Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone coming to the hospital and asking Dhara how is jai. Dhara says he lost much blood and is serious. Everyone starts crying. Parul hugs Ansubaa and cries. Dhara comes to the mandir and prays along the family. A devotional song plays in the background. The doctor comes and says jai is fine now, we have done the stitches. He says he was much wounded, we will shift him to the ICU. He takes Karsan for the formalities Dhara thanks Kishan ji for saving jai. She says if anything happened to him, it would have been our last day of friendship, but I knew you won’t let me down, you made my prayers win. She says don’t forget the man who did this. Ansubaa says even I won’t forgive him.

She says tell me how this happened. Dhara says I went to light the diya at my home and Paritosh came there. She tells her the whole story. Ansubaa gets angry. Dhara says give punishment to Paritosh, he has stabbed jai. Ansubaa tells everyone we won’t bear injustice now, I won’t be quiet now, justice will be done now. She prays to the Lord and says you taught us not to bear injustice. She asks Karsan and Dilip to go to the police station and complain about Chandrika. She asks Hasmukh to go to the panchayat and tell them about Chandrika and her son’s act. She says everyone will know what they did today.

She hits a plate with a spoon and everyone looks on. All the women does the same and awaken the whole village. Everyone comes out and wonder whats Ansubaa doing and why is she looking so angry. Ansubaa talks to everyone. She says you all used to come to us for justice, but today I will come to you all, to get your support, not for only us, for the village’s daughter. She says I always wanted peace in this village but Chandrika and her sons are upto something else. She tells them about Paritosh misbehaving with Dhara and stabbing jai.

Parul says its our duty to stop them. Ansubaa says a fish can spoil the whole sea but a crocodile is after our daughters, we have to teach him a lesson. Ansubaa asks their support. The people think about it. Ansubaa asks why are you all silent, everyone says we are with you, we will support you. Ansubaa and her family says lets go to Chandrika’s house now. All of them go to Chandrika’s house. One man thinks Ansubaa is going there, I will go before them to inform Chandrika.

The door knocks and Paritosh checks who is it. The man tells them about Ansubaa’s plan. Chandrika and Paritosh are shocked. Paritosh says fine, you go from here. Paritosh closes the door and asks Chandrika what to do now. Chandrika says we will welcome the guests. She says Ansubaa is coming to our house for the first time, we will offer them sweets. She asks him to get ready and show as if he did not go out and was at home the whole day. Paritosh asks what do you mean. She says go. He goes to change his clothes.

Aarvi and Nanku are talking about jai and Dhara. Ketki says we have to go to the hospital and takes Aarvi with her. Aarvi says take Nanku with us. Ketki says Dhara and Nanku are our servants and its not good to talk with them. Aarvi talks about Dhara. Ketki says everyone are mad to praise Dhara, she is the root for all this. Ansubaa comes with everyone to Chandrika’s house. They beat the plates with spoons and makes sounds. Chandrika comes out.

Komal comes out and asks what happened, why did they come to our house at this time. Chandrika says I know how to take care of our guests, you go and sleep. Chandrika says you all came early, did not gave me time to welcome you well. She asks her servant to bring sweets and offers sweets to Ansubaa. Ansubaa is angry and does not have sweets. Dilip keeps the sweets. Ansubaa says this time you won’t be able to save your pride. Chandrika looks on. Aarvi is with jai. jai wakes up and talks to Aarvi asking where are everyone. Aarvi tells him about everyone going to Paritosh’s house. She says I will tell mum that you woke up.

Ansubaa says I came here to punish your son for his bad deeds. Chandrika tries to fool her. Ansubaa says stop it, your son is showing revenge and animosity. Chandrika asks what did he do. Ansubaa says you know it very well, he tried to rape Dhara and stabbed jai. Parul says its our mistake, we stopped jai from beating Paritosh. She scolds Paritosh. Ansubaa taunts Chandrika and Paritosh. Ansubaa says you are the enemy of the whole village. She says you will get the punishment infront of everyone. Everyone looks on.

Dhara tells everyone that jai saved her. Chandrika says you are taking jai’s name, who is in the hospital, he tried to rape you, not my son. jai comes and says I m here.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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