Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Parmeet watching breaking news on tv. Romi gets a call from his friend about exams and Bala and is tensed. Parmeet mixes wine in orange juice and thinks its loaded from me to you Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita where is your Amma. Amma comes and joins Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita is happy seeing everyone happy. Ishita comes in the kitchen. Parmeet comes to her and she asks do you need anything. He says yes, hot snacks. She gives him. He asks for samosas. She gives him. He replaces her orange juice glass. She asks him to take juice glass also. He says you have it, you are working since morning. She says ok and stops. She says I forgot to give snacks to Pooja. He says she can wait. Ishita thinks Parmeet is behaving normal, maybe she was thinking

him wrong. Simmi comes and sends Parmeet inside.

Parmeet hides and looks at Ishita drinking the juice. Ishita stops as Rinki asks for juice. Ishita says the juice got over, take this glass. Rinki gives the juice to Mrs. Bhalla and she drinks it and understands its loaded. She feels lucky that she got the wine. She drinks it happily. Parmeet is thinking Ishita had the drink and till now she might be feeling dizzy. Amma tells Ishita that Mihika is busy in a meeting. Mihir says I hope Mihika is alright, after knowing about me and Trisha. He calls Trisha. Trisha tells Ishita its Mihir’s call and talks to him. Trisha is excited about her engagement. Mihir says I want to know is everyone safe. She says yes, we all came to party at Mrs. Bhalla’s house. She says everybody are here. He asks who. Mihika calls Trisha and tells her she is in office. Mihika hears this on phone as Mihika talks to Appa. Mihika asks about curfew. She says someone will drop me, don’t worry.

Raman comes to Mihir and asks is Trisha fine. Mihir says I will be back soon. He makes excuse and leaves saying I will be fine. Raman gives him his phone back. Mrs. Bhalla is drunk and stands on the table with Simmi’s help. Mrs. Bhalla praises Ishita infront of all the guests. Parmeet understands that Mrs. Bhalla had the drink. Amma and Ishita smile hearing the good words. Bala’s mum makes faces. She says she is Ruhi’s mum and supported my family, she has won my heart, kidney, liver….. She blesses Ishita and hugs her. Ishita cries with happiness. Mrs. Bhalla tells her the truth that she did not feel she deserves Raman, but she was wrong, what she did today, she felt that she is the best wife for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla gives her a gold chain and says its not a gold chain, but my heart, love and my blessings.

Simmi asks her to come down. Amma tells Bala’s mum see how much she loves Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and everyone try to make her come down. Amma asks her to come down and she agrees. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Amma and says I love you. She tells everyone that Appa lifts Amma and Mr. Bhalla does not lift her, but she is not jealous of Amma. She tells Bala’s mum that she is her fav item and hugs her. She tells her thanks for rejecting Ishita as then she became her bahu.

Romi asks his friend to meet the professor as he has already taken money. Mrs. Bhalla introduces Romi to her friends and says we want to dance, sing a good song. He says what will I do between ladies. She says I know you stare at girls, play a good song, come on my DJ. Romi smiles.

Romi plays Baby doll main sone di…………… Ruhi asks Romi to dance. Rinki brings Ishita. Ishita dances and Parmeet looks at her. He says she is in senses and dancing well, if she was not in senses, it would have been a good chance for me. Pooja gets labor pain and she shouts. Everyone gets worried for her. Ishita asks her to take long breath and asks Simmi to take the kids inside.

The goons attack Ishita. Raman tells the police that he is finding his wife. The inspector stops him and Raman gets into an argument with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Exited to watch the next episode…Want the sequence of parmeet to get over soon:-(

  2. good work amena…. Nice episode update but do it ASAP..

  3. nice episode

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