Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya coming to identify Maai’s dead body in the morgue with Manohar. He is given a cloth but he says she is my mum. He breaks down seeing the face. He cries and shouts she is my mum. The inspector says you can take the body, post mortem is done. Satya thinks about how he has always hurt Maai by his words and cries. The inspector says she has been stabbed many times. He says you can do the rituals here itself. Manohar says they are saying right and pacifies Satya.

Satya says I want the killer in 24 hours. The inspector says we are trying. Satya says I want him in 24 hours. Manohar hugs Satya. Satya is angry on the inspector. Satya leaves from the morgue. Vedika is with Vidhaan. Vidhaan is lying in her lap. Vedika tells him about Maai and what she used to say. He says I have to settle scores with your dad. She is puzzled and asks why did you say this. He jokes and smiles. She smiles and says think about our love story, about a rich girl and a poor guy, everyone will hear our love story and talk about it.

He says yes, but how will I take care of you, I won’t have money and your Papa will not accept me. She says I want to live with you, what to do. He says lets run away. She thinks about it. Satya comes home and is in a state of shock. He thinks about Maai’s words and their quarrels because of Antara and Raghu. He cries and says she always loved me. Manjari comes and asks what happened, were did you go. Manohar says Maai…… Manjari asks what happened to her. Manoha says she is dead, she left us. Manjari is shocked. Manohar says hold up yourself and take care of Sahib, he has broken up.

Manjari cries and asks how did this happen so suddenly. Manohar says someone stabbed Maai and left her dead body to get rotten up. Manjari says how can this happen and when. Satya says shut up and gets angry, he says do this acting in your rooms else I will kill both of you. Manohar says have patience, you have to take care of Vedika too. Satya says no one will tell this to Vedika.

Satya says Kaka, before tomorrow morning, I want the killer, do anything but find the killer infront of me in my feet. Manohar says yes, I will find out. Manjari says but only we knew about this, Kaka told me, Maai called Kaka. Satya asks when did this plan become. Manohar says yes, Maai called me and informed me, Sahib you don’t take tension, I will find him. Manohar panics. Satya asks Manohar where is the driver. Kaka says I will find out. Manjari says Sudhakar took Maai. Satya says Sudhakar, he was fired right. Manohar says yes, we fired him and asks Manjari to go inside.

Manjari says Sudhakar called me. Satya asks how can you be so sure. She says he called me and said Maai is fine and wants to talk to Kaka. Satya looks at Manohar and says Kaka, whe did you go for inauguration. Manohar says day before yesterday. Satya holds him and says I told you that there is a difference between blood and a stain. He holds his hand and hurts him. Manohar says what are you saying, leave me. Satya says Maai died on the day when you had blood on your hand, tell me what happened. Manohar aims his gun at Satya and says I have killed Maai. Satya and Manjari are shocked.

Vedika and Vidhaan are having a talk and are still together. She says my family’s name will be stained, is there any other way than running away. He says no. She says let me talk to Papa. He says grow up, your Papa will kill us but won’t accept this relation. She asks are you afraid. He says no. She smiles and says fine, I will always support you, even if I have to run with you, but how should I trust you. They get closer. He says shall I make you trust and goes closer to her. She runs away and he goes after her and catches her. He says stay here. She says what if I don’t. He says if you don’t, I will kill you. She smiles and closes her eyes and says kill me.

Manohar shouts on Satya and says I should have killed her much time before, I have stabbed her and threw her dead body to rotten up. Satya gets angry knowing the truth. Manohar says you all made me like a dog, first Maai, then Raghu and then you. Manohar says you did not make me have food, even your daughter made me her slave. Manohar says I will shoot you. Satya shouts Kaka. Manohar says enough, I will shoot you. Satya asks him to shoot him and holds the gun.

Manohar and Satya have a shot. Manjari is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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