Ek Boond Ishq 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
kala says I will return soon, she is taken away by police, tara ask mj to open his eyes, she hugs pari, vidant gets om’s call, he informs him that sia is found, om says to bring her to home, vidant says I cant bring her, she is crying, balli is badly injured, we are taking him to hospital, tara and pari cries for mj.
om’s mother becomes conscious, she ask about mannat and sia, om says they went to mandir to pray for you, om thinks I lied to her but what will I say to her afterwards, how much I will lie.
mj is being taken to icu, tara says nothing will happen to mj, she cries. she finds mj’s locket outside operation theatre, she recalls how mj brought that locket and how he showed his and tara’s pic in heart shape locket, he pulls tara close to him he says our heart is on, our soul is one so we have to share this one heart only, he says please take care of this heart, half heart is your and half is mine, tara says if we get separated then half heart will find other half. fb ends, tara says nothing will happen to you mj, you have to live whole life with me, neither will I die or will let you die, pari comes there and ask will balli be fine? tara says yes, he will be fine, he has to for his pari, she says you know balli is very strong, he will be fine in two days, pari ask what if balli goes to god like my parents, tara says nothing will happen like that, its my promise, we will send yamraj away from balli, we will put spice in his eyes. she hugs pari.

Scene 2
om comes to his mother, mother ask where is sia? did she come, om says no, she didn’t and neither she will ever come, mother says what are you saying, tell me truth, om says I lied to you, sia is not in this world, the one who you were seeing in this house wasn’t sia but her doppelganger tara, mother says no, this cant be possible, mother dies, it turns out to be om’s dream, he sees mother sleeping and is relived, he thinks that I cant tell mother truth, this truth will take away her life, I cant lose my mother.
doctor comes to tara, tara ask about mj? will hebe fine? doctor says it is complicated casr, we have to do the surgery, only one doctor can do this surgery in this city but he is on leave, he has some problem in his life, tara says give me his address, I will go to his house and will plead to him, doctor says do anything fast we don’t have much time, tara says I will go now only, tell me his name? doctor says his name is omkar agnihotri, tara is shocked.

Scene 3
tara comes back to house, om says I was praying that you come back to house and here you are, tara says I haven’t come here to live in this house but I want your favor, please save my mj, his life is in danger, om ask mj? tara says balli, he is my mj only, the baba who stayed here was kalawati, she is biggest enemy of our house, she killed mj’s family and my family too, I have got mj after many years and kala separated us again, please save him, only you can save him, I am begging you, tara says you are not believing me? I swear on mj that I am his wife tara, om thinks my doubt was right balli is mj only, tara cries and ask him to save mj, she sits on floor and cries, om says ok I will save mj’s life but.. you have to do my one work, tara say I will do everything what you, tell me, om says you will have to live as my wife, tara is shocked, om says I accept that you are tara but I have some problems, I want sia in house? will you become sia? tara recalls how doctor said that we don’t have much time for surgery, om ask her answer, servant comes and says mother has become conscious and wants to see sia, om goes to his mother, tara looks at lord.
om comes to mother, she gets up and says I wanna meet sia, where is she, I wont lie on bed till sia comes there, tara comes there and says maa ji, mother smiles, om is stunned, mother says my DIL has come, om says yes, she returned from mandir only, mother ask sia are you fine? tara nods and says you are not well, she makes mother sit on bed, mother says I know whatever you do, there is a reason behind it but what happened today, I don’t understand it, balli stopping your marriage, the bomb blast and you running from house, om says that baba was fake one, he kidnapped pari by blasting bomb so sia and mj went behind him, mother says but balli stopped marriage from before only, tara says bomb was planted in my dupatta only so mj came and threw that dupatta from my head, in all this baba kidnapped pari, mother ask about pari, tara says she is fine, mother ask about mannat? om says she went to her friend, mother says I know si care for everyone but promise me that you wont put your life in danger for strangers, tara thinks that the one you are calling stranger is most close to me heart. tara says to maa that you take rest, tara says to om that I wanna talk to you and comes out of room.

Scene 4
tara talks to om, she says I have done my work, now its your time to fulfill promise, om says I have called hospital, they have started preparation for operation, I will go there, tara says just go now itself, we don’t have much time, om says I know but let me change clothes, tara ask where are you going? om says I will say to mother that we are going to hospital.
tara changes clothes and is waiting for om, she recalls her moments with mj in house, how mj pampered her.

PRECAP- om comes out of operation theatre, tara ask how is mj? you did his operation nicely? his life is out danger? om looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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