Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ragahv’s phone rings. Pakhi sees that its kalpi. sHe disconnects it. and switches the phone off. kalpi wonders why Ragahv disconnected her phone. Pakhi says why kalpi wanna come closer to Ragahv she should know that he is married now.
Kalpi calls the landline and asks Ramu if Ragahv is there. He says yes. Pakhi asks who is it ? Pakhi takes the phone and disconnects. When she turns back Ragahv is there. Pakhi is shocked.
Ragahv says what are you doing ? Why you disconnected kalpi’s phone ? He takes the phone from her hand. He sees kalpi’s 20 missed calls. SHe says your were sleeping so I thought you should not be disturbed. He says why you didn’t tell me? Who gave you right to do all this ? Pakhi says I am your wife Ragahv. even the kalpi met you first at hospital. Raghavs asy kalpi came ther and you didn’t tell me? Pakhi says I am your wife still you wre saying her name. SHe is your nothing still you have her in the mind all the time. I ask if I have right to stop another woman to annoy you while you are not well. Why ? Ragahvs asy our relationship is of force and friendship. While mine and kalpi’s relation is of sindur. I made her my wife in front of GOd. SHe is my wife. Kamla maa tried to deny it and she has to accept it one day. Pakhi can’t believe it.
There kalpi is in temple. Kalpi takes a little sindur.
Ragahv says to pakhi she is my wife. There, kalpi puts sindur in her hairline
Ragahv says not in eyes of world but in eyes of God we are husband and wife. We have accepted this relationship from heart.
Ragahv says it will be better for you to accept the truth. Pakhi says what problem would I hav to accept the truth ? I just ahd to know the truth. I wasn’t trying to be your wife just wanted to help you as a friend. Come one lets go and rest you are still not well. he says pakhi I thought.. She says you thought that I will be shattered. I will cry and scream. I was just a friend so had the right to know. I know you love kalpi so much. I am so happy fro you and kalpi. Raghav says just one year pakhi then you can take your decisions. I will divorce you after that.
She syas lets go now you need rest.
She ask will we be friends forever Raghav ? He says yes obviously we will be.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes to her room. sHe is in tears. sHe recalls raghav telling her that he filled kalpi’s hairline with sindur She starst screaming so bad and throws all the things on the floor. SHe sits in resentment. sHe says no this is not possible. Ragahv can’t do this to me. You did so wrong with me rgahav. You are my hubby, my dream and I will never let my dream shatter. I just want my name on your lips. I wanted it be me and me only. In your heart and mind there is just kalpi. Whats in kalpi that I don’t have. You tried to take revenge from me of what my parents did. I didn’t say a wor.d You are just mine Ragahv. No ojne can take you form me. SHe takes his photo and is lying on the bed. SHe takes out her photo with kalpi. She say kalpi I don’t want you to cut out of my life. I will burn your life. I considered you my sister but you became my husband’s wife. SHe cuts kalpi’s photo and burns it. she says why you let him do that kalpi. WHy yopu didn’t stop him. I will never accept your sindur and will never let you come closer to Ragahv. She burns Kamla’s photo as well and says why you concealed from me kamla maa. she takes the other photo and says Ragahv is just mine kalpi./ No on take him from me. Not even you kalpi. I have one year, in this year I will be all over him. I will make him forget kalpi.

Scene 2
There kalpi thinks I wish I could make everything as it used to be. No matter where I go I will always have you in my heart. u am going to start a new life tomorrow I wish you were here with me.
Outside kamla says our daughter is going to start a new life tomorrow. Everyone is so happy. Vittahl says I have decorated the whole chowl. Is kalpi happy ? Kamal says why won’t she be? She is so happy. sHe is moving on vitthal. sHe will forget the past she will be so busy by tomorrow. Kamla says its too late now go and sleep. Drink the glass of milk beforehand.

Kamla goes to kalpi and says after so long kalpi is sleeping peacefully. Kalpi is still up. SHe says in heart how can I sleep auntil I don’t meet Ragahv and ask how he is. Kamla sees a medicine under Vitthal’s pillow. she says these are sleeping pills. He shouldn’t get used to of it. I will talk to him tomorrow.

Scene 3
Pakhi comes on breakfast table and says good morning. Mummy ji says stay happy like this always. she says I will be happy like this. Let me give Raghav breakfast. GAuri is angry as usual.

There Vitthal, kamla, kalpi and everyone is praying. Kamla says our kalpi is going to start a new life make her succeed. Nettu says how more you will ask. He will fall down if you ask more. Kamla says everyone is poor in front of him. Pakiya says everyone is down stairs. Lets go they are waiting for us.

Pakhi comes to Raghav and says first breakfast and then newspaper. Take the medicine. Ragahvs says I feel good to see you happy. She sya my happinesss is with yours. We are friends after all. She goes out and says I will do everything for you Ragahv. I will smile when I have to cry.
I have to ask from Kamla maa and Kalpi. THey have to answer. How kalpi and Ragahv came this far even in presence of kamla maa. ANd kalpi you have to go away from Raghav.

Precap-Pakhi says to kamla kalpi did so wriong with me and so did you. The gives her the sindur and says keep it Kamla says don’t say this pakhi. Ragahv is just yours. Don’t get me and kaloi wrong. SHe gives it back. Pakhi throws it on the ground.

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  1. I can just see this in a few months- something will happen to paaki and Raghav will have to stay with her – either she will get pregnant or sick. Kamla will tell kalpi to tell Raghav to make his marriage work. Disgusting!!

  2. Kamlas pookie baby is soooo horrible
    Looks like alligator
    Long horse face
    When she is crying n screming voice sound like dinosour godjilla
    Hate her who give her 2nd lead actress role
    He deserv only in vamp roll
    Raghav ki wife banna Chahti hai
    Raghav ki aunty lagti hai
    Donky monkey bitch alligator long horse

    1. @Ashna – tumhari comment kuch jyaadha nehi lagta hai kyaa??? upar se ghatiya shabh k prayog bhi……

  3. The below comment i copied from face book and this is the truth what we have to see. I think this serial is no more interested. Since May 12th today 1st July almost two months is finished but till date Raghav is telling 1 more year. May be this serial one more year will go actual calender 2 years. Paki’s acting is horrible

    Antara Gupta‎Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi
    2 hrs ·
    Guys yesterday epi ke baad to samajh aa gayi ki dekho ya na dekho dekhna pakhi madam ko hi hai wo bhi rag bhai ke saath pehle + ve ab – ve rag bhai ko to cvs ne khi madam ka puppet bana diya hai shilpa mam shrina ko tweet karke tareef kar rahi khi madam ki so called acting ki milenge ragna jarur milenge but off air hone se 2 epi hone se pehle tab tak jhelo pakhi ka torture and so called acting, hard work rachana ko to shayad acting aati hi nahi hai tabhi to ema wale kabhi tareef hi nahi karte hum thousands log blind hai jinhe lagta hai ki rachana is the best.
    Cvs ka main motive ragna ek nahi honge last tak tab tak mu, rona dhona, tricks and sabse imp friendship se kaam chalo meine quit kar diya hai aur ab mei wu bhi nahi padugi.

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