Saraswatichandra 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Saras to sing a song and make Kumud agree. Saras says she will be angry if I sing. Kabir says try it, I will teach you, come. Saras comes to Kumud. Kumud avoids him. Tujhe aksa beach ghumadun aa chalti kya…………….. Saras sings this. Saras tries to make her agree in Mumbai style. Kumud beats him with pillow and leaves. He follows her and says please stop Kumud, I m sorry, I should have discussed with you before. She says I have forgiven you. He says it means you are coming to Mumbai with me. She says when did I say this. He says you went to London risking your life and can’t come to Mumbai. She says I won’t leave Ratnagiri.

Guniyal and Yash’s mum shows some girl pics to Kabir. Kusum shows another one and praises the girl. Kabir sits between them puzzled. Yash’s mum says we don’t want illiterate girl. Kusum says no, she will manage everything like Kumud. Kabir is silent. Everyone insists about their choice. Danny looks at him. Saras and Kumud come and asks whats going on. Danny says they are finding a girl for Kabir. Guniyal, Yash’s mum and Kusum start giving reasons to support their choice. Saras says I feel Kabir should not marry now, as till you are alone, everything is fine, once you get married, husbands are tied. Kabir smiles.

Vidyachatur says no, he is talking about himself. Saras says fine, ask Kabir does he want to get married or not, tell Kabir. Guniyal says why will he not marry, he is a good guy, and will marry soon if he get the good girl. Kusum says this girl is best for you. Kabir leaves. Yash’s mum says he is shy and went. Laxminandan says he did not say no right, and asks Saras and Kumud to find a good girl for Kabir. Saras says yes dad, I have sunk, so will sink him too. Danny says but dad, how will they find the girl for him, they are shifting to Mumbai. Kumud leaves.

Saras says don’t worry, we will find the girl together. Vidyachatur laughs and says make her agree first. Saras says you are right and leaves. He waits for Kumud. He sees her coming and works in the kitchen. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was hungry, I was making roti for me. She says you could have told me. He says I m going Mumbai alone, so practicing. He says I can’t do this. She says move, I will do. He says no, I will have tea. He makes an innocent face.

He acts so sweet and hardworking. Kumud looks on. He says I have to do this in Mumbai, so have to start now. He takes a big Kadai and puts water. He puts lots of tea powder and sugar. She looks at him. He puts plenty of milk too. He says great, I said I will make tea. She smiles and says yes. He takes the lighter and tries to ignite fire. He says the flame will come and it does. He takes a bog spoon and says its great tea, will give to everyone. His hand burns holding the kadai and she cares for his hand.

He says I told you I can’t do anything with you, will you come with me now. She says yes, it will be fin there, right. You can get a maid there, you will not need me. He says no, listen to me.

Its morning, Saras tries to emotionally blackmail Kumud. He says someone told me you can get maid there. Kusum says yes, but we have to get grocery right, we don’t even know the rates. Saras says no, grocery is delivered at home there. He says I have to stay as a Bachelor for six months. Kumud suts to have breakfast. He serves her food and says what to do, we can’t do anything now. Everyone smile understanding his plan. Kumud leaves. Kabir comes and sits with everyone. Danny says don’t worry, we will not talk about your marriage.

Kusum says but we will talk about girls, see we all like this girl, you tell us how is she. They show him the pic and ask him not to be shy. Kabir does not see. Vidyachatur asks is there anyone else. Laxminandan asks Kabir do you like anyone. Danny says dad is not strict, if you like anyone, tell us. Kabir says no, the one who has hatred in his heart, how can he love. Kusum says but someone may love you. Kabir says no one waits for anyone. Danny says it means he has no one in his life and we have to do this arrangement. Vidyachatur says lets see this girl. Guniyal says I will call her mum today itself.

Saras thinks and says I have important work, I will come. He leaves. Its night, Danny does his work. Kusum comes to him and smiles seeing him busy working. She comes in silently and keeps the water jug. She walks to him and teases him. She hides and laughs. Danny understands its Kusum and says this mosquito is troubling me a lot like Kusum, I will kick him out but what to do of Kusum. She says oh. He holds her hand and she says catch me, you called me a mosquito. He catches and they fall on bed. He gets closer and she turns. He holds her face and goes ahead to kiss her. Music plays………………

Kumud sees Saras coming and acts like she is sleeping. Saraas comes in and sees her sleeping on his side of bed. He asks what are you doing, don’t act, I know you are awake, I m tired and feeling sleepy. She says so sleep. He asks why are you doing this. She asks what did I do, I have to sleep alone on this bed from now on. He says no, I will sleep on the couch. She says sleep here I will adjust. Saras gets annoyed and then sleeps beside her. She smiles. She talks to him and jokes about working alone. He says you will cry when I go. She says yes, I will miss you, as you used to drop me school. He says I m feelin sleepy. She says so sleep, you have lots of work in morning. She smiles.

Kabir says I can’t share my life with anyone. Vidyachatur says marriage is an important part of life. Kabir says I don’t want to marry. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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