Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th April 2014 Written Update

Sharda sits outside with the pigeons as she recalls the words of that man who told her about Aditya and Sakshi. On the other hand, Sakshi comes downstairs looking for Sharda. She goes outside and finds her sitting in the garden. She notices her sad face and runs to her crying. Sakshi puts her head in her lap as she cries. I don’t know what’s happening and I am unable to understand anything. You know a storm has come in my life which is trying to ruin all my happiness. I am not able to do anything to stop it. What should I do? Sharda makes her face her. Stop crying, come with me. She takes Sakshi with her upstairs in the balcony. Always remember that come what may, you will never let anyone else decide for you. You are free to see dreams and keep yourself happy with whatever you like

and shall always be. Yet if something catches hold of you then spread your hands, breathe deeply with closed eyes and let your worries fly away. They both stand there with their eyes close while the title song plays in the background. Sakshi stops crying having gained Sharda’s support. She turns to tell her everything but Sharda shushes her. There is no need for I know everything. Aditya is that storm who is ruining your life. Sakshi is shocked. Sharda says we can try as much we want to but our past comes and stands in front of our present. I am not amazed about this but I am surprised that you took so much time to tell me. Sakshi was scared. Sharda reminds how she told her everything when they were strangers to each other then why was she scared today when their bond is so strong. Sakshi was scared what if this truth will destroy what they share. You could have tried Sakshi and you would have realised that our relation is not as weak as you were thinking it to be, Sharda says. Sakshi apologizes to her while Sharda makes her sit. When a daughter hides her feelings from her mom, lies to her then her mom feels sad. You are my daughter there is nothing that you can hide from me. Do you still (like Aditya)? Sakshi denies. Aditya is my past while Karan is my present. Honestly speaking, after seeing Aditya’s true face I thank God for that day when you had held my hand and showed me a new path. I seriously want Aditya to go away from this house and my life. Karan is my happiness and my world. Sharda nods happily. You handle your world while I will handle Aditya.

Sakshi comes to her room but she cannot find Karan there. She decides to call him but he does not pick her call which leaves her confused. She tries yet again but in vain. Karan is driving when he recalls seeing Sakshi and Aditya at the restaurant and then she had lied to him about going to the mall. Why are you doing this to me Sakshi? Sakshi is calling again so he sends her a text. I will be late don’t wait for me. She calls him again but this time he has switched it off. She wonders why he did so.

Suresh is home. Sharda asks about his trip. Latika was worried as he left without telling them much. He sits down to do some work on his laptop. She tells him about Aditya leaving their company. He already knows about it. She wants to know if Aditya is so important for them. She indirectly tries to keep Aditya away but Suresh wants him only. Aditya knows his worth very well which is why he is doing all this intentionally to show his importance. You don’t have to get into all this. Get me a cup of tea. She leaves.

Sakshi is worried for Karan. It is so late and he is still not home. I am feeling so suffocated. I want to tell him everything. She takes a pen and paper and starts writing. I never had any complaints from my life as I have fell in love with my life since I have met you. Truly speaking our relation is based on love and trust. I have a past which has now come in my present – Aditya. But he is my past and you are my present and future. I love you a lot. You wanted to hear this from me. If you say yes then I will say it out loud in front of everyone in the party. I know you will surely forgive me.She keeps the letter on his side of the bed.

Latika has brought a very beautiful dress for Diya. Diya thanks her mom with a hug and i love you. Her friends will be coming tomorrow in the party so Latika asks her to go make a list of all of them. Sharda was looking at them and comes inside the room. She smiles as she looks at Latika. Time flies by. Feels like it was only yesterday when you too were equally happy about your birthday and today your daughter is equally happy. Diya is more happy than how Latika was. Sharda asks her to give Diya her favorite gift on her birthday. A kid only wants both her parents to be with him / her always. Latika understands what she is saying but it is tough for her to agree to all of Pratik’s demands. There is no point of our staying together in such circumstances. Sharda explains that the distances are to be filled. You don’t break that relation. Latika too doesn’t want that. If we both stay together then we will not do anything but fight. Sharda teaches her the significance of forgiving someone. One who is strong can only forgive others. Latika excuses herself.

Aditya comes in Sakshi’s room and reads the letter that she has written for Karan. He crumples the papers angrily and is about to throw them but stops. He picks up the notepad and pen and leaves from the room.

Next morning, Sharda is reading paper in the garden when Sakshi comes looking for her. Sharda reads it with Sakshi’s help. Sakshi shares how she used to read 3 newspapers at her home. Sharda gets worried that they only get one newspaper here but Sakshi jokes that she reads that same paper thrice. They both have a hearty laugh. Sakshi gives her tea. People who say that it is tough to make a new start should take inspiration from you, your spirit. Sharda is doing it only for her. I don’t want you to be embarrassed in front of anyone. I am trying as the one who tries never gives up (they both say it loud together). Diya calls out for her Nani and they both go inside to wish her. Diya asks for her gifts. Sakshi tells her about the menu and surprise birthday party for her birthday. Latika thanks her for all that she has done for her. Aditya gifts Diya a teddy bear. He indirectly praises his own choice. Sharda tells him that she has found a good house for him. He agrees reluctantly. She also suggests him to take Karan’s help in decorating and arranging his stuff at his new home. Aditya is surprised but hides it. Suresh and Aditya leave for office. Latika will join them in a while. Aditya and Sakshi stare at each other miffed after which he leaves.

Sakshi thanks Sharda. Sharda says I did what I could but you will have to make Karan understand on your own. Sakshi has already written and kept a letter ready for him. Sharda is happy. If you say the truth then misunderstandings clear before they can even arise. Sakshi goes to make breakfast for Karan. Latika is talking to Pratik. We all will good if you will be with Diya on her birthday. Sharda is happy that Latika made the first move to invite Pratik. He doesn’t want to stay there for long. I will come in the evening to meet her. Latika calls him Diya’s biggest gift for her birthday. He too wishes things would be as simple as she is saying but whenever they meet they fight, misunderstandings happen. She too used to think the same but when things go wrong then we shouldn’t lose more time in making it up. Mom made me understand that I am wrong. The truth is neither of us is ready to accept his / her mistake. Why don’t we both make the move towards reaching a mutual point. He agrees to come in the evening which makes her happy. She ends the call and notices her mom looking at her sweetly. She leaves for office. Sharda is glad that her daughter’s story has started moving in the right direction. Hope things get better between Karan and Sakshi too.

Karan wakes up and feels something under his elbow. It is the letter kept by Aditya. Don’t know where to start from. If my life is beautiful today then its just because of you, your love (he feels happy). You have taught me the real meaning of love. Karan I had a past which has resurfaced in my life today – Aditya. I tried to tell you so many times but couldn’t do it. Aditya is not only my past but my present and future too (he looks shocked). I love Aditya. If you say yes then I will tell it in front of everyone in the party. Karan is in deep thoughts. I myself will fulfill this dream of yours. He feels sad as he looks at the letter. Sakshi brings tea for him. She asks him if he read the letter and what he thinks about it. He allows her to say what she wants to in the party tonight. She gets happy. He has been waiting to hear what was in her heart since a long long time. Things will happen the way you want them to!

Karan is sitting sadly in the cabin when Latika walks inside. She is upset with him for he hasn’t mailed the quotation to some Mr. Jindal till now. He apologizes saying he forgot. She explains that Mr. Jindal is their very important client. He was worried. She gets angry thinking he is worried because of Sakshi. She calls him irresponsible and childish. I had earlier also said that Aditya can handle all my clients and now he will handle Mr. Jindal’s account. She calls Aditya inside while Karan stands there speechless. Aditya comes inside and greets them quite confidently. Latika taunts Karan indirectly. Aditya promises her he never loses in life, love or business. Karan leaves from there upset.

Sakshi shows Sharda the saree which she is going to wear tonight. I will apologize to Karan and also tell him how much I love him. Sharda has full faith in her. Everything will be fine.

Karan is in tears as he thinks of how can Sakshi do this to him and his family. He composes himself thinking maybe this is right. Sakshi might have married me but she has always loved Aditya which is why she is ought to be with him only.

Aditya mentally apologizes to Sakshi. He knows he is wrong but like they say, everything is fair in love and war. You will be mine for forever tonight.

The guests come for the party. Latika talks to her dad about delaying some meeting that they have tomorrow. Suresh and Sharda are going to meet Kaka Kaki on their anniversary. They are very much attached to Sharda which is why they are going. He tells her not to delay it for they will be back max by early morning. Aditya comes and seeks everyone’s blessings. He was busy in office which pleases Suresh. He wishes Diya once again and then starts looking around for Sakshi. Diya is waiting for her dad. She wont cut cake without him. Latika tells her papa will come soon. Diya wants some music as her friends are getting bored. Aditya offers to do it for her. Just then he spots Karan and Sakshi coming downstairs. Sakshi stops Karan and holds his arm which infuriates Aditya while Karan too looks in his direction. They both come down. Sharda is watching Aditya. Sakshi has helped Sharda in getting ready. Aditya starts the music and sings along. Chirag, Latika, Karan and Sakshi join him. Aditya puts his hand around Sakshi as they sway along with the music but she moves closer to Karan. Pratik too reaches and Diya runs off to meet him. Latika too is happy to see him. The whole family sings together to celebrate Diya’s birthday and their togetherness. Diya requests Karan and Sakshi to dance as it is her birthday.

Sakshi and Karan dance on Kurbaan Hua. Aditya is glaring at them. Karan looks at him and cannot help recalling what all the past incidents and their pic in Aditya’s wallet. He goes and offers Sakshi’s hand to Aditya which shocks Sakshi. Aditya happily dances with Sakshi. Sharda and Karan are sad / worried. Sakshi is confused at Karan’s behavior. Sharda interrupts them and then she herself dances with Sakshi.

Diya cuts the cake with Latika and Pratik. Sakshi keeps looking around for Karan but in vain. Diya feeds all the family members one by one. She too is looking for her Karan mama after feeding Sakshi mami. Aditya too asks for the cake. She has kept it for Karan mama but Latika remarks that he too is like Karan mama. Sharda and Sakshi are unhappy while Aditya smirks. Everyone else too gets a piece of cake.

Suresh tells Sharda that they should leave now. Sharda goes to tell it to Sakshi. She also praises her and Karan. You both look very good together. I told you everything will be fine. You can win anything and everything with love. Sakshi cannot see him anywhere. Sharda says he might be in his room. Give him some time and it will all be fine. Sakshi only wants her blessings for both of them. Sharda is more than happy to do so. Suresh calls out for her again so she has to leave. Sakshi thinks of going to tell Karan about how much she loves him.

Precap: Karan asks Sakshi if she dint enjoy dancing with Aditya. She tells him to stop it but he continues. You may never say it loud but I know you have always loved Aditya and will continue to do so. You have married me unwillingly. You are free to go wherever and with whomsoever you want to.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I have stopped watching the show because it is getting too unrealistic….too much drama put in for Sakshi & Karan…before it was fun but now it’s too boring by letting Aditya’s role in it….now it is no longer by best show like it used to be before…I am sorry for that but story line matters the most!!

  2. it is getting diverted from the topic. it is loosing its essence. so stopped watching

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