Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th January 2014 Written Update

Mr. Singhal and Kavita are ready to go. Kavita compliments Sharda for her cooking. Next she hugs Sakshi. Suresh and Latika go out to drop them off. Karan goes from there while talking on phone. Sakshi asks Sharda to have food who agrees to eat once the table is clear. Sakshi also starts helping her. suresh calls out for Chirag. Don’t you have some respect for guests? I called you so many times yet you dint come downstairs. Can I know why? Sharda comes out and notices the father son duo worriedly. Chirag looks at his mom in anger. How can I be ok? Will you be ok if your reputation / image is ruined? Mom came to my college to talk to my principal. You cant even imagine how much I was insulted today. she couldn’t answer one question correctly. I know its my fault that I failed in

1-2 papers but she failed me for life. Sakshi cannot believe what she is hearing. Mom ended everything. I am sorry I couldn’t concentrate. But I accept my mistake and this time I will definitely get good marks by studying hard. Just give me one more chance. I need your support and please you come to my college this time, not mom. Suresh agrees but on one condition that he will not get less marks next time. Chirag agrees. Suresh talks about his future aspirations. He goes to Sharda next. You knew very well that everyone in Chirag’s college talks in English then why did you go there? If you were so worried about his marks then you could have told me. I would have handled it my way. Why did you go there and insulted me? They will anyways wonder how the son will pass when his mom herself is illiterate. Sakshi is shocked. She is about to say something but Sharda holds her hand which surprises her. sharda is in tears. Why do you want to ruin your son’s future? Learn something from your DIL. She has impresses Singhals so much today that they have finally agreed to go ahead with the deal. Family doesn’t just go ahead with care, love and support presentation is also something. Latika looks affected by his words which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sakshi. Why am I saying all this when you haven’t changed at all till date? He leaves from there frustrated. Chirag, Dadi and Latika also leave one by one. Sakshi herself is in tears looking at Sharda.

Sharda is crying in her room as she recalls Chirag’s and Suresh’s hurtful words. Sakshi comes there. Papa and Chirag said so much to you without any fault of yours why dint you say a word? It was Chirag’s fault which he put on you somehow and you let him? It’s not fair. He should thank you instead. It is also a mistake to bear a mistake. Sharda nods in agreement. But in a family you shouldn’t think of right or wrong. You should look at love. sakshi says she dint see love in anything or anyone. I only saw love in your quietness. Sharda takes Chirag’s side. he is still a kid he will realise it soon. His dad wasn’t upset with him as he knows Chirag is already very upset. His dad would obviously feel bad / angry so who will he take it out on? There is love in such anger. She says I know everyone very nicely. Chirag was scared that’s why he asked me to come along with him and he is angry because I asked his principal to rusticate him if he doesn’t score good marks. Sharda stays put on her point even though Sakshi tries to show her some other angle on things. Sharda tells her to go and sleep. She corrects her on ‘athithi devobhava’ as Sakshi had said it wrongly earlier. Sakshi remarks that she knows everything but doesn’t say it. They both share an emotional hug. She sends off Sakshi with a smile but is still hurt.

Sakshi is talking to her friend on phone about Sharda (not directly). People around them don’t understand their awesomeness. She invites all her friends for the makar sankranti function tomorrow at her home.

Sakshi comes in her room when Karan stops her wanting to talk to her. we are married but for namesake only. I am not ready for an actual relationship. Let things go the way they are going. We will act like husband and wife in front of others. Don’t expect me to care for you. Sakshi smiles. You said what I wanted to. I too wouldn’t be able to care for you, cook or keep fast for you. I got married to you because of ma. I dint intend to. Karan is a bit taken aback but hides it. I will live the way I used to. I don’t have to sleep on the couch anymore. He will sleep on the bed. She too wouldn’t leave the bed. He is surprised. We will share the same bed? She agrees. But there is a problem, how will you control yourself? Karan says all the hot girls look average to him and she is anyways average. She moves a little closer to him asking him if he is sure about that. He moves a little away in agreement. They repeat it till Karan reaches the edge of the bed. She asks him to think once again, he turns towards her and they share an eye lock. Tere mere beech me plays. She notices he is sweating and asks him about it. He is speechless. He agrees to sleep on the couch. Sakshi smiles.

Modi house is all buzzing with fun and people filled with excitement for makar sankranti. Sakshi comes to where Sharda is and asks her about what she is making. Sharda is making til laddoos for the festival. She also explains that days get longer from today while the nights get shorter. We move towards light. Sharda explains to her the significance that the darkness ends today and a new light comes in people’s lives. Same is going to happen with you. Sakshi gets happy. they are distracted by the noise. People are enjoying themselves on the terrace by flying kites, etc. Sakshi asks Sharda about Karan indirectly and is all shy as she takes his name. Sharda tells her that he is busy flying kites with his friends since morning. Go and take breakfast for him. he woke up early today atleast to fly kites and enjoy himself. Suresh joins them and points out Karan’s outlook toward morning. He wonders why couldn’t this morning shift till afternoon and look at him today he is up so early to fly kites. Don’t know when his childishness will end! They hear Karan shouting / cheering in joy and Suresh is all the more irked. You have studied well and proved yourself to be so good tomorrow. teach this jerk something. I want you to somehow convince Karan to go to office. Karan was coming downstairs but stops as he notices his dad talking to Sakshi and stops to hear it out. Sakshi too notices him. she knowingly speaks it loudly so that Karan hears it. She also agrees to do that but then changes her mind as she notices Karan showing her a thumbs down. This surprises Sharda and Suresh. Sakshi notices the proud look on Karan’s face and promises Suresh she will definitely send Karan to office. Karan bangs his head. Suresh trust Sakshi. I knew its you only who can bring Karan on the right path. Sakshi promises. Karan leaves from there thinking it is the only safest option as both of them are ganging up against me. sharda gives the breakfast tray to Sakshi to take to Karan.

Sakshi talks very sweetly to Karan and gives him a tray. She too wants to help him by sending him to office. He gives the tray back to her. he asks her not to try to send him to office.

On the terrace, Rohan is worried that all his 3 kites were cut today. Vicky advices him not to fly kites in that case. Karan comes and is about to fly kites all over again when Sakshi gets them lime water. Sakshi too wants to join them. karan makes fun of her. she too retorts nicely. His friends call him a champ. It is very tough to cut his kites. Sakshi too is sure it is impossible to cut hers then. She is ready to prove it but uses but. Karan again teases her about it. Go and make laddoos with mom. Sakshi repeats she can win but he will have to go to office then. It is you who has to learn. They both challenge each other for kite flying.

Precap: Karan warns Sakshi to be careful while flying kites. It doesn’t suit you girls. Both the girls’ and guys’ team is ready and starts the challenge.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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