Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ragahv’s phone rings. Pakhi sees that its kalpi. sHe disconnects it. and switches the phone off. kalpi wonders why Ragahv disconnected her phone. Pakhi says why kalpi wanna come closer to Ragahv she should know that he is married now.
Kalpi calls the landline and asks Ramu if Ragahv is there. He says yes. Pakhi asks who is it ? Pakhi takes the phone and disconnects. When she turns back Ragahv is there. Pakhi is shocked.
Ragahv says what are you doing ? Why you disconnected kalpi’s phone ? He takes the phone from her hand. He sees kalpi’s 20 missed calls. SHe says your were sleeping so I thought you should not be disturbed. He says why you didn’t tell me? Who gave you right to do all this ? Pakhi says I am your wife Ragahv. even the kalpi met you first at hospital. Raghavs asy kalpi came ther and you didn’t tell me? Pakhi says I am your wife still you wre saying her name. SHe is your nothing still you have her in the mind all the time. I ask if I have right to stop another woman to annoy you while you are not well. Why ? Ragahvs asy our relationship is of force and friendship. While mine and kalpi’s relation is of sindur. I made her my wife in front of GOd. SHe is my wife. Kamla maa tried to deny it and she has to accept it one day. Pakhi can’t believe it.
There kalpi is in temple. Kalpi takes a little sindur.
Ragahv says to pakhi she is my wife. There, kalpi puts sindur in her hairline
Ragahv says not in eyes of world but in eyes of God we are husband and wife. We have accepted this relationship from heart.
Ragahv says it will be better for you to accept the truth. Pakhi says what problem would I hav to accept the truth ? I just ahd to know the truth. I wasn’t trying to be your wife just wanted to help you as a friend. Come one lets go and rest you are still not well. he says pakhi I thought.. She says you thought that I will be shattered. I will cry and scream. I was just a friend so had the right to know. I know you love kalpi so much. I am so happy fro you and kalpi. Raghav says just one year pakhi then you can take your decisions. I will divorce you after that.
She syas lets go now you need rest.
She ask will we be friends forever Raghav ? He says yes obviously we will be.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes to her room. sHe is in tears. sHe recalls raghav telling her that he filled kalpi’s hairline with sindur She starst screaming so bad and throws all the things on the floor. SHe sits in resentment. sHe says no this is not possible. Ragahv can’t do this to me. You did so wrong with me rgahav. You are my hubby, my dream and I will never let my dream shatter. I just want my name on your lips. I wanted it be me and me only. In your heart and mind there is just kalpi. Whats in kalpi that I don’t have. You tried to take revenge from me of what my parents did. I didn’t say a wor.d You are just mine Ragahv. No ojne can take you form me. SHe takes his photo and is lying on the bed. SHe takes out her photo with kalpi. She say kalpi I don’t want you to cut out of my life. I will burn your life. I considered you my sister but you became my husband’s wife. SHe cuts kalpi’s photo and burns it. she says why you let him do that kalpi. WHy yopu didn’t stop him. I will never accept your sindur and will never let you come closer to Ragahv. She burns Kamla’s photo as well and says why you concealed from me kamla maa. she takes the other photo and says Ragahv is just mine kalpi./ No on take him from me. Not even you kalpi. I have one year, in this year I will be all over him. I will make him forget kalpi.

Scene 2
There kalpi thinks I wish I could make everything as it used to be. No matter where I go I will always have you in my heart. u am going to start a new life tomorrow I wish you were here with me.
Outside kamla says our daughter is going to start a new life tomorrow. Everyone is so happy. Vittahl says I have decorated the whole chowl. Is kalpi happy ? Kamal says why won’t she be? She is so happy. sHe is moving on vitthal. sHe will forget the past she will be so busy by tomorrow. Kamla says its too late now go and sleep. Drink the glass of milk beforehand.

Kamla goes to kalpi and says after so long kalpi is sleeping peacefully. Kalpi is still up. SHe says in heart how can I sleep auntil I don’t meet Ragahv and ask how he is. Kamla sees a medicine under Vitthal’s pillow. she says these are sleeping pills. He shouldn’t get used to of it. I will talk to him tomorrow.

Scene 3
Pakhi comes on breakfast table and says good morning. Mummy ji says stay happy like this always. she says I will be happy like this. Let me give Raghav breakfast. GAuri is angry as usual.

There Vitthal, kamla, kalpi and everyone is praying. Kamla says our kalpi is going to start a new life make her succeed. Nettu says how more you will ask. He will fall down if you ask more. Kamla says everyone is poor in front of him. Pakiya says everyone is down stairs. Lets go they are waiting for us.

Pakhi comes to Raghav and says first breakfast and then newspaper. Take the medicine. Ragahvs says I feel good to see you happy. She sya my happinesss is with yours. We are friends after all. She goes out and says I will do everything for you Ragahv. I will smile when I have to cry.
I have to ask from Kamla maa and Kalpi. THey have to answer. How kalpi and Ragahv came this far even in presence of kamla maa. ANd kalpi you have to go away from Raghav.

Precap-Pakhi says to kamla kalpi did so wriong with me and so did you. The gives her the sindur and says keep it Kamla says don’t say this pakhi. Ragahv is just yours. Don’t get me and kaloi wrong. SHe gives it back. Pakhi throws it on the ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The true villain is out of the box now. Kamala genuinely needs this insult.

  2. pakhi we hate u jz go away u r cuming between raghav n kalpi

  3. Ha ha ha…. i cant juz stop laughing… now my dear kamala… ur pakhi baby had shown her true colours… now its ur time to pay back for what all u did by breaking our dear kalpis heart… cmon pakhi… i cheer for u….

  4. I knew this would happen. She was always like this. She always wants what Kalpi has and Kamla always give sit to her. Can anyone remember the pen Raghav gave to Kalpi? Kamla took that from Kalpi and gave to Pakhi. Now she is giving Pahki Kalpi’s man.

    The fight has begun and Gauri had better do something to get rid of this evil woman out of Raghav’s house and life or else at the end of one year she will be so attached to Raghav that you cannot get her claws out. She is pure evil. She is smiling but her heart is not good. Watch out Ragna!!!!!

    1. vashtie motilal

      i hope that one year pass very fast .an it good to no raghav c all d miss calls from kalpi

  5. Thanks EMA writer at least ur track has moved little bit ahead but please we can’t take it more lot we just want our RAGANA.

    are one more thing

    aap jab story likhate ho tab aapka dimag kaha jata hai ???? REVENGE to hai par le koun raha hai ??????? Pakhi not Raghav.

    Please next time Doodh aur Badam khake story likhna .

    1. @sangeeta ryt yar i totally forgot dis all started cz of revenge kaha revenge kidhar ka revenge raste pe toh la diya now 1year sur kya karne wale hai

      1. @ manjisha
        ye one year me pakhi legi badla / revenge kalpi se, Raghav ke bache ki maa bekar. it really funny ha ha ha …………

  6. now kamla may punish kalpi for makin her pakhi hate her……more BS in ema

    1. act dey wanted to show kamla s character positive but she has bcme villian now cz no 1 lyks her dis has al hapen cz of gauri bichara raghav he was going to mke everythng ryt d serial has ol villians only jz 3 characters raghav kalpi n vitthal are positve rest ol oders r negative

  7. Ahaana i go wit u. Kamla need this insult. I really like the pregap and paku itself lose her sindur and its only for kalpi

  8. hatekamlapakhi

    Pakhi socks. Please end her character. Just wanna see Ragna together

  9. I really feel vey scared on what is gonna to be happen kalpi life.finally pakhi has show ready her own face,she is very sellfish and dumb person.she is the one who enter and cut of raghav and kalpi life,and now she is going to destroy kalpi life.but still i got hope on raghav that always he will beside kalpi ,loving her and encouraging her.raghav and kalpi only have to be unite.

  10. Muje malum tha ek di pookie kamla ko bhi apni ma nahi manegi
    Can’t wait for tomorrow ki pookie apna real colo kamla ko dilkhaegi

  11. Pookie sab ko batati hai ki me kamla ma ki beti hu or kamla sab ko kaheti hai ki uski do Betia hai
    There u go now both b*t*h now enjoy

  12. Today friends, we saw Pahki’s true colours”The wolf in sheep’s clothes”.I never expected her to have these much of hatered in her heart for Kalpi and Kamala.Anyway Kamala deserves it,I noticed her pain for the first time,when Pakhi threw the sindoor(precap) and burnt her photo.Now when I think back what Gauri said about Pakhi is right,everytime she sees Pakhi,it reminds her of the revenge for the Kapoors’.With today’s eposide,Pakhi prooved that she is exactly like her parents .Gauri has to do something fast,maybe get Raghav to stay in his apartment,away from this evil one,only then can Kalpi get to see him.If not Pakhi is going to be in control and Raghav,beleiving her as a friend is going to get even cheated more.Come on Raghav,wake up,no woman would like another woman in her life.If you want only Kalpi,then get her to work for you.Now that you are unable to go to work, the work load is high,Kalpi can help you and that’s the only way you can be close to her. Pakhi is not going to let you get close to Kalpi anymore.

    1. i dont know how u ppl wtch such serials…

  13. We want our ragna please.Paakhi .she has become very selfish and devil.she wants raghav who is of kalpi.in an episode raghav gave kalpi pen but kamla took gave to paakhi.she always wants kalpi things.paakhi took pen but now kalpi her true love.kamla maa does not care about kalpana love and happiness

  14. Pahki will nvr succeed in her cunning ways…she will always fail trying to separate raghav and kalpi and its sad coz she will be the one to suffer the most in the end coz ragav will make her pay aswell for hurting kalpi….raghav will not let anyone hurt kalpi…..if raghav and kalpi loves is true then pahki will nvr succeed in her plans and her own mother will let her down coz neetu wants kalpi with raghav an neither does gauri accept pahki and well raghav loves kalpi so pahki should just accept defeat in this

  15. I hate pakhi she’s always trying to come between Kalpi and raghav now she finally shown her true colours everything kalpi get she wants I just hate her

  16. and pakhi the b*t*h is unleashed but little does she know true love always wins

  17. Maja aajata agar paki kamla ko slap karti kamla ne kalpi ka sab kuch pakhi ko diya aur vo kalpi ko ek khushi bhi nahi de saki

  18. Pawandeep like pookie so she’ll do more good think for alligator
    Alligator long horse face pookie will be nice n sweet to ragh but she’ll make misunderstanding btw raghna
    Like if dumbli pookie kapoor slap dumbla vithal jadhav

  19. The way Kamala is starting to warm up to Raghav and addresses him as “Mera Raghav” during the accident and consideration for Kalpi that she is even willing to take Kalpi to see Raghav. Speculated that her obsession of Pest Pookhi is going to back fire.
    That is starting to happen. Pest Pookhi consideres Kamalaa “maa” as long as she is aiding Pest Pooki’s obsession of Raghav. Now it is looking like Pest Pookhi will turn against Kamalaa the minute she knows that Kamala is n…ot helping her with Raghav and the “Kapoors side” of Pest Pakhi will come out.

    The writers are still trying to drag this love triangle and where is the ”revenge” against Kapoors????? Neetu is busy running her mouth while Suhail has absconded. The Pest Pooki is living in luxury apartment with Raghav. Gouri’s role is becoming so awful. She sees Raghav being nice to Pest and runs from that place with anger. What is her game plan of one year? The dadi seems to support all the wrong doing of Pest Paaki. No one to tell her to stop obsessing on another person especially when they don’t love you. Her character has no self-respect

  20. Hi Thank you for today series your 1st series is real real. good I enjoy it, I am enjoying every bit of it please give us more of Rags and Kal no more zig zag I am so glad that Rags let pooknie know that Kal is Mrs.So now is time to make a move into the apartment with her every one knows Now that they are married Sammy where are you .Rags please have Kal go to the Office and start working for you, pooknie cannot say a word to her anymore, You know Kal will never Lie to you or cheat you and she will you happy you will get well fast, with love hand over your office to Kal let her take care of it of it ,Sammy where are you are you hiding from pooknie, pooknie take up your fight dabballa and not with Kal all along it was daballa who was miss leading you pooknie. From small Rags was liking Kal while you were a cry cry and ( dotish) but dabballa always socking up to you and today the truth COMES OUT what happen in the dark comes out in LIGHT .Kal is your time now BIG TIME.

  21. Pookie knows about raghna merry that’s not good Bcoz alligator will be nice to ragh but will creat misunderstanding btw rghna
    And other thing is why raghav trust pookie so much ,he already knows long horse face love him so why all this frndship drama

  22. Damn paaki must just goooo out frm ragav and kalpis lifes. We hate youuu so muchh and yaaa kamla mAa will now know the real colour of her DEAR daughter PAAKI soRry but we dnt like u paaki…..

  23. hello all, god is there so everyone will be punished by him, kmala now you will get to know how is your brought bringing of paakh, now u get to know what a fool youare that always regret kalpi’s haappiness and give to pakhi, still she is saying raghave is pakhi’s. pakhi is alone may be someone willbe wih her to help raghave in her life raghave took her as friend and she get clos to him and one day she will mix something in his drink and say tht now she is pregananet and ragahve not able to take devoce from her. i know this will be happen but again our raghave and kalpi will be in pain. sammy is only one hope who can do something better but he will come at end ragahve shold know everything ….paakhi u b*t*h never get ture love bapa never let u win in an cost becasue kalpi is true hearted and raghave as well.

  24. we all love you raghave and kalpana. and no one love you paakhi no one

  25. well guys now we are seeing how paakhi is just like her parents that b*t*h should die and get out of raghav and kalpi life i want her to kill kamla first the stupid ass she were she is and she always will be

  26. UGLY SCKELTON IS OUT OF CLOSET…….Now the true Nagin will be very vicious….PAKHI is a fraud…
    Now Kamla will see how sick & manupilating she is,
    I am suprised that a smart buisnessman Fails to see real colour of PAKHI, She is exactly like KAPOORS
    She shows her real character in Bedroom throwing ugly Tentrum,
    Kamla was her MAA till Kamla did every thing according to her desires NOW SHE WILL TREAT KAMLA WORST THEN SERVENT,….SHE DOES NOT RESPECT SINDHOOR & Throws it.KAMLA DESERVES the insult
    NOW may be she will see the difference between KALPI & SELFISH PAKHI.
    Pl.Writers do not drag this multiporsonality sick Pakhi too long , WE ARE REALLY SICK OF HER….
    May be you can write that she met an accident & Invalid , lost her memory for a year….
    Kalpana & Raghav should move in Raghav’s old apartment .

  27. Pakhi is a woman scorned. And after all whose daughter!! She is giving Raghav his medicines. I shudder what medicine she will give him! Guess she will conceive Raghav’s child!

    1. It is obvious if you see current story it will going to happen. Because EMA team any how they want to promote Paki only either +ve or -ve.

  28. Please through that paakhi out of this serial.she is not good.
    Now the writter doing something good.actually from starting the all the signs show that kalpi raghav going to unit.if raghav and kalpi married earliear then paakhi is try become good.then now the real villian come out paakhi ur showing ur real nature

  29. Hey where is sammy.paakhi dont come near the raghav.please make kalpi raghav marriage.otherwise we stop watching this

  30. I want to see Pakhi and Kamla die and go to hell Pakhi is gone all physco

  31. I can just see this in a few months- something will happen to paaki and Raghav will have to stay with her – either she will get pregnant or sick. Kamla will tell kalpi to tell Raghav to make his marriage work. Disgusting!!

  32. Kamlas pookie baby is soooo horrible
    Looks like alligator
    Long horse face
    When she is crying n screming voice sound like dinosour godjilla
    Hate her who give her 2nd lead actress role
    He deserv only in vamp roll
    Raghav ki wife banna Chahti hai
    Raghav ki aunty lagti hai
    Donky monkey b*t*h alligator long horse

    1. @Ashna – tumhari comment kuch jyaadha nehi lagta hai kyaa??? upar se ghatiya shabh k prayog bhi……

  33. The below comment i copied from face book and this is the truth what we have to see. I think this serial is no more interested. Since May 12th today 1st July almost two months is finished but till date Raghav is telling 1 more year. May be this serial one more year will go actual calender 2 years. Paki’s acting is horrible

    Antara Gupta‎Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi
    2 hrs ·
    Guys yesterday epi ke baad to samajh aa gayi ki dekho ya na dekho dekhna pakhi madam ko hi hai wo bhi rag bhai ke saath pehle + ve ab – ve rag bhai ko to cvs ne khi madam ka puppet bana diya hai shilpa mam shrina ko tweet karke tareef kar rahi khi madam ki so called acting ki milenge ragna jarur milenge but off air hone se 2 epi hone se pehle tab tak jhelo pakhi ka torture and so called acting, hard work rachana ko to shayad acting aati hi nahi hai tabhi to ema wale kabhi tareef hi nahi karte hum thousands log blind hai jinhe lagta hai ki rachana is the best.
    Cvs ka main motive ragna ek nahi honge last tak tab tak mu, rona dhona, tricks and sabse imp friendship se kaam chalo meine quit kar diya hai aur ab mei wu bhi nahi padugi.

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