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The Episode starts with Chaiji asking Veera about Nihaal. Veera says he is at Baldev’s house and will go in few days. Chaiji asks her to unite Nihaal and Ranvi to bring happiness in their lives. She says you are doing a good thing and I will support you. Ranvi comes to them. Gunjan apologizes to Ratan. Ratan says its fine, you were doing what a wife should have done, its good you supported Ranvi. Veer asks Gunjan for double parathas. Gunjan thinks she will tell Ranvi about Veera and Baldev when everything gets fine.

Bansuri makes the table arrangements and says Nihaal still looks the same. I have made international cuisine and he will be glad today. She praises her looks too. Baldev and Balwant come to have food and see the dishes. Baldev asks whats all this. Bansuri says I made this for Nihaal, as he is our guest and like Lord. Balwant says fine. Balwant says its good Baldev. Bansuri smiles and sees Nihaal coming. She tells him she made international dishes for him. He says he wanted Indian food, but its fine, I will have it in Dhaba. She is shocked and leaves.

Balwant says have the fruit juice. Baldev gets Veera’s message asking him to meet her. He leaves. Veera and Baldev meet. He holds her. She says anyone can see, what are you doing. He says hero comes to meet heroine like this in films, then flower showers. She says this is not film, get serious, lets think how to make everything fine between Nihaal and Ranvi. Baldev says you want to show Ranvi the goodness of Nihaal, its tough, as I found him rude in Poland.

She shows him Nihaal working on their site. Baldev says great, he came to help us without telling us. Veera gets an idea. Baldev asks I feel you have some idea in your mind. She smiles and says yes, you be with Nihaal here, I will go and come. He asks where are you going. She says I will come. Veera comes to Ranvi on his field and says I have work at polyhouse site, will you come to see. He says yes and goes with her. Baldev asks Nihaal why did he come here. Nihaal asks why, can’t I come. Baldev says after what happened with Ranvi, you came to help him, did you not feel bad and angry.

Nihaal says Ranvi is right, I can understand his feelings, I m doing this for my friend Sampooran and his dream. He will always be my friend, whatever people think. Ranvi hears this and looks at Nihaal working. He leaves. Veera and Baldev smile and shows thumbs up. Veera comes to Ranvi and says lets go home together. Ranvi gets a call from Ratan, and says she was going to Panchayat on tractor, and its wheel is stuck in a dirt mud hole. Ranvi says I m coming and goes with Veera.

Nihaal comes to Ratan and they look at each other after a very long time. He says I can help. He brings the tractor out. Ranvi comes there and is angry seeing Nihaal. He says Biji I told I m coming, then why did you take his help. Ratan says I did not ask his help, I was waiting for him, he came himself to help. Ranvi says so you would have said no, don’t know how people hide their crimes behind their favors. Veera calms down Ranvi. Ranvi leaves. Ratan drives the tractor and leaves.

Ranvi asks Veera to come. Veera leaves. Its night, Ranvi shares the matter with Ratan. Gunjan says maybe Nihaal came himself to help her. Ranvi is angry and says he is trying to gel with out family, but I won’t let this happen, I will keep him away from everyone, he has cheated us once, and I won’t let it happen again. She says he will go in few days and everything will be back to normal. She asks about his album. He says I spoke to music director, he said he will inform me but did not. She asks him to call and ask again. She says she can’t wait, she will 1000 CD and distribute in Pind.

Veera talks to Baldev on phone and tells how Ranvi got angry, I m afraid will he forgive Nihaal or not. Baldev says we will think something different this time. I will keep trying, this is my promise. She smiles. Its morning, Bansuri gets ready and looks at herself in the mirror. She praises herself wearing old clothes since she used to wear 20 years ago to woo Nihaal and says she will go infront of Nihaal and he will faint seeing her. She does more makeup. She says he came from foreign, he will like me in western clothes too.

Bansuri sees Nihaal alone and thinks he will be after me seeing me. She comes to him but Nihaal is busy reading newspaper and does not see her. She makes some noise and still he does not see. She turns and her leg gets hurt. He asks are you fine Bansuri ji. She says yes. He reads paper again. She goes back and Baldev sees her. He asks whats this, why are you wearing old clothes and this hairstyle. She says I was seeing my old clothes are fit or not, so that I can throw them.

Baldev laughs and jokes on her saying its too tight. She says no, and moves her hand. Her dress gets torn. Nihaal hears it and turns. Baldev asks what happened. Bansuri says nothing and runs. Ranvi and Veera are in Gurudwara praying. Veera prays for Ranvi and Nihaal to unite. Ranvi meets the man there and come to know someone gave much donations, clothes and food. Ranvi asks who did this. The man says Nihaal Singh, he has given money to educate kids, he is a good man.

Veera tells Ranvi that see Nihaal is doing this good things. Ranvi says he can’t get off his bad past by this good thing, he is doing this to regret, he will not be forgiven ever. Veera looks at Ranvi leaving annoyed and is worried.

Veera tells Baldev that Nihaal is going in few hours, I have to risk my life so that this matter ends. Veera comes before Ranvi’s tractor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena so small precap
    Its veera comes before ranvi,s tractor and gunjan is also with ranvi…ranvi is busy on phone an with gunjgunjan. ..suddenly veera comes and wen he is about to hit he sees veera and shouts veera

  2. Thanks rucha…and u idiot amena

  3. Thanks rucha

  4. Thanks rucha…and amena shameless

  5. btw, anyone of you watch Sadda Haq which is telecast daily mon to fri 6.30 p.m. on Channel V??? it is DURJOY DATTAS…. Repeat telecast of the same is at 10 p.m. same day and 11.30 noon the nextday. And yes, for those who had missed watching it from the beginning, the ssme is aired between 4 to 5 p.m daily.. Do watch a few episodes and post your comments there… It is not a compulsion…. but still, why I am asking you guys to watch this show is – it is unique and different from the typical saas-bahu serials,,,,Awesome series… U guys wld love watching it for Param Singh Bhatia….aka Randhir Singh Shekawat… a handome hottie who is the heartthrob of lots& lots of girls…. His acting is too good.. His eyes speaks volumes…

  6. Fun and shashai – you are not even thanking the good work Ameena does ALL this while, what ungrateful lots you two! Just for a small mishap in her narration you don’t call people shameless and idiot. This is above the limit guys….
    If you feel she is ALWAYS narrating wrongly, don’t read them anymore here, find some other site then. Please comment encouragingly, not discriminate your own kind guys. This is only serials narration not the story of your family!

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