Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th January 2014 Written Update

Suresh and Latika reach their office to attend the meeting. Suresh is surprised to see Mr. Verma, his rival who looks quite confident today. Suresh is confident he will win the tender this time as well like he has previously. Mr. Verma replies in his style also. Bhavesh presents the papers on Suresh’s askance and starts explaining about his tender having the lowest quotations but is confused to see Mr. Verma smiling. Putting up a factory without any land….is this not a joke to smile at? Latika adds they have added the papers of the plot for the factory. This one is perfect. Mr. Verma corrects them that it was their but not anymore. I told you you are a big hearted person. You gave me the land which was on Mrs. Modi’s name and here are the papers which contain Mrs. Modi’s thumb impressions. A shocked Suresh isn’t ready to believe it. Am I mad to do so? Mr. Verma instead calls him a saint. He makes him check those papers.

Sakshi comes in her room and it is completely messed up. Karan says this is a wife’s responsibility. You said you will take all the responsibility of a wife. See, its scattered in the whole room now. An ideal wife fulfils all the roles properly. You can handle one atleast. He leaves from there. She looks at the messed up room in confusion.

Suresh slaps Bhavesh for taking Sharda’s thumb impression on the land’s papers. You have been doing that for years now. It isn’t your but my fault that I trusted you. Mr. Verma corrects him. The person who is at fault here is Mrs. Modi who signed (thumb impression) those papers without even reading them. suresh points out his problem. You only see the profits for today, not the loss of tomorrow which I will show you. You know how I reached here from being an ordinary man? I don’t repeat my mistake twice. He and Latika leave from there upset / angry.

Sakshi comes to Sharda’s room and finds her arranging her room. It is equally messed up. Sharda has come to know that it was Karan’s plan to not go to office. He lied to you and also left wet towel on the bed. He would have tried all the shirts and left them just like that in the room. Sakshi nods. By looking at the mess in my room you would have realised from whom he has inherited such good habits. Sakshi wonders how she can do all this so easily. They are not kids. Sharda says they are our own people. We have gotten used to each other…the house, the people. You too will get used to it. Karan doesn’t like things lying around in his room. You can handle things your (modern) way. Sakshi is as usual awed by her patience, love and how she handles the whole house and everyone…maybe that’s why papa is able to handle his business with the same zeal. Sharda is happy that in a way she helps him. I don’t want anything else.

Suresh and Latika come back home. They find Sharda arranging food on the dining table. Latika sits on the couch in anger. Sharda talks nicely to Suresh and goes to get kheer for him. sakshi gets the tray while Sharda serves Suresh. Latika denies. suresh tastes it. Sharda is happy and shares that Sakshi helped her today. Suresh remarks that he feels good when people recognize me by your name (Sharda textiles, Sarees, etc). Sharda is happy that it is all because of him. The name has earned its respect because of him only. He nods. Atleast you realise that I am behind this all somewhere. But you tell me if someone ruins it because of their foolishness then how would you feel? You would be angry right? He throws away the bowl in exasperation. This shocks Sharda and Sakshi equally. Chirag and Dadi come there hearing the noise. Sharda asks him if she made any mistake. He tells her he suffered a loss of crores today. I can face losses but not insult. I was insulted today because of you Sharda Modi. Suresh says, Sharda Suresh Modi is the name because of which people recognize me…on whose name we do business of crores, she doesn’t know how to write her name on a paper as she is an illiterate, villager. I agree you cannot read or write but don’t you understand / know anything? If you would have had a little knowledge then you wouldn’t have put your thumb impression over just any paper because of which I lost crores. Do you know how much crores are? You would not as you haven’t earned even Rs. 2 on your own. They says, behind every successful man there is a woman but you are such a wife who is responsible for my failure and loss. People mock me because of you just like our marriage was a joke. We dint even complete 4 pheras. I don’t even know if our relation exists genuinely or not. Sharda is shocked / hurt and so is Sakshi. Ask forgiveness from the God whom you pray to…for ruining the life of a good man because of your illiteracy. But maybe He too wont forgive you ever. He leaves from there in a huff. Latika says I understand you have been hurt by dad’s words but you cant even imagine how much he has been insulted because of you today. She too leaves from there. Dadi too comments the same thing. For how long would a person bear such things? Sharda sits on the sofa as the tears start to flow but she controls herself. Sakshi too wipes her tears and sits down next to her. are you ok? Sharda quickly wipes her tears. He is right its all my mistakes. He works so hard. I shouldn’t have signed on the papers without asking him. Anger isn’t good for his health. I should go and give him his medicine. Sakshi is taken aback.

Sharda opens a box kept in her room and takes out a packet. It is her wedding dress. She recalls Suresh’s harsh words about her and their marriage. She hugs it sadly. She goes out in the balcony and keeps caressing it. Sakshi joins her. sharda tells her that after the last phera of the wedding the groom gives this ghar joda to the bride but my last phera dint happen. Sakshi wants to know what happened exactly. Sharda explains that when we were getting married in our village that time a fire broke in the farms. Everyone went to douse the fire. The whole village was busy in doing that and my pheras were incomplete. That night not only were the pheras incomplete but my fate too that’s why after trying so hard I couldn’t become a good wife. The elders completed the rest of the rituals and sent me off. We accepted each other as husband and wife but that fire not only burnt the farms but my destiny too.

Sakshi says you accepted papa with all your heart. Sharda counters she couldn’t become his completely. I became his housewife but couldn’t become a companion. I am not even worth following him. Sakshi reminds her what she had told her. the DIL of the house is the one who keeps the whole house together when in need. Why do you blame everything for yourself (in papa’s, Latika di’s or Chirag’s case)? Sharda accepts that Latika and Chirag were at fault back then but they are my kids. If I start pointing out the faults of my kids and husband then this house will break. I wont be able to take it. Sakshi cannot understand why everyone points their fingers at her all the time. Sharda accepts she is at fault as she hasn’t been blessed by Ma Saraswati. Sakshi says blessing is taken. I know I am not intelligent like you but I know one thing – those who blame fate, get blamed by fate. You wont regret on your illiteracy anymore as you will study now. Sharda is surprised. Sakshi tells her how when a woman studies then she does it for the whole family. if you would study then all this wont happen again. Latika di wouldn’t be embarrassed to introduce you to her friends; you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed at Chirag’s college again. Sharda is hesitant but Sakshi stays firm. A person gets a new outlook for life, things in general when he / she studies. You do all the housework very nicely but if you study then you would be able to do the outside work equally efficiently. Epi ends on Sharda’s face.

Precap: Sakshi takes Sharda to her room and makes her sit. She takes out a pen from the drawer and shows it to her saying everything will be fine because of this (pen).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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