Nadaan Parindey 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal drinking sitting near the well. He thinks about Meher. Rabba…………….plays……………..He thinks of Sameer’s words that he loves Meher a lot and whatever he did was for her love. He comes home in drunk state. He scolds Meher and asks her to give food, else I will break your mouth. She says you are drunk. He falls and asks her to be away. She says you don’t know your mum’s respect is in this village, why do you want to ruin her name. He says whose mum, who are you to ask me, you are like my shoes. He says go and heat the food, bring it in my room. She says get the food fast else I will beat you. He pushes her and she falls. He says don’t touch me, I hate you.

Her hand gets hurt. He leaves taunting her. She brings food in his room and sees he has already slept. She comes to him ad sits by his side. He caresses his hair and smiles. She says you know you have come in my life and shaken it. She says whatever you did, I will always pray that you always sleep peacefully. She says Sameer, Iqbal, whatever people call you, your inner goodness I have seen it. She says you don’t leave that goodness. She cries. Iqbal says Meher, don’t go and she stops. He says forgive me Meher. She comes to him. He says I love you Meher. Ang laga de re………………..plays…………….. She is stunned and cries seeing him.

She says I know everything, you are not bad, you are not bad at all. He opens his eyes and looks at her. She thinks about his words that he used her, she is nothing to him. She says no, what am I doing. She says no and turns to leave. He holds her hand and stops her. He says don’t go Meher.She kisses him and they get closer. . They spend the night together consummating their marriage. She comes to her room and thinks of those love moments. She burns the red thread Bebe tied to her hand asking her to safeguard her limits. Bebe comes and Meher hugs her. She says you should have not come so late, but its good. Bebe asks why, did he say anything. Meher says no, nothing wrong.

She says what he said was true. Bebe says tell me what happened, why did you not sleep. Meher says nothing. Bebe says was he at home. Meher says he came home late, he was drunk. Bebe is shocked. She asks is she sure.Meher says yes, I will make tea for you. Bebe goes to meet Iqbal. She sees him sleeping peacefully and cries. He wakes up.

Bebe asks Iqbal did he drink last night. He says yes, but for the first time. He says he thought to show Meher how bad I m, and though to beat her, she will miss Sameer. He says he can’t do this infront of her, it was good chance, but he slept soon. She says what if things went wrong. He says fine, stop scolding now. She says give me food soon. She asks about Sameer. He says I spoke to dad, he said everything is fine. He says wait for two four days, then Sameer will be here. She says I will have just one son with me, what about the second. He says you can’t get everything together.

She says come down to have food. She leaves. He says did I not have food yesterday, I m feeling weak. He gets up and sees Meher’s bangles broken on the bed. He picks it up and is shocked. Bebe comes to Meher and asks her to come with her. Meher says no, she does not want to. Bebe asks Meher to give food to Iqbal. Iqbal scolds Meher and throws the tea she gives. Meher is shocked. He asks Bebe to make food for him. Bebe says she won’t. Iqbal says I will not leave you both. Bebe scolds him and says I heard you were drunk yesterday. He says so what. She says this won’t work in my house, you are like my son, so I m explaining you.

He says your son is very lucky to have a son like you, good to meet you, I spoke to your son yesterday, he said he misses you and Meher a lot, he said if he is alive today so its because of Meher’s love, its strange, I felt Sameer is a coward, but see where her love took him. He says I don’t know how can anyone love someone, he is bearing so much and still taking Meher’s name. Meher is shocked. Iqbal leaves. Iqbal comes to take the file. He takes the pics of the file papers and smiles. He keeps the file back.

Mehtaab and Iqbal come to free Sameer. Sameer asks who is he. Iqbal shows his face to him. Mehtaab says don’t worry. The brothers see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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