Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi asks Suresh if he liked her surprise for Sharda. Suresh says he liked it a lot and says Sharda took care of his whole family well and thanks her. Lathika and her daughter give gift to Sharda. Sharda thanks them. Sharda gives gift box to Suresh and asks him to give it to his mother. Sharda thanks Sakshi and says nobody gave her this kind of gift and hughs her emotionally. She asks Sakshi to give a gift to her mother. Sakshi gives a gift box to her mother and hugs her.

Suresh says Sharda that her kids gave good party for her. He sees her holding a saree and asks her what is specvial in this saree. She says it is her first gift from him and tell him how he gave that gift. Suresh says he does not have time for all this and goes from there. Sakshi brings milk for Sharda and hears Suresh and her conversation. She says Sharda that she wanted to see a smile on her face. Sharda says this is the best day of her life. Sakshi says her best day is yet to come and will fulfill the dream she is looking.

Karan comes to his room and sees Sakshi sleeping soundly. Sakshi murmurs something in sleep. Karan looks at her emotionally and thanks her for what she did today. He says the whole house members love her and even he loves her. He wants to forgive what he saw between her and Aditya. Karan then sees a letter from Sakshi and gets angry reading that Sakshi loves Aditya and will love him forever.

Sakshi gives engagement card of her friend to Sharda and says her whole family is invited. Suresh hears her friend’s name and says he is awaiting for the business proposal with them. He asks Karan to go for the engagement party and spread his business there. Sakshi asks Suresh if she can take Sharda there. Suresh says it is a high-profile party and Sharda does not know English, so she cannot go there. He asks Sakshi to introduce Karan to Sakshi’s friends family to spread their business and goes from there.

Karan goes to his room and starts searching a file. Sakshi says she will search it and shuts cupboard door on Karan’s hand with Karan getting injured. She goes out to bring ice pack. Sharda comes worriedly hearing Karan’s injury and asks Karan if his hand is fractured. Karan says he is fine. Sharda goes out to bring ointment. Sakshi applies icepack on Karan’s hand and asks him to go to doctor. Karan says it is just a sprain and he will be fine. Sakshi asks him to have painkiller and remembers he has not had breakfast yet. She brings breakfast and feeds him. Tu kahe naa, main sunoonaa….. song plays in the background. Sakshi then applies pain killer spray and bandage on Karan’s hand with Karan looking at her romantically. He sees his watch and gets worried that he is late for the office. Sakshi insists that he should not go to office today. Karan says it is okay and says he will go by cab. Sakshi says she will drop him and takes him.

Sakshi drops Karan to his office. Aditya sees her and speaks to her. Karan sees them and gets angry. Aditya comes to Karan’s cabin asking for a file. He asks Karan how did he get injured. Karan says with this injury, he is feeling good. Aditya taunts him with his witty words and makes Karan angry again.

Sakshi comes to her room and arranges Karan’s files. She sees letters on floor and gets shocked to see that the letters were not written by her. She remembers writing letter for Karan and keeping it under pillow. She realizes it is Aditya’s handwriting and he is trying to create misunderstanding between her and Karan.

Precap: Aditya says Karan that Sakshi loves him and not Karan and says he can prove that. He calls Sakshi and switches his phone speaker. Sakshi asks him to meet in a coffee shop.

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  1. I want to kill the guy aadi!!!

  2. I swear! And I really hope that the makers end this track soon with Karan and Sakshi realising their love for each other.

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