The Buddy Project 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Harsh pacing up and down in his room.He checks the security standing outside.He throws a glass down, so the security comes up.Harsh locks them up inside the room and leaves.JJ catches Harsh and tells him that his dad has given him the duty for his security and he is very serious about it.JJ further tells him that his life is in danger and he very well knows it.JJ says to him that he has so many enemies and asks him to co-operate with the securities.Harsh tells him that already he has joined him in a college with losers and he feels like he is living his life on JJ’s wishes.JJ tells him that this is matter of his security and he can’t take any chances with that.JJ asks the securities to take Harsh away.
Next day in college, all the students are shouting RV is a cheater.RV asks them to stop but few students block his way and asks him to resign the president position.A professor comes there and asks everyone to go to class.But students refuse to go till RV resigns.RV keeps staring at Harsh and announces that he is the one kicked KD and will resign from the president position.JJ and KD asks him why he is doing it.RV asks JJ to accept the resignation.JJ accepts it on behalf of college and asks everyone to assemble after 1 hour to nominate a new president.
RV asks Harsh not to be surprised with his decision because he became friends with him, so he need to protect him.Harsh just nods his head.
RaHi are walking in the corridor.She drags RV into the Girls Restroom.RV is worried but Panchi is in a naughty mood.She catches RV by coat and he says her that whatever she needs to do can be done in home.Panchi says that she did not expected RV to resign and she is so proud of him and hugs him.They both have cute nok-jhok and then leave.
KD and Piddi are in canteen and RaHi joins them.KD says he is proud of him and RV wonders what and all he needs to sacrifice for sir.Piddi tells that he also thinks to say sorry to Harsh now.The students were asked to assemble via speaker.
All the students are assembled and JJ tells about RV’s resignation.He tells that the faculty has chosen one member and also thought of giving the students once chance to nominate the president.JJ asks for nominations and students shouts KD’s name.KD thanks them but announces that he can’t handle this post. KD nominates Harsh’s name and tells that he thinks no one has any objection for Harsh being the president.Harsh tells he has an objection and says that he knows he is a natural ruler when JJ says to him that this college needs Leaders and not Rulers.Harsh tells that he is new to the college so he needs sometime but he can help with making strategies.
JJ ends the nominations and says we can go with faculty’s choice.He announces Panchi has new president by faculty’s choice.Panchi and others are surprised.RV starts clapping followed by Piddi, KD and then others. A guy objects but JJ says objection overruled.He asks everyone to leave for their classes.
JJ comes to Panchi and she asks him whether he thinks that she deserves this post.JJ replies her that time will tell it and leaves after wishing her all the best.Harsh comes forward and congrats her.Piddi calls out to Harsh and apologizes to him.Everyone claps and Harsh also accepts it.JJ is seeing it from far.Piddi and Harsh handshake.Everyone leave except the buddies(minus Kiya).
KD asks where is Kiya.RV tells him that she is preparing to kill harsh with kindness.All of them cheer.
Kiya is sitting in the corridor.Harsh comes to her.Kiya is starts to leave but Harsh stops her.Kiya says to him that she does not wanna talk and Harsh asks her about Kiss bet as match is drawn now.Harsh asks him why she is tensed and asks her not to expect any sorry from him but ask for anything else.Kiya smiles and tells he takes people for granted and it is a bad habit.He again Kiya for a date but she refuses.Harsh asks whether she is still upset over the last date.Harsh tells this time he will do whatever she wants.Kiya says this time they will meet in her home.Harsh tells in her home, he mom nd sister will be there.Kiya says they are just gonna hang out, so what difference it makes.Harsh says that it looks like she got more afraid lost time and she gets irritated on it.Harsh tells that he was just kidding and wont repeat it hereafter.They plan to meet at 7.
JJ says its finally decided.RV gives the pen to Panchi to sign in the paper.JJ congratulates her and wishes her all the best.All the three hears Fire alarm and runs out see an idol of Panchi in fire.RV shouts who done it.A student who first opposed in the assembly says there are so many her who does not like Panchi being a President.RV is about to hit him but Panchi stops him.Panchi says its her responsibility to handle them and there is no point in fighting.JJ comes there and says she was made a student body president because he trusts her.He gives her a handshake and leaves.RV shows her a thumbs up and Panchi smiles at him.

Precap: Panchi is on Road when few guys on bike round up her.Panchi recognizes one of the guy as the one who opposed in the assembly.He catches her hand and Panchi screams RV’s name.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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