to ram nagar only but everyone will think you are in mangalghad. . And both MJ and tara hugs him… MJ gets kaka’s call and asks him how is dadu.. And tells him that he is going to mangalghad. And tells him that he want to meet him at laal chowk and den they will go to meet dadu… He says tara will be with me soo I will do something. ? Tara comes from behind and says soo pati dev should I do preparation for going to mangalghad… MJ says lets start… Nandu is waiting for yug and walking on road… A guard and a man comes behind her and says that she has a bangle in her bag and she says she dosent have… They checks her bag and the bangles are there.. She says that I dont know how it came to my bag.. It is somebodies plan.. The guard says lets go to police… Rudrapratap is there and asks his driver to go and tell the man to leave nandu.. And they leaves her… And nandu is going from there.. Rudrapratap says now I will use nandu for my own good.. Nandu and yug are going on scooter to home and gug asks her what is wrong.. She says nothing… Nandu asks him to stop the scooter and asks him to tell him what is he hiding from her.. And asks him what are the rakhi’s which are there in your cupboard.. And he tells her that they are his the rakhis which his sister tied him and nandu asks where is she and he ignores her and goes.. Asks her to sit and they leaves..


Kalavati is putting a thread in the needle and asks her campanio5 that what she did with the advocate and she tells her that she throwed him fromnthe cliff..and police is closing the caee.. Then kalavati asks her about kaka and she says that she has his address and kalavati orders her to kill thakur.. Kaka is waiting outside the dispensary for mrityunjay and kalavati’s campanions are there and call kalavati and tells her that kaka is there at dispensary and kalavati asks them to keep a eye on him..


Tara packs the bags and MJ comes there and asks tara why she did his packing.. And tara says that I have helped and you are scolding me.. MJ says that I do my packing in a manner everything at right place … And again does his packing. He tells her that we are not going to mount everest as she is packing alot of sweaters, tara says I feel feel cold.. MJ says that I didnt wanted to take you but I am taking you for baba, so you will listen to and I hope that we find radha.. Tara says that I believe you will find your childhood friend and I will get the proof of you innocence..

Rudrapratap’s companions are following kaka..

Update Credit to: WingsOfHeart

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