Saraswatichandra 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras crying and Kalika coming to him. Kalika says I have what you want. He turns and looks at her. She says my blood group is O-. She says what are you thinking that I m lying, but you can test my blood, it can’t lie. He asks what are you doing here. She says you don’t have time, so don’t waste it. She says I can save your Kumud, else she won’t be saved. Saras says till Kumud gets fine, don’t come infront of me, I m not in myself. He leaves. Danny tells Saras that he tried but did not get the O- blood. Kumari tells Danny that the police came to question about Kumud’s accident. Danny says fine and tells Saras I will try again. Saras also tries to arrange blood but fails. He looks at Kalika and she smiles.

She leaves. Saras goes after her. Saras comes to Kalika and says come with me to give your blood. She says beg me for Kumud’s life. Saras says please Kalika, give blood to Kumud. She says no, not this way, it was not fine, this was the request, you have to beg. She says remember, when you knew my secret, how much you blackmailed me, and today your Kumud’s life is at stake, I should have made you do tandav. He says will you come with me or not. She says no, let me tell you, Kumud will be struggling for her life, will you be able to see that, will be able to take her dead body on your shoulders. Saras says stop, tell me what you want.

Kalika says your heart, I would have asked for it if it was blank, what will you give me as you have given everything to Kumud. He says what do you want. She says a promise, that you will give me whatever I ask, it might be anything. Saras says fine, agreed, come on. Yash comes and Kalika starts acting. She tells him about her blood matching with Kumud’s. Yash thanks Kalika and says Kumud did not let you stay in out house, and you are doing this for her, I saw this goodness in you. Kalika thinks only Saras and Kumud know my truth. Yash tells Saras not to think, as Kalika is his wife. Saras looks at Kalika angrily as she shows him her mangalsutra. Kalika says you have given me everything for Kumud’s life. She goes to give blood.

Danny reports the accident to the inspector and says whom they doubt. Everyone are waiting outside the operation theatre. Kalika comes there after giving the blood. Saras looks on. Everyone thanks Kalika. Guniyal says we won’t forget this favour. Kalika thinks I won’t let you forget. Yash says Kumud is related to her now. Kalika says Yash is right, you all did not accept me as your bahu but I will do my duty as you all are my family. Saras sees his mum’s anklet. Badimaa sees Saras crying. Danny tells the inspector about Pramad, Kumud’s husband. Danny says Kumud is serious and everyone are worried, ask me about him. The inspector asks about Saras. Danny says he is my elder brother.

Danny comes to Saras. The nurse comes calling the doctor and Saras asks what happened. Danny comes to the inspector and asks for some time. The inspector says fine and leaves. The doctor says we tried our best but even after the surgery, she is not responding. Saras says do something. the doctor says only the Lord can save us, she is on the life support system. Kalika smiles. The doctor says sorry and leaves. Vidyachatur shouts Kumud and cries. Everyone starts crying.

Badimaa says nothing will happen to her. Saras is numb again. Badimaa comes to him and says why are you not doing anything, you said you will hold her hand forever, stop her, how can you let her go, do anything but stop her. She says the Lord has taken away many things from me, if anything happens to her, you will lose me too, as I can’t leave without her. Saras is shocked. Badimaa says save her. Saras holds her hands and goes to see Kumud. Kalika thinks I have to come in the family, so vacating Kumud’s place, she thinks its great whatever happened, Kumud will be going making me get a place in the family.

Saras comes to Kumud and looks at her. He sits by her side and says Kumud, see get up now, everyone are waiting for you outside, everyone are crying, they are in bad state, get up for them. He says I know you are listening to me, Badimaa says if you don’t get up, she won’t talk to me and I know you don’t want this. He says this is wrong, I used to run away from life, but you taught me how to live and today you are doing this, I will wait for you till you answer my question yourself. He says answer me Kumud. He holds her hand and says the fate has cheated us, but you went aloen and fought with Pramad and fate, how can you lose to life, get up now.

He further adds I love you a lot Kumud, more than my life, please come back, I can’t live without you, please come back. He starts crying. He sees his mum’s anklet and picks it up. He sees the straight lines at the machine and Kumud drops her hand. He is shocked and sees her hand dropping again. He says Kumud, what is the Lord doing, whats our mistake, see if you want us to stay away then fine, I promise I will be always away from Kumud and not let my bad fate affect her. He cries and Kumud opens her eyes. He sees the pulse coming again and says Kumud….. He thanks the Lord. The doctor comes and everyone goes inside the theatre.

Kalika is shocked seeing her alive. The doctor says this is a miracle, she came back. Everyone are happy. Kumud sees Saras leaving. Saras smiles and Badimaa comes and says Sars brought her back. Saras hugs her. She says come, I brought prasad for Kumud. He says the deal is done, I have to go away from Kumud as I have promised. I will never go to her, never.

Badimaa comes to Kumud and gives her the prasad saying you will be fine soon. Saras is outside the theatre and Kumud says Saras…. Music plays….. Saras controls himself from going to Kumud and goes to the hospital’s mandir. He smiles and thanks the Lord for saving Kumud and says I remember my promise, now I will keep up my promise, I will always stay away from her.

Badimaa talks to Kumud and says you fought with death, try to understand and explain him what the Lord wants for both of you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. oh my godddddddddddddddddddddd………………… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change saras’ mind soon…………………….. and make him understand they r incomplete without each other………………….

  2. Pls re unite Sara’s n kumud,don’t make story as kusum marrying Sara’s plssssss,throw away kalika,again its boring

  3. Shalini singh

    Plz dont make it the story of jab tak hai jaan.That film was a bore and so as ur serial is becoming .This was not exepected frm sanjay leela bhansali.

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