Dil Dosti Dance 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karma tells Huma that Avantika offered him a deal. She asks has there been a deal strike. He says that it was just an offer. She asks how much amount. He tells her that it was 5 lacs. She says that he must have accepted it. He says that whatever you think, winning of dance mania is the most important thing for him. He says that she also talk to that Raghv who is from D3, and no one will decide whom he talks to or not.

Swayam comes home, The lights had been turned off. She watches a girl holding candle,
and calls Sharon! She comes to him and tells him to be quiet. She begins the dance with him, and they both dance vigorously.

Ishika comes home and gets Dida’s call. She thinks that Raghv’s didi is so sweet. She unlocks the door, and comes in the house. It had been decorated with candle. Raghv comes to her, takes Ishika’s hand and they both dance. The dance had been recorded in his phone.

There, after the dance Sharon tells Swayam that she missed him. He says that not more than her, as he got used to seeing her everyday. She asks how he knew, looking the candle-light table that I had returned. He says that it is obvious, as Kaka won’t do this for him.

Raghv claps and says to Ishika that this is dance, and we have a commendable chemistry. He shows her the video. She shouts, and asks what was this all and why he did the recording. Raghv says that this was for her ambiance, but this video is to show her that here in the video is another Ishika and she must be there on the day of competition.

Vishnu calls Ishika and says that he is sorry, and asks her to return home. She says that he made her realize that she has no value. He asks where is she staying? She tells him that she is at Raghv’s place. He gets angry and says that she is an opportunist, and was cheating him for all this time.

Huma shouts at Karma, when he leaves her in the middle of the steps. Karma takes his call, and tells the doctor that he has paid the installment and he will pay the rest in a week. Huma tells him that she might get injured. She knows that he needs money, and has been offered; something might be going on in his mind. They both say that they are extremely desperate to win.

Ishika comes to Raghv and says sorry. He tells her to forget everything. Sharon comes there, and asks did they all bunk their classes. Ishika says that it isn’t a class to be bunked, but dance. Sharon appreciates her for discovering her voice. Sharon watches Ishika and Raghv rehearsing. Vishnu comes to the door, and watches them too; angrily, he leaves.

Sharon comes to D3. Swayam asks she is here, she says that she is so pleased she didn’t know whom to share. She tells him that she saw Raghv and Ishika’s performance and it was commendable. Swayam says that they will work harder. She says she is so dumb to be telling all to her competitor. He says that he is her boyfriend, and this is what he likes the more. She says it is awkward, that they will be competing. He says that in no love-story of the world, hero and heroines have lived in the same camps. Love-stores are made only when two people love inspite of being in different camps.

Ishika was waiting for rickshaw, a car comes and hits her deliberately. People gather around, while Vishnu leaves watching her. Huma was stuck in the traffic and goes to see it was Ishika. She was shocked.

PRECAP: Sharon was worried, Swayam says that his Sharon will do it. She hugs him. Huma tells the team that they are facing St. Luois. Vicky says that we need a forward dancer, to let D3 win. A guy enters.

Update Credit to: Sona

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