Jee Le Zara 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with DV asking Saanchi why did not she inform him and did not find it important. Suparna comes and asks what he wants to know. Saanchi asks him not to say anything. DV says he cannot tolerate Saanchi’s insult anymore. He goes to Suparna and says Suparna he met Addu and he told him everything. He says he heard his taunts always as she is this house’s badi bahu. He asks why did she stop Addu to stay here. Suparna says Saanchi’s whole family came her. DV says it was in front of him, but when he went, what happened. Suparna says Addu was staying her lavishly. She says Saanchi and Addu are playing dramas. DV shouts on her and says even our servants knows who makes dramas. He warns Suparna not to misbehave with his wife, else he wil forget that she is her bhabhi and asks her

not to forget that. Suparna asks DV how dare he to speak so loudly. Mom asks Suparna not to speak loudly. Suparna says mom DV is shouting and says she did not teach DV how to behave with elders.

Anvay comes and asks what is happening. Suparna says DV is alleging me that I sent Addu out, but went out of the house to do awaragardi and roam around freely. Anvay says Addu went out because of her conspiracies. He says she and her sister are expert in getting out people out of the house. Suparna asks even he is alleging her. Anvay says she is hearing right and says DV is telling true. He asks her to say sorry to DV and Saanchi. Suparna says she won’t. Anvay gets angry and asks her again to say sorry right now.

Saanchi asks him to calm down and says Addu went with his and her wish. It is good that now he is concentrating on his studies and has become responsible. She asks him not to blame Suparna. Anvay says Suparna Saanchi always tries to unite the family, but she tries to break it as she knows only to break. Saanchi asks Anvay not to stretch the issue as Suparna is elder bahu of this house and should not be insulted. Anvay says this time he will let go Suparna, but if she tries her dirty politics again, he will kick her out. He asks mom to forgive him as he always protected Suparna. He asks DV and Saanchi to forgive him. Saanchi says he is elder to them and not to ask forgiveness from them. Suparna gets angry on her insult.

DV says Saanchi that she did not do right by protecting Suparna, he brought Addu here by promising grandma to take care of him, but he is hesistant to come here. Saanchi asks him to calm down and says she is happy that he cares for Addhu, but Suparna is a part of this family and did not ask Addu to go out. She says she took Addu out and it is good that he has realized his responsibilities. DV says Addu is a kid. Saanchi says though Addu is kid, he knows his responsibilites. She asks him not to fight as it is not good. She says we cannot control our past but can make our future better. They both hug. DV sees Saanchi’s rash and asks if she got the report. She says he got the report but did not check it. She is about to check the report but gets a call from her staff and starts talking to her. DV asks her to keep the call and come to him. DV picks her up and takes her in.

Suparna sees Saanchi’s report and is shocked to see that Saanchi is 6 weeks’ pregnant. She gets happy remembering DV’s words of not wanting kids. She thinks this kid will separate DV and Saanchi.

Saanchi wakes up hurrily seeing it is 8:30 already. She sees DV standing with a breakfast. He says he does not know to prepare food, but made halwa which she taught him. She picks the halwa and sees a pic on the saucer. She asks who is he. He says he is Pintu and asks her to taste halwa. Saanchi says it is very tasty as DV’s love is in it. DV jokes that he has to ask cook why did he add his love in it. He asks her to take tea. She picks tea and sees one more pic, she asks who is she. He says she is Minty. She asks who is Minty. He says these two kids are your dream which you saw and then me. He gets emotional and asks her sorry for shouting on her. She says she should asks sorry as she pressurized her a lot. DV asks her to pull his ears and punish him. He pulls ears lovingly and says he is his life and cannot stay away from him. Even then if he insists, she will accept his apology. He thanks her and says she is her life and always reminds him of his responsibiliities, but why did not she force him to become a dad. He says he wants to be a dad. Saanchi gets happy. He says he is ready now. She asks if he is telling this with this heard and nobody pressurized him. He says she convinced him and he is ready. She says she is not ready as he kept their children’s name as Minty, Pinku. DV says we will decide together then and they start romancing. Suparna sees them together says they unite again, but she will not accept defeat. She says Saanchi removed my sister out, she will remove Saanchi out of the house.

Precap: Suparna calls someone and says there should not be any mistake. She thinks she will add a twist in Saanchi’s story.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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