Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela brother asking his wife Padma to give the nek to the daughter in law. Padma picks a note and give it to Pankhudi. She gives the remaining notes to Payal. She tells her that it is 5100, for my sister in law’s bahu. Rubel asks, what is mami doing? Adi says no clue. Sheela brother says we have ordered jadawa also. Sheela says, it was not needed. Padma says that we learnt the rituals from you. Anuj says, we will talk about the conference. Adi says sure. Sheela is crying. Her brother and Bhabhi say that Anuj can’t do this with Rubel. Sheela says, my rights have been snatched by Avantika and her son. Her brother says we will help you in getting you rights back. Sheela asks him to forget the past things. Sheela goes to get something. Her brother looks at Avantika’s photo and says, you bear enough because of this woman. Pankhudi asks Avantika about her uncomfortness. Avantika says, they are still holding the grudges against me. Sheela brother and sister in law say that Avantika refused to marry her son with their daughter, just because she was dark. Avantika says, I wanted a graduate girl. I wanted a outlook girl. That’s why I rejected her. Avantika says, she is dark that’s why that have assumed that I am not okay with it. They have misinterpreted my words. Sheela bhabhi is not fair but we give her respect and love naa. Pankhudi asks her to talk with Anuj and Sheela and sort out the issue. Sheela bhabhi says, our daughter is still unmarried. Sheela brother says, Avantika ji have to pay for her doings. She will understand when her son’s life is at stake.

Adi is looking handsome in suit and wears nanu’s specs. He immitates nanu and thinks I can be stylish like him. He says, I will be representing nanu for the first time. I am little scared as people will compare me with mom, mama and nanu. Pankhudi asks, are you missing him? Adi says, yes. My confidence is doubled with his existence. He recalls the past things. Adi says, I didn’t understand its value before, now I understood the value of nanu’s chair.

Rubel is talking to Mr. Mehta and asks him to make sure to take Adi’s name on every press release. He asks, is Adi ready? Payal comes and says today is the important day of your life. I want to give you something. She gives a coin and says it is my lucky coin. It helped me in my every exam. I never seperated it from myself. I want you to keep it with you. Rubel doesn’t take it and leaves. But then comes and says thank you very much for this and takes the coin. Payal smiles.

Adi asks Pankhudi, Can I do it? Pankhudi says ofcourse. Adi says, Why I am feeling scared then? Pankhudi gives him strength. And asks him to get ready. Adi says, I will not get late. Pankhudi gives his handkerchief and says all the best.

Payal says, I said you that I want to join office, but I want to give time to our house now. I want to take a break for now. Rubel agrees. Sheela says, I won’t let this happen. She is trying to trap my son. She shouts for Payal and asks her to come as everyone are waiting. She says, I will never accept you as my daughter in law.

Dadaji tells everyone that Adi is going to be MD of the Deewan Group. Ambika gives Adi’s success to Pankhudi. Govardhan mama says, Pankhudi didn’t tell me about it and feels bad. Dadaji says, she might have forgotten. Dadaji says, you did a mistake and it created a ruckus for Pankhudi.

Dadaji says, Sheela is right this time. Adi and Pankhudi did a mistake by hiding the truth. Dadaji asks him to have tea. Mama says, let it be. I am going else you will get angry on me. Dadaji says, I will talk to Adi. Pankhudi picks the call. Dadaji asks her to give the call to Adi. Dadaji blesses Adi and gives the advice.

Avantika asks Rubel to come to take Nanu’s blessings. Padma stops him and asks him to eat sugar and curd. Adi asks her to give the curd sugar to him as well. Padma says I thought Avantika didn’t believe in this. Avantika says, you can go ahead if you want. She makes Adi eat the curd sugar. Rubel’s mama tries to misguide Rubel against Adi indirectly. Rubel says, dreams are not bigger than our loved ones. He says I need your blessings. Adi and Rubel take Nanu’s blessings. Sheela’s brother thinks I will see until when you are united.

Anuj asks, do you think only you are concerned about Rubel. Sheela says yes. and says, one day you will repent for making Adi, MD of the Deewan Empire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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