Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla offering drink to Mrs. Bhalla. She says I don’t wish to have it now. He says some filmi lines. She says i don’t want to. He says we have Lohri tomorrow. She says what will we do celebrating festivals and cries thinking about Ruhi. She misses Ruhi a lot. She wishes Ruhi comes back. She says I wish I get new hope on this Lohri. Its morning, Amma calls Mihika and Ishita and celebrates Pongal. They have a function at home while some men playing the instruments. Amma says I miss Soumya. Appa have many guests at home. Vandu, Bala and Shravan come and greet Happy Pongal.

Ishita hugs Shravan and is very happy seeing him. Vandu says wow Amma, beautiful decorations, happy Pongal Appa. Appa is happy seeing Vandu. Ishita gets a call from Ruhi. Ruhi wishes her happy Pongal. Ishita says thanks, happy Lohri to you. Ruhi says mum did not tell me. Ishita says maybe she wants to surprise you. Amma says did Ruhi call you, I will ask her not to call you, as you get upset talking to her, don’t be upset, Ruhi is with her mum, I m your mum, is it not my right to see you happy, smile. Ishuta smiles and hugs her.

Simmi gets a call from Sodhi uncle and says I will inform my dad when he comes. She sees Mrs. Bhalla upset and says everyone are calling us, make your mood good. She sees Raman and says come home soon, its a festival today. Raman says I don’t care, I m going to office and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says how will we celebrate Lohri without Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla tells Rumi that your mum is upset without Ruhi. Rumi says she is depressed. Mr. Bhalla says I can’t see her depressed, I will go and make the arrangements, its too much, even i miss Ruhi, but we will make your mum happy today.

Amma says after many days, I saw Ishita smiling. Appa says yes. Mr. Bhalla and Rumi are doing the arrangements for Lohri. Amma sends Mihika to take the prasad and give to Appa for feeding the cow. Mihika meets Rumi and they greet each other Happy pongal and happy lohri. They have a talk. Rumi speaks against Mihir and says for the first time Raman slapped me. Mihika says I don’t care about Mihir. Rumi smiles. Mihika gives the prasad to Appa. Mr. Bhalla wishes Appa happy pongal. He tells him that Mrs. Bhalla is missing Ruhi a lot. Appa says don’t worry, everything will be fine, happy lohri.

Appa helps Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Singh meets Appa and says its great you are celebrating Lohri too. Appa says I m half punjabi. Appa tells Mr. Bhalla that Ishita smiled after a long time, I m sure Mrs. Bhalla will also be fine. Raman and Mihir are with Rajeev and sign the deal. Rajeev says today is a big day, we have to celebrate. Rajeev says I m eager to see lohri. Mihir says Mrs. Bhalla celebrates it very well. Rajeev says done, I will come to your house then, Shweta can meet Ishita, my kids did not see Indian Lohri, its final. Raman says its not grand, its a small celebration in our compound.

Rajeev says you have your family, it will be lovely, I have a flight at night. I will go to hotel and pick my wife and come. He leaves. Mihir says sorry Raman. Raman says I could not do any mistake, you should have thought before committing.

Ruhi cries and Shagun asks what happened. She shows her a new game and asks will you play or watch cartoons. Ruhi says no. The maid says Ruhi is having tooth pain. Shagun says I will ask Ashok about dentists. Ruhi says Ishita is a dentist, Papa took me there last time. Shagun says I will call Ishita. Amma tells Vandu that Appa is standing in the elections for building secretary post. Bala says I will help Appa. Ishita gets Shagun’s call. Shagun says Ruhi is having tooth pain. Ishita says I will recah my clinic, you too come there. Ishita tells Amma that Ruhi is having tooth pain, so I have to go to clinic.

Shagun brings Ruhi to Ishita’s clinic. She says Ruhi was fine in the morning, but started crying. Ishita cares for Ruhi. Ruhi signs Ishita that she is acting. Ishita is shocked. Ruhu laughs. Shagun gets a call and she leaves. Ruhi says I m not having tooth pain, I was missing you. Ishita says you lied. Ruhi says sorry. Ishita tickles her. Ruhi laughs.

Shagun gets a call from the maid. She tells Shagun that Ashok is planning and he is going to London. Shagun wonders why is Ashok behaving like this, is there someone else in Ashok’s life, was it the reason he asked me to bring Ruhi home so that I become busy with her. Ashok talks to Shagun. She says even I m coming. He asks why. Shagun tells Ishita she has to leave, there is an emergency, can I leave Ruhi here. Ishita says fine. Ruhi is happy that Shagun left. Ruhi and Ishita are happy together. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………………… plays…………..

Raman and Mihir discuss what to do about Ishita and Ruhi. Raman says Tandons are important, I don’t want any mistake to happen.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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