Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan has brought a new car for test drive – Honda Mobilio. He promotes the car. Sakshi loves the surprise and they sit inside to go for a ride. She realises that it is so big that they all can go for a ride together. I wish we all can go somewhere. He is sure it will happen. Now that you like it I will book it. They go for a drive.

Karan and Sakshi come home. Sharda invites them for breakfast. They agree to join them after freshening up. Suresh gets a call from someone and confirms that Singhania liked their designs. He shares his happiness with Sharda. The news has spread in the market that Singhania has given us order. She too is happy. I am sure everything will be fine very soon. she goes to bring his favourite snacks for him.

Padma congratulates Suresh. The whole industry has got to know about the order. I hope you haven’t forgotten that I had a word with you regarding taking Karan with me. He gets thinking and she reminds him of their deal. My daughter Sakshi will stay with me and you will get a new business venture. He smiles in reply. Don’t worry I remember my words very well. I stick to them. Karan joins them for breakfast. Padma wants to talk to him after breakfast and tells him thus.

Sharda serves them breakfast. Karan praises the food cooked by her mom (and not a CEO). Padma talks to him about making his new identity. I will give it to you. I have appointed you as the CEO of my company. Karan and Sharda are shocked. I have signed the necessary documents now its your turn. Sign them once you are done with your breakfast. Sharda tells Suresh to stop Karan as he had agreed to do so if they get Singhania’s order. We will not need any outside funds then. Stop him. Karan is reading the papers while Sharda requests her husband to not send her son away from her. He keeps quiet. Padma says he has already said and done what he had wanted to. Suresh replies that that business also belongs to Karan. One day or the other he only will handle it. I don’t find anything wrong in it. Karan has to decide what he has to do. Karan asks his opinion. What would you have done if you were in my place? Sharda replies on his behalf. He would left Ma ji, his home and would never go to his in-laws place to become a ghar jamai. Suresh gets thinking but then disagrees with her. If I would have got such an offer then I would have gone. Padma asks Karan to sign but Sharda tells him not to do it. padma questions her with which right is she stopping him. sharda reminds her that she is his mother. Padma is not bothered with it. did you let him make his own identity? He was simply following his elder sister’s orders since so many years. That is it! A mother is someone who fights for her children’s right and not the one who continues to talk about motherly love all the time. Sakshi interrupts her. You have no right to talk to my Ma like this. She is quiet as she is worried about me. You are my mother and a guest here but you have no right to speak just about anything. And I know Karan will never sign on these papers. Karan looks at her in surprise. A decision taken in haste is never right and I wont let him do anything wrong ever. Sharda is happy while Padma points out that she too is becoming melodramatic like her MIL. She leaves from there followed by Suresh. Sakshi wants to talk to Karan but he walks away saying that he is not interested in listening to anything that she has to say.

Sakshi follows Karan to their room. She tries to talk to him, wanting to know what has happened. he is upset as she stopped him from signing those papers. Your mom is right. I neither have an identity nor does anyone need me anywhere, neither in home nor at office. She says he is thinking wrong but he disagrees with her. I thought that you will have faith in me but you too don’t trust me. At times I feel that the people I love, care for and trust the most hurt me every now and then. They are not concerned with my emotions, feelings, whether it is my Ma or my wife. She tells him that Ma wants him to stay here and help her in business. She needs you right now. If you don’t support her now then both the house and business will fall apart. Latika Di has already made a demand for her business shares. Right now Ma needs you the most. He cannot understand why is she still worried about others and not him. Unbelievable!

Sakshi suggests her mom to go back to Ahmadabad. Padma says that she has come here for her. You need me. Sakshi declines. I need a Ma here who can help me unite my broken family once again. But my family is breaking all the more because of you. My Ma had told me once that one should keep sasural and mayeka separate if you have to keep the family together. Padma talks about being practical. Everyone needs money and freedom. Sakshi values love above money and wants to be tied down with relations instead of being free. I am really sorry that I am telling you to go like this but please try to understand me. I really want my family to be together again but its not possible till you are here. I know you are doing it all for my happiness. Every mother wants her kids’ happiness as her happiness lies in that only then why are you snatching that happiness from Sharda Ma? She too would want the same thing, to see Karan happy and in front of her. you questioned Karan on his business identity but has anyone ever questioned you about where were you when I had needed you the most? You had loads of comfort to give me but no time. Sharda Ma has stood by Karan in every step of life. A mother’s duty is to love her kids and she has loved her kids very much. It is her right to punish or hurt them. My Ma is very innocent. It is a brave thing to be like that in today’s selfish world. Padma smiles through her tears. You have become very mature and I am really proud of you. I dint get to know when my little doll grew up. I am really very sorry that I became selfish / emotional for you but now everything will happen as per your wish. I wont interfere in your family matters ever. Sakshi smiles.

In her room, Sakshi talks to Karan’s photo. I know you are angry with me but I also know that you cannot be upset with me for long as you love me a lot. I will tell you everything. I need some time for it. She decides to bring out Shanaya’s truth before she ruins everything.

Shanaya wonders if Sakshi saw her walking yester night or not. I am not sure if she has but I am sure that she has started doubting me. She must be thinking of something by now. I have to be careful or my plan will fail. Sharda notices her lost in some thoughts and asks her about it. shanaya replies that she is scared. What if I am never able to walk again? Sharda encourages her with positive words. Hardships make us stronger. We have to face them and be strong. Shanaya acts all tearful. I don’t know how many more problems will come. I cannot fight anymore. I will not be able to walk on my own ever. I will become a burden on all of you for life. Sakshi comments that things will not happen as per her plan. Ma can do anything to get you back on your feet. She can even call world’s best doctors for you. Sharda agrees. Sakshi tells her Ma about her friend’s dad who is a very big doctor in US. He handles these kinds of cases only. We should talk to him. sharda likes the idea. Sakshi agrees to give her the number and assures SHanaya that she will be fine very soon. shanaya tells them not to worry about her. I am ok with it if this is what’s written in my fate. We cannot change it. Sakshi talks about how doctors are like God too. If you get well then we will realise that even God wants the same thing for us. Sharda asks for the number. Sakshi leaves from there. Epi ends on Shanaya’s worried face.

Precap for Monday: Sakshi leaves her diary in Shanaya’s room. I will put my doctor’s name in place of your doctor. Sakshi is outside her room. She puts her phone on the stand outside and starts the video recording. You will have to get up from your bed to reach out to that diary. Everything will record in your phone when you will get up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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