Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Shikha is grooming Manav. She gets a call and picks it. Boss is on the other side. He congrats her and asks her if she got the new edition. She says she did not as news paper guy didn’t deliver the magazine yet. Boss says he couriered the magazine. He says Gappu couriered the magazine and scolds Gappu. He asks Gappu to speak to Shikha. Gappu picks the phone and says he couriered it himself and would reach soon. He asks how is she. She says she is fine. Pooja taunts Gappu to ask about Sameer. Gappu asks Shikha to ignore as some people are jealous. Boss asks phone from Gappu and asks Shikha how are Sameer and Manav. Shikha says she is angry on him as he had promised to come to mumbi and didn’t come yet. Boss says he is busy with work and promises to come soon. Gappu says

even he will come. Pooja taunts to take him as it is not sure if he will go before raksha bandhan or not. Boss says he will keept the phone now and to take care of herself. Shikha’s doorbell rings. She informs boss that her magazine would have come. Boss says to go and pick it, says to convey his love to Sameer and keeps the call. Shikha goes and opens the door to pick the magazine, but sees milk on the door. She goes to market to buy streechaya magazine with Manav. She buys the magazine and sees her column. She calls Sameer and informs him that her magazine has come and 100th edition is published. She says she wants to read the magazine with him. He says even wants to read it with her but is busy in office work. Sameer is outside in a petrol pump buying petrol in cans. He gives evil smile and says today it has to be a celebration.

She thinks of going to Sameer’s office and surprise her. She goes to the office and asks the receptionist to inform Sameer. She searches the list and says there is no one here working with name Sameer verma. She gets shocked and asks receptionist to check properly. She says she checked and there is no Sameer Verma here. Shikha says Sameer is working since 2.5 years here and she used to meet her here often. Receptionist asks about the floor where she used to meet. Shikha says she never went up, he used to come down and meet her. Shikha is very shocked. Sameer reaches his home with 2 cans of petrol and a bouquet. He picks the bouquet and goes inside. He calls Shikha and Manav and does not find them. He even searches them everywhere and does not find them in. He goes out, picks the petrol cans from his cars and keeps them inside the house. He looks at the gas stove and closes all the windows. He waits for Shikha and Manav. He hears a voice and goes and check it. Manav and Shikha come.

He opens the gas stove and goes to open the door with bouquet. He opens the door and says surprise. Shikha asks him when did he come. He says just now and he was surprised to not find her. Shikha remembers receptionst’s words. She goes inside without saying anything.

Sudha is cleaning the house. Avinash asks for a file. She drops Shikha’s photo frame by mistake. She picks it and finds the glass broken. She gets worried and asks Avinash to call Shikha and check. Avinash tries to console her and says Shikha is alright. He says today it is a big day for her as 100th edition of her magazine is realized and would get tensed if you call her. Sudha gets convinced but prays to god to protect Shikha.

Shikha informs Sameer that she had gone to her office some time back. He says he left the office some time back. He asks why did she go to his office. She says she wanted to read the magazine with him, so she went. She informs receptionist told her there is no one named Sameer Verma in this office. She even told the recepionist that she met him many times, but receptionist told no Sameer Verma works here. Sameer asks angrily what would be the reason for receptionist to lie. He says she is doubting her just listening to the receptionist. He is in company’s top management team and does not even have time to say hi or remember receptionist’s face. He says if she is believing receptionist and not him, he will let her speak his CEO. He gives CEO’s visiting card and says he will call him now. Shikha snatches the phone and says it is ok. Sameer angrily says she is believing receptionist and not him. Shikha asks sorry for believing the recepitionist and not him. She made a big mistake and not to get angry. Sameer gives evil smile.

Sudha prays god to protect Shikha. Manav starts crying. Shikha goes and picks him. Sudha prays to protect her daughter’s family. Sameer picks crying Manav and says he will take him out to console him. He says to say bye last time to his mom. He looks angrily at Shikha and takes Sameer out. He opens the door sees some people and gets worried.

Precap: People come inside and say they smell something. Sameer says nothing. Shikha says it is gas smell and goes and check. She even sees petrol cans.

Update Credit to: MA

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