Pavitra Rishta 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Inspector calling Ankita and tells her about Soham being in the police custody and asks her to come to the police station. Ankita says okay. She tells Shashank and Mansi about Soham in the lock up. Mansi says, it can’t happen. Prashant gets angry and says he didn’t change. Ankita tells him that Soham is their father and it is their duty to support him. She says, we can’t leave him alone. She asks Shashank to come with her. Prashant says, I will also come. Ankita tells him to take care of Mansi and they will go to the police station.

Inspector tells Ankita that bail is not possible as it is late night. Ankita asks, what he had done? Inspector says, he entered Karmarkar’s house and attacked Naren. Ankita wonders why he would do this. She requests the Inspector to let her meet him for 5 mins. Inspector agrees. Constable takes them to Soham. Ankita calls Soha,. Soham asks, why you came here? Ankita asks, why you raised your hand on Naren. Soham gets angry and says I would have smash his face. What he think of himself, you are a toy. He says, I won’t let him marry someonbe else. You are my daughter. Ankita says, I don’t need you. She tells him that she married Naren for money. She says, if you love us before then I would not have married him. She tells him that Naren is not his son in law anymore. She says, my marriage is broken now. Soham is in semiunconsious state and says he can’t let him marry. Shashank asks her to call Naren, but his phone is switched off.

Ankita comes to Karmarkar’s house. Rushaali asks, why you have come? Ankita says, I came to request Naren sir. I want him to meet me. Rushaali says, Naren won’t take the complaint back. He is very angry and your father deserves that. Naren comes there. Ankita requests him to takle the complaint. Naren says, he won’t and says that’s final. Ankita requests him again and says he didn’t know about our contract marriage. He was in drunkard state. Naren refuses to take the complaint back and goes inside. Rushaali asks her to go.

Ankita comes to Archana’s house. Pari says, I won’t do anything for you. Archana asks, what happened? Ankita tells her that her baba got angry and fighted with Naren. Naren sent him to Jail. She says, I requested Naren sir, but he refused to take the complaint. She asks Archana to make Pari understand. Pari refuses to help her. Archana asks Manav to help Ankita. Pari says, you know naa what she had done with me. Archana says, I will help her for sure. I can’t see her roaming alone. She says, her father might be drunkard, but he is her father. Manav tells Ankita that they are going to the police station tomorrow, so they will try to free her father too. Ankita thanks them. Archana asks her to go home.

In the morning, Manav and Archana come to the Police station and tells the Inspector that they didn’t find Soham in the given address. Inspector says, we will handle Balan. Ankita is sitting there too. Archana reminds Manav of Raghav Matre. Manav tells Inspector that they got bailed papers for Raghav matre. Sachin gives the papers. Inspector asks the constable to free Soham. Ankita thanks them. Ankita holds Soham while he is still not in his senses. Ankita asks, are you fine. Soham says, I won’t leave him. She asks him to wait. She goes. Archana sees Soham and gets emotional. Soham too sees them. Sachin gets shocked. Pavitra Rishta music plays…………………..Archana, Manav and Sachin stand from their seat.

Archana couldn’t believe her eyes. She goes to him smilingly with tears in her eyes. Soham too proceeds towards her. She recalls his childhood and adolescence memories. Soham gets angry. Archana touches him emotionally and hugs him. She says, I waited for you for so long. I can’t live without you. I knew that you will come back. She hugs Manav. She tells Soham that everything will be fine soon and hugs Soham again. Manav tells him that they knew how they spend 20 years. Manav goes to hug him, Soham doesn’t allow him to touch him. Archana and Manav ask him to come home.

Archana asks, what happened to you. Why you are doing this? She says, I missed you very much. Archana says, I will give your rights to you. Soham pushes her angrily. Manav tries to hit him, but Archana stops him. Soham says, you would have get me married to Gauri. Look at my condition. You are snatching my daughter’s rights. You are getting my daughter’s husband married to someone. He says, I am Raghav Matre and I have nothing to do with you. He leaves. Archana and Manav follow him. Ankita tells her siblings that baba went somewhere. Prasant says, he escaped after coming out of jail. Mansi says, he make us fools. Ankita worries for him.

Soham comes and asks Ankita to pack their bags. He says, we will go from here. Prashant refuses to go and says where you will keep us. Soham angrily asks them to pack their bags. Archana and Manav come there. Archana says, nobody will leave from here. Ankita asks, Soham… might have some misunderstanding. Archana says, I know him as Soham Deshmukh. He is my son. Everyone is shocked and looks at Soham.

Savita says, Ankita is soham’s daughter and Soham is alive. She gets happy while the family looks on surprised. She says, why you didn’t bring him home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Very good pari now your marraige will break. You want aman/naren you will get breeze .I just love soham is back with his parent.Nina will be shocked to see him.she is a bitch just like pari

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