Dil Dosti Dance 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Huma calls Raghv while taking Ishika to hospital. She tells him to reach there. Raghv calls Sharon to tell her. Swayam and Sharon were together, she reads the text and tells Swayam in a worry about the accident.

Karma asks Ishika how she is, Huma says it is a fracture. Sharon comes there, and hugs Ishika. Ishika says that she has been give a pain killer injection. Raghv asks who was it. Ishika says that a car came, and hit me. Sharon consoles her and says she will wait out. Ishika apologizes that due to her the duet has been spoil. Raghv says that it is fine, another girl will get a chance to dance with him. Sharon tells her not to worry. Sharon forbids him, and tells Ishika not to worry about it. She asks why her boyfriend didn’t come here. Ishika says they aren’t together. Dida comes to meet Ishika.

Sharon was crying, and tells Swayam that she can’t handle it; where will she bring a new backup dancer in two days. Swayam tells her that her Sharon is strong enough, that when she makes up her mind she can do anything. They hug, while Huma comes there. Sharon tells Swayam that she will be back, after talking to the doctor.

Dida asks Ishika how this all happened. The attendant brings khitchdi for her. Dida tells her that she has brought some home food for her, saying she isn’t only a paying guest but Raghv’s friend. Dida tells the nurse that Raghv will stay here at night. Ishika says that you are stuck with me, unwantingly.

Huma watches Karma with a guy, and wonders who is this.

Raghv makes Ishika eat the food. He says that Dida will be annoyed if it isn’t finished. She says she is so good, were you changed in the hospital? He laughs, while they play. He makes her eat the food. playingly. He then offers her juice and helps her lie down on bed to sleep. He says Good night, she says thankyou so much for everything.

Karma and the boy come on the bike, Huma follows them on rickshaw. She thinks that why has Karma been to college so late, two days before dance mania. She comes into the college. Karma and Rahul goes into the rehearsal hall. She thinks what are they doing inside, and waits outside on stairs. She begins feeling dizzy, and fell asleep. They jerk of open door wakes her, when Karma and Rahul sets apart hugging each other. Huma goes after Karma, and thinks where has he hidden. He comes there and asks her if she is following him again. He says he has a secret, he thought about knowing their dance strategy from Rahul. He is doing this by spending time with Rahul. Huma says that this is false, but he asks if she wants to win dance mania or not.

Sharon tells her student that they must prepare a routine, in which Raghv and Rahul will perform.

Swayam asks to start with the rehearsals, Huma comes there. She thinks that the pact she decided with Karma is wrong, she must tells Swayam about Karma. She says that she want to tell him something about Karma. She says that Karma is going to cheat us, she followed him. Swayam tells Huma that he is done with this, so she should focus on dance rather than Karma.

Swayam and Sharon talk on phone. He tells her he knows that she is in some green costume. She looks around. He says he just guessed. They both start talking to each other. Swayam says that he feels something bad is going to happen. She says that they somehow managed to prepare the new routine. They say I love you and Good bye to each other. Sharon’s mom comes to her room, and says that tomorrow is a big day. Avantika says that we must win. Sharon says that we will try our best., Avantika says that we must not try, but win. Sharon says that she must not say this. Avantika says that whatever happens tomorrow, she loves her daughter the most. Sharon recalls her word.

PRECAP: The dance mania begin. Huma says that we are competing the strongest team, St. Luois. Vicky says that we need a forward dancer who can make us win. There is a special appearance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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