Gustakh Dil 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha seeing a girl at her home. Riya says who are you and how can you wake me like this. Barkha says who are you and calls Nikhil. Nikhil says good morning. Barkha says who is she, whats this, a new girl every day. He says she is Kareena, my friend. He gives her black coffee and asks what happened mum, she is my friend, we went in party and she got much drunk, so I brought her home. Barkha says this is not a hotel. She says see you have spoiled my carpet. Kareena says I will tell my dad to buy a new carpet for you. She says I wish she did not wake me up, this hangover, lets go Nikhil.

He says yes, I will get you a cab, come. He takes her and leaves. Nikhil thanks her for coming. Barkha looks on. Ratri is at Sagar’s home and hears music. Lajjo comes to her and asks her to lower the volume as she is teaching Mili. Ratri talks to her boyfriend and backbites about Sagar. Lajjo is shocked hearing her bitching. Ratri says Sagar was accused of his wife’s murder. Lajjo turns off the music. Ratri says how dare you. Lajjo tells her its not good to backbite about anyone like this, he trusts you so much. Ratri says wait, the whole world says this about him, who the hell are you to teach me.

Lajjo says how can you tell about him. Sagar listens what Lajjo says and says how dare you. He misunderstands and says I don’t believe you, I felt you are handworking and needy, so I kept you here, and you are talking rubbish about me in my house. Lajjo says I did not. He says shut up. He asks Ratri to practice. Ms Ahuja looks on. Lajjo feels she was doing good for him and he got angry on him. That’s why Mili is scared of him.

Nikhil talks to Barkha. She asks about such weird girls. She says I will introduce you to some decent and well behaved girls. He says are you talking about Lajjo. Sagar trains Ratri. He scolds her for not practicing. Singh says SK, calm. Sagar asks her to practice and talks to Singh. Sagar says we got the sponsors, we got nothing to worry. Singh sees Ratri on phone. Sagar turns and gets angry seeing her on phone. She takes her phone and says I told you 1000 times not to use phone while working, forget you can become a star.

He says its your show, I m launching you, and is tthis your commitment, you can’t even become a backup dancer. Ratri gets angry. Sagar asks where are you going. She says home and leaves in anger. Sagar says wait, you can’t leave like this. Lajjo and Mili hear them. Sagar says what do you think you are. Sagar says you need dedication and discipline to become a star. He taunts her. Ratri says enough. Sagar is shocked. Ratri says you can’t talk to me like this. She says I have talent. He says I will decide about you, this is stage show, but a club party.

He says who are you, who knows you, people know me, they will judge you by my standards. She laughs and says what standards, you know it well whats your standard. Mili takes Lajjo with her. Ratri says you are workless since three years and only I m there to give you your lost status and reputation. She says you are nothing. Lajjo looks on. Sagar stops Ratri in anger. Mili hugs Lajjo. Sagar says what did you say, Sagar Khurana is nothing. She says what are you, tell me, you got the sponsor because of me, I m everywhere in hoardings and media.

She says what are you without me. He says so much pride, you are nothing now. He says Sagar Khurana does not bear anyone, I make stars, I will make anyone stand instead of you, and it won’t take me time, understand that. She says I m leaving you now. Everyone is shocked. Ratri takes her purse and leaves angrily. Sagar says let her go Singh, don’t insult me following her. Singh says stop her. Sagar says no, I can’t bend infront of her. Singh says we will be ruined. Lajjo takes Mili inside. Singh says what will we do now. Sagar says relax Singh, Ratri does not deserve to be a star.

He says she will never come back here, whatever happens, she has challenged me, if I decide, I can make anyone star. Nikhil calls Rancho and thanks her for sending Kareena. He asks about her friend’s rent payment. She smiles and says Lajjo….. I mean Lavanya paid it. Nikhil thinks what did she say. Sagar drinks wine and thinks of his wife’s affair. He sees Kabir and gets angry. Kabir says I came to invite you on my show. Sagar is shocked to see Ratri working for him now.

Sagar says the same thing again. Kabir says the same anger and aggression, I like it, come on get a life now. Sagar says you and Arohi, you have snatched her from me. Kabir says yes right, how could I forget this, people get attracted to me, I did not call Ratri, but she came to me. Sagar says I m the star maker and can make anyone the star. Kabir sees Lajjo going. He smiles and asks is that so. He stops Lajjo and says so Mr. Sagar Khurana, you can make anyone a star, fine, can you make this lady a star. Sagar and Lajjo look at each other. Kabir challenges Sagar and smiles.

Sagar says Lajjo that you won’t teach Mili from tomorrow, I will train you from tomorrow, you will be a star. Lajjo says I don’t want to become a star.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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