Sadda Haq 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes she says he s no where he must be in his cabin. She goes to Vardhan. He is busy with something. Sanyu comes in and says sir, I wanna says thanks to yoyu. If your positive criticism and motivation wasn’t there I won’t be able to do so. I lost my courage somewhere but you brought it back to me. I wondered why were you being s harsh with me. She recalls when he was scolding at her. She says I know now that you said all that to being the best out of me. I wanna promise you something. I don’t what’s my future gonna bring but my decision won’t even change. I will follow m y dream and my passion. I don’t know whether you will be proud of me or not but I will always be proud of bring your student. She says thank you sir. she Is about to leave. Vardhan says stop sanyu. What you have got today don’t ever let it go. she says sir I never will. I have found my self.. He says that’s all. You may go now.
Sanyu comes out of the office and recalls the competition from the beginning when they won basketball and then other tasks. Then she recalls the last one. When she let herself go from the plank./ SHe gets a call from kastuki. Kastuki asks wher are you and with whom ? SHe says with myself. Kastuki says come to the canteen. She says you like no other place than canteen.
When sanyu enters the canteen everyone claps for her. Parth says congratulations captain you made us all proud. Sanyu says congrats to you too. Kastuki says this is a return gift for our captain. they bring the cake. Kastuki says cut the cake whats the problem now ? Sanyu says there should have been names of all of us on this. We have won this all because of the team work. Kastuki says you risked your life in the last task. Sanyu says parth did the machine even when his hands were beleeding. Randhir performed so well.
Sanyu goes to him and says why are you here alone. Everyone is celebrating in the café. I won’t accept whatever you say. She holds her hand. Randhir says in heart why am I seeing the one I always used to be angry to see. Why am I getting close to the one I always used to go away from. She takes him in and says stand here. Lets celebrate now guys. SHe cuts the cake and makes everyone eat the cake. She says Ragndhir open your mouth. He sees the ring in her hand and eats the cake. SHe makes Vidushi wat then. Randhir takes a piece of cake and says whats new that I can’t comprehend. Why can’t I stop myself. He makes her eat a bite.

Scene 2
Sanyu is in corridor she says I should make a call at home. The LITS boys are there. sHe stands still. They are coming to her. Sanyu sees some rods and says I will hit the one who comes forward. REst will flee. Dharam says congrats Sanyu. You said accept the emotions. I accepted that a girl can be a good captain. I accepted that girls can win outside the house too. You proved us wrong. Sanyu says learning is important. SAnyu says you should always respect your opponent. she extends his hands. Sanyu shakes it. Dharam says maybe we will meet later in a competition.
Randhir is over hearing them. They leave.

The LITS boy go to their room. Raj says why did you says so much to her. She is always so flattered. Dharam says we were wrong. Raj says but we have to bear maya mam’s anger because of a girl. Dharaam says she opened our eyes. We were actually flying not her. Mayaa ma’am would have been same resented even if it was a boy. We should learn from this.

Scene 3
Kastuki says we will never forget this day. You made all of the people who doubted you to shut their mouths. Tell me how you feel. Sanyu says I am so happy. Kastuki syas you should alwasys stay smiling.
Sanyu gets the call from her mom. Sanyu tells her about the competition. She tells her the details. Maa says why you risked your life. Snayu says nothing happened to me. I got this courage from me. Maa says I am glad that you won. But never participate in these competitions that risk your life.
Ankit takes the phone and says so much with the engineering drama. I am sending you the car the day after tomorrow. You engagement date with Sameer has been set.

Kastuki says I was here thinking about your win as a captain. I want to see the competition in your hand not the ring.
The LITS boys are practicing. Raj says I am so worried for the maya madam’s resentment. dharam says we will see her when we reach the college.
Dharam throws the ball at sanyu and says will you play a friendly match with us ? Randhir comes and takes the ball. HE says will you like to play a match with boys ? Or you always like to be defeated by girls ? One of them says why are you getting so mad we were only talking about a friendly match. Randhir says there has been too much of friendship already.
Dharam says I have said its too much. Don’t let me create a problem for you and that girl. They leave. Randhir shouts what problem tell me?
Sanyu says why were you fighting with them ? Randhir says you should ask them they are your friends. Sanyu says they have apologized, even their captain. . Sanyu says whats wrong with you ? He says I want you to stay awasy from those boys. SAnyu says what is wrong people change they have changed too and learned. Why you always start the fight. Randhir says you don’t know theses boys they will fight with you first then apologize you. Then they will be nice to and if you don’t get close they will behave bad with you. Sanyu says are you talking about all biys or yourself ? HE says why would I ever try to get your attention by doing all this. He leaves in anger. Kastuki says isn’t he too much weird. Sanyu thinks what has happened to him.

Scene 4
Randhir is in corridor. He recalls his frineds saying him that its a love story. He recalls his moments with Sanyu. WHen she took care of him. She said to him I ma here for you. When he said I have the right to tease you. When he felt so bad when Sameer gave her the ring. He says why am I thinking about her she is about to get engaged.

Precap-Professor PKC says I will invite the captain of FITE to come on stage and accept the trophy. He unveils it and finds there is no trophy.
Sanyu is on her way to somewhere. She sees the trophy in her bag. She is shocked

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. he 1 thing that i hated THE most was when Sanyu tells Randhir – tum apne baare me baat kar rahe ho*….. IT WAS HURTING, SORT OF INSULTING… Sanyu still has the same attitude towards Randhir, it will take lot of time for Sanyu to get ♥ feeling for R……(*after the scene where LITS boys asks sanyu for a friendly match… & Randhir says to Sanyu : aise ladkon ko mein jaanta hoon…)

  2. Randheer is thinking more things about sanyu and sanyu wants he should be always a good friend of her….

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