Ek Nayi Pehchan 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda brings juice for Pallavi who thanks her for making Shanaya agree to join in the Rakhi celebrations. What magic did you do on her? Sharda says she has done it all for your happiness. I just told her where your happiness lies and she agreed for it. pallavi cannot understand how she can spread happiness / joy in everyone’s life when her own happiness is incomplete. I am talking about your marriage with Suresh. Sharda nods. Our pheras were incomplete but maybe no one was affected because of it. We forgot all about it as we moved ahead in life. Pallavi knows Sharda hasn’t forgotten it. sharda has realised that maybe he was not in my destiny. I tried to work towards it but now we know the truth. She leaves from there.

Dadi tells Pallavi about Sharda who is very innocent and is always ready to help everyone. Don’t know why God is taking her tests all the time. Pallavi says that the patience of good people is always tested. Sharda should get her happiness as it is her right. I will help her in getting her right. I will make sure that she and Suresh share a relation which is valid in the eyes of law. Shanaya hears this from outside and is worried. Hope mom doesn’t land us in something that I and Aarav are unable to get out of Sharda’s familial ties.

Sharda stunned to know Pallavi’s plan. Pallavi gives her some papers to sign and she complies. Sharda is tensed as she walks out of the room. Pallavi calls her lawyer. She tells him about Suresh Modi using a fake identity of Mahesh Ajmera to marry her. there is no one by the name of Mahesh Ajmera. It is a fraud and maybe Suresh Modi is a fraud too and has some third identity only. This is why I have made Sharda Modi agree to file a case against Suresh Modi. Suresh Modi will have to prove his identity now. I am sending all the necessary papers to your place asap.

Sakshi finds Sharda lost in some thoughts. Sharda tells her Pallavi’s plan. Sharda is not in a mood to do it but she is ready to set an example for other women. Men will keep doing injustice to women. Sakshi too talks in support of it. Sharda knows that Pallavi is doing all this for her. But this isn’t the right time for it. He is already been through so much recently. Sakshi supports Pallavi. She is doing the right thing. you always protect papa but Pallavi knows papa’s dark side as well. She wants to protect you which is why she is doing all this. Sharda has signed on those papers too but she is still tensed about this whole thing. sakshi assures her that everything will be fine. Shanaya has heard everything yet again and smirks. Cool, you have signed on those papers against your own husband. Now I too will have to do something.

Pallavi’s lawyer comes to meet Suresh. He tells him about the fraud case against him. suresh gets miffed but composes himself as he asks for a solution. Lawyer can get him bailed in one case but the other one is very difficult. I can handle Pallavi madam and ask her to withdraw this case but you will have to talk to Sharda ji. If she agrees to support you and testifies that you are Suresh Modi and your kids agree too then you can be saved. Suresh gets serious. Surely this is Pallavi’s idea. Sharda cannot do it. but what are both these women trying to do?

Shanaya cannot understand who to talk to or to do what. Latika and Chirag will support dad only. Who will help me? I know dad will make everyone agree for it. she finally smiles as she thinks about Karan. He will surely help me as it is his hobby to help.

Pallavi takes her medicines. Suresh comes to talk to Sharda. He asks her to come aside but Pallavi stops her. you should say everything in front of both of us as we both are your wives. I hope Sharda doesn’t mind. Sharda shakes her head. Suresh wants her to write it that he is her husband, Suresh Modi. Pallavi points out that their wedding was incomplete because of which he never considered Sharda as his wife. Suresh goes speechless. You haven’t given her her due respect till date and want a certificate for the same? He knows that she is behind all this but then turns to Sharda. Are you going to give it to me in writing or not? pallavi shakes her head and much to Suresh’s surprise Sharda stands there quietly.

Sakshi-Karan are surprised to see Shanaya. She apologizes to Karan for coming home drunk and he still dint tell anyone. Thank you Karan bhaiya. Mom would have felt bad if she would have come to know about it. She cries which worries him. is your mom ok? She tells him about the lawyer coming to their house. Mom has filed a fraud case against him. She is upset with him that’s why she is doing it. but what’s my fault in this? My mom is about to leave me what if dad too leaves me? she tells him about Pallavi and Sharda’s plan. Sharda ji will not help dad as she only listens to mom. But I cannot see dad behind bars. I cannot explain it to mom as she isn’t ready to listen to me. don’t know what will happen. Will you help me? just then Latika comes to call Karan downstairs. They have been called by their dad. He leaves. Shanaya wants to see if Karan signs on the papers or not.

Suresh asks his kids to support him. he has hopes from them. he tries to lure Latika by talking all practical and of her aspirations. She gets emotional and signs on the papers. He talks to Chirag nicely too. He tells them that he is ready to make up for his mistakes. Chirag still calls him his best buddy but he cannot forgive him for what he did to his mom. Karan moves to another corner. Suresh tries to talk to Karan reminding them of the relation that they share even if they never agree for the same thing. I have always underestimated you but I am happy that you proved me wrong. I am happy for your new job too. Karan is surprised that he knows about it. Suresh tells him that he is always with him even if he is not near him. I am proud of you my son. I need your support right now. I know you have always supported your family and will always continue to do so. Karan corrects him that he has always stood by the truth not family. I am sorry but I cannot sign on these papers. I have promised someone. If mom cannot sign on these papers then there must be some reason. I am ready to sign on them once mom signs them. he goes from there.

A panicky Suresh comes to tell Sharda how her kids are not supporting him. but I know you will do it. please write here that I am your husband. Sharda asks him if he has ever considered her his wife. You disowned me in front of the whole family then how can I accept it that you are my husband? Pallavi points out that even Sharda will not support him. you will have to do something else now. Suresh is helpless now as he has no option left. Pallavi is ready to help him but on one condition – you will have to apologize to Sharda for everything.

Precap: Police comes to arrest Suresh.

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