Ek Nayi Pehchan 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda comes home. Dadi asks her if the client liked her designs. Sharda has no clue. He (Suresh) will come and tell. Singhania ji wants to show it to his investors first. Don’t know whether he will like them or not. dadi is sure they will like them as after all her Sharda has made them. My Sharda does everything perfectly. Sharda smiles. Padma is talking to her friend about the address and locality. Sharda offers to help but Padma declines. who all will you help? My friend is coming and I have ordered food from outside. My friend is a little different. You might feel uncomfortable so I will understand it if you want to avoid meeting her. sharda understands what she wants. She leaves with Dadi. Padma wishes that Sharda doesn’t meet her friend.

Padma’s friend comes there with her DIL Pooja. Padma tells Sunita to call Sakshi. Her friend loves the house. Call Sakshi’s MIL as well. Padma lies that she isn’t at home right now. Sakshi comes and greets them. They have brought gifts for Sakshi’s baby. Sakshi looks around for her Ma. Padma lies that she is busy taking care of Shanaya and has no idea about your guests. Don’t worry I am here. Padma’s friend talks about how she too wanted a rich girl for her son too but her DIL’s parents dint fulfil her demands. She talks against her DIL’s family and Pooja replies nicely to quieten her. Sakshi suggests having food as the guests have to board the flight too. Padma tells Sunita to set the table. sunita tells Sakshi that the food is non veg. Everyone is taken aback. Padma calls the restaurant and scolds them. she apologizes to her guests. It will take a lot of time in getting the food again. Her friend assures her that they will eat at the airport. Sharda tells them to give her 15 minutes. you are Sakshi’s guests so you shouldn’t go without eating. What would you like to eat? Padma tells her to cook anything that doesn’t take too much time. Sharda leaves for the kitchen. Sakshi wonders why her mom dint introduce her Ma to the guests. Padma avoids replying to her and talks to her friend.

The guests love the food. Padma’s friend asks for water from Sharda. Sharda complies. They mistake Sharda as the cook and even invite her to come to Delhi with them. Sakshi replies that they wouldn’t be able to afford her. She takes lifetime commitment, trust and unconditional love. Will you be able to give al that? Padma finally introduces Sharda. Her friend apologizes to Sharda. She reminds Padma that she had told them that Sharda ji isn’t home. Maybe the DIL-MIL had a fight. These things go on in a family but Sakshi is younger and pregnant. You should take good care of her. you dint even come to meet us. Anyways we are Sakshi’s own people but you shouldn’t embarrass Sakshi like this in front of her guests. Sakshi gets angry. How can you think that my Ma embarrasses me? If anyone here has to change anything then it is you and your DIL. You should work on your relation with your DIL. Don’t try to teach us please. Padma’s friend gets up and taunts Padma. She even calls Sakshi ill mannered. Sharda speaks on Sakshi’s behalf this time. You can only respect those who know how to respect others. You are Sakshi’s guests which is why I was treating you nicely but I wont hear a word against my daughter. Sakshi smiles proudly. I know you are getting late for your flight. You should leave. The lady is anyways not interested and walks out with her DIL. Padma looks dejectedly at her daughter and Sharda and then leaves from there. Sakshi has tears in her eyes and smiles at Sharda.

Dadi reassures Sharda that her designs will get selected. Sharda wishes the same as all their troubles will go away then. Karan comes home and thanks his mom. I couldn’t say thanks to my CEO in the meeting there. Everyone was praising my research very much. For the first time my work was appreciated so much and you gave me this chance so thank you. Sharda nods and thanks him too for making presentation of her designs. He is confused but then tells her that he dint make it. Sharda gets happy with the realisation that Sakshi has done all this. Suresh comes there and congratulates her. Singhania has approved your designs. She gets happy. We will get that contract then? He nods. She thanks the Lord as they wont have to sent their Karan to some other place now. He points out that Karan will make this decision, not her. anyways, good job! Dadi asks for sweets and has her eyes set on the laddoos. Sharda starts the puja while Dadi waits for her Prasad. Sharda thanks the Lord for blessing her. Plus I have to thank Sakshi too but don’t know how. I know she will decline if I will say something to her. There is a way. She brings a notepad and writes something on a paper. When I will give Prasad to everyone then I will give this slip to Sakshi along with it. Dadi is waiting impatiently for the puja to get over. Sharda goes to bring matchstick as the box is empty. Sakshi notices the laddoos and gets tempted. She is about to pick one when she notices the chit in the thaal. Curiously she picks it up and is surprised to see Thank you Sakshi written on it. she smiles and Sharda too is looking at her from a distance. Dadi calls out for Sharda. How long will it take? Sharda replies that her puja is done. I will give you the Prasad now. dadi smiles. Sakshi slightly nods her head towards her Ma.

Shanaya is really angry at how she kept Sharda busy for the whole night yet she made the whole presentation along with taking care of her. She removes her blanket and puts her feet down. Dad’s company has got this contract because of her. I failed in breaking Sharda and her family yet again. Now Sharda and her family will live together under this room. The house where my mom passed away will be filled with laughter now. I will never let it happen! I wont let Shard and her family get happy again. Sakshi forgot her medicines and comes downstairs. She hears Shanaya shouting / talking to herself and is stunned at what she hears. I will never let Sharda and her family win. I wont let these people stay together happily as my mom is not here with me because of them. Sakshi watches everything from outside and is shocked. She comes inside the room to confront Shanaya but she is back on her bed in her earlier position. Sakshi realises that nothing has happened to Shanaya. She is perfectly alright? This means she was faking her injuries and played with everyone’s emotions. Shanaya asks her the reason for coming here. You should not roam around too much as you are pregnant. Sakshi replies that she does not care about her but surely cares for her family to make sure no one is tries to snatch my family’s happiness. They can try as much as they want to but nothing can go wrong till I am here in this home. Sharda is surprised to see Sakshi there. She too suggests her not to use the stairs too often in this condition. You could have called me. Shanaya repeats the same thing. Sharda ji you come here and sit with me. I have missed you a lot. Sharda tells Sakshi to go to her room. I will bring your medicines. Sakshi says she will tell Sunita and goes from there.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up and notices that Karan woke up early today. She recalls yesterday’s incident. This means Shanaya was acting to be paralytic since last some days. There can be only one reason for it. she wants to separate me and Karan from Ma. She thinks of something. I will have to play Shanaya’s game, her way. I will make her lose in her own game. You have played enough Shanaya. Now its my turn.

Precap: Sakshi tells her Ma about her friend’s dad who is a very big doctor in US. He handles these kinds of cases only. We should talk to him. sharda likes the idea. Sakshi agrees to give her the number and assures SHanaya that she will be fine very soon. shanaya thinks of stopping Sakshi or her game will be over.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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