Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Paki comes home looking with a smile at Nettu. She says Kamla maa will be all right now. Just Nettu shouldn’t know that i went to hospital by bunking school.
Nettu asks Paki muufin how was school. Paki says school was fun Nettu. Nettu asks what will my daughter do now ? Paki says will change and then study. Nettu is very happy at the mild gestures of Paki. mummy ji asks nettu why are you looking so happy today nettu ? Nettu says poki is happy so am i.

Scene 2
Pakiya says to kamla that you are looking so good now. We were all so worried about you. But you are good now. Kamla says you all have done so much for me. Vitthal brings in kalpi. Kamla says that i asked you not to bring her here. Vitthal says why should i listen you she wanted to meet you. Your second daughter came you didn’t say anything to her.
Nurse comes in and says thet you can go home now you are all fine. Kamla asks Kalpi are you going school ? Kalpi says yes Ai. Kamla asks so what did you study ? Kalpi is answering in confusion. Kamla says did you forget or your mind was some where else in school. Kalpi says there is nothing like that just eat the food. Kamla says kaloi look at your face, you look so tired. why ? Vitthal intrudes and says you first didn’t allow her to come then you are saying her that she isn’t giving her best. Kamla says no its no like that i just want to look her successful.

Scene 3
Nettu says to Sahil that you are the only one who spoils my mood. Sahil says whats wrong ? Nettu says you know Poki is behaving so well. Now kamla is not between us she’s realizing how much i love her, Mummy ji was also happy to see her. I am not saying no to what kamla favored us but she created differences between us. Now i have time to bond with her and i am loving it. Sahil says and i love you. Nettu says i am so happy. Sahil says so am i.

Scene 4
Next morning Paki is going school. Nettu says baby its Sunday today. Where are you going ? Paki says its my science exhibition today i am getting late. Nettu says okay have fun. Kalpi comes and asks where to place these papers / Paki sees her and asks what are you doing here ? Nettu says she loves her mom so much so she came to return the favor we did to kamla. Paki asks kalpi to throw the papers down. She says what will happen to kamla maa if she sees this. Kalpi says please don’t tell her. Paki asks why are doing this nettu has paid for kamla maa ? Kalpi says i promised her that i will work. Paki says okay do whatever you want. She leaves. Nettu is shouting at kalpi what was the nedd of coming in when paki was here. Don’t you know where to place the papers.

Scene 5
Kamla is back to home. Vitthal tell her that raghav called he is fine there. Vitthal does her arti and welcomes her in home.
Kamla says wow the house is so clean even in my absence. Where is kalpi ? vitthal says she must be here. She will come running if she gets to know that ai is back.Kamla says but she must have come if she was in chowl. Pakiya says let me look for her. Vitthal says to kamla i felt so weird without you here.
There kalpi is at Nettu’s house. She thinks that ai must be home she will get tensed if she doesn’t find me there. Nettu is enjoying with her friends. She orders kalpi to bring soft drinks and snacks. Kalpi is serving everyone.
Kamla is in tears she asks vitthal where is kalpi ? Vitthal says don’t worry pakiya has went to see her. Pakiya comes in and says i asked everyone she is not here. Vitthal says let me see her.
He goes with Pakiya. Kamla gets up and asks a little girl has she seen kalpi ? She says no tai she is not even coming school since three days. Kamla wonders where is she. Paki come mean while and hugs her. Paki says you came home ? I wen t to see you in hospital. Kamal is crying.
Kalpi asks nettu that she wants to go home. Nettu says yes go but first wash the dishes.
There paki is trying to stop kamla from being tensed. Kamla says even vitthal doesn’t know where kalpi is. Vitthal and Pakiya come in. Vitthal says that a few people have said that she went in auto somewhere in the morning. They don’t know where. Kamla gets mad and says what were you doing ? You couldn’t even see that she hasn’t went to scool since 3 days. Kamla is having cough attacks. Kamla says i want kaloi vitthal are you hearing ? go find her.
Paki intrudes and syas kamla maa i know where kalpi is ? kamla asks where ? Paki says at nettu’s house. she goes to work there. Vitthal, kamla and pakiya are taken aback. Pakiya says let me bring her. Vitthal stops him and says kamla go bring her before i get really mad. I am dying seeing you work but i can’t see my daughter working. I won’t be able to forgive my self. Kamla leaves with paki.

Precap-Kamla says to kalpi that you have no right to shatter our dreams pakiya get her home. Nettu says stop her. let her complete her work or i will call police. Kamla says yes bring the police i will tell them that you are taking work from an immature girl. I fed your daughter and what you did to mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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