Ek Boond Ishq 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara is praying in mandir, tara says I got mj after much difficulty but you took him away, you did this but you have to make him fine, I know its difficult to be someone else wife when I am mj’s wife, I know its difficult but I have to do it for his life but give me strength when he comes to me and I control my emotions, I have faith that you will join us together someday, I only want you to make me fine, om comes there and ask tara to come with him to hospital.
om is taking mj to operation theatre, tara says to mj that you have to become fien for me and pari, I am waiting for you, I wont leave you alone, mj is taken to operation theatre, om says don’t worry and goes inside, tara comes to mandir in hospital and finds pari standing there, pari prays to lord that

make balli fine, I promise I wont steal your laddo ever, tara says yes nothing will happen to your balli, lord will listen to your prayers, vidant comes there and witnesses all this this, tara prays to lord that not mine but accept this little kid’s prayers. operation starts, outside tara recalls her moments with mj, how they romanced in jungle, how they used to love each other, vidant comes there and ask are you my sia only? you used to tell me everything, you sued to tell me about your professors too, you sued to tell household thing to me after marriage too, where is that sister, I think you are hiding something from me, I am your elder brother and you can share everything with me, I wont go against you, I will support you but tell me the truth, tara ask what you wanna know, vidant sits beside her and ask her relation with balli and pari and why that fake baba(kala) said that he will come back to take revenge from you, tell me the truth, tara recalls her promise to om that she will act as his wife sia, tara says balli has saved my life many a times, I am indebted to him and now when his life is in danger so I feel like my best friend is going away and about pari, some relations are not made of blood but from heart, mine and pari relation is same, whenever I see pari, I feel like her mother said to me to take care of pari, vidant ask about kala, tara says she is pari and balli’s enemy, I tried to help them so she became my enemy too, vidant says ok, vidant says I used to be your best friend, remember I am your everything, he leaves from there. tara cries.

Scene 2
om is doing operation, mj’s health detour, tara is waiting outside, mj is given shock to bring back him to life, his heart beat is becoming unstable, om says we have to do something fast, tara recalls how mj said once that no one can separate them, they will grow old together, she recalls mj’s poetry for her, she recalls how mj filled her forehead with sindoor, ek boodn ishq pe new version plays, she recalls how mj hugged her once and said to be strong to fight, he says we are like each others shadow, shadow sometime cannot be seejn but that doesn’t mean it is away from us, we will always be with each other for life, just trust me, I wont let anything bad happen, fb ends, operation ends. om comes out of operation theatre, tara ask how is mj? you did his operation nicely? his life is out danger? om looks on.. om ask her to go inside theatre, tara goes in, other doctor inside operation theatre says that om did a fabulous job today, miracle happened today and om has given aid to this miracle, he is a genius, doctor goes out of room.

Scene 3
tara comes to mj and finds him unconscious lying on bed, tara cries and says I wanted to see you for last time because when you will open your eyes, I wont there infront of you, you know what, I was waiting fro the day when you, me and pari would in live in one house but that is not possible as my fate is not good, I couldn’t tell you that how much I love you and today I am going to do something from which you will hate me for life, if you can so forgive, to save my life’s life, I had to do it, you promised me that we will live together but its not possible.
om is checking reports, he says its normal to nurse, pari comes to om and ask how is my balli? om talks to her and says he is your balli so tell me how is he? pari says he is strong but he had injury, om says we have made his injury fine, pari ask can she meet mj? om says see him from window, pari goes and sees mj sleeping from window, tara come there and says thanks to om, om says I just fulfilled my promise, vidant comes there and ask can I take mj’s statement? om says no, take is tomorrow, vidant gets call and says what, he informs tara and om that the car which was taking babaji(kalwati) had accident and all are dead, tara ask about baba, vidant says I got the news that all are dead, tara gets tensed.

PRECAP- om says to tara that I think we should leave from hospital now before mj becomes conscious as then he wont let you go, will you be able to control yourself seeing him conscious, you are making things difficult fro yourself, don’t forget you have to fulfill your promise to me. tara is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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