Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla comes and sees Raghav and kalpi together. She is shocked. Kalpi leaves. Ragahv says please forgive me i know i am wrong. I have hurt you so much. I know that you had to suffer because of me. I vow that from now and on i will do what you say. He is on his knwws. He says kalpi is my love and i can’t forget her. I want her at any cost. I know your pain but can’t do anything. Please pardon me.
kamla says kalpi is suffering the punishment of loving you. You destroyed your love in your anger. Did you ever think how she feels ? You loved my daughter and left her and married my other daughter and you are deceiving her now. Which mistake should i frogive you for ? I heard that love brings happiness but what you gave to my daughters ? Pain ? Tears ? i don’t know what should i pardon you for ?
Scene 2
Nettu is so busy with eating. Ladies come and ask her where have you been ? You are not even coming to the kitty ?Nettu is so busy with eating. They say leave she can’t see anything in front of food. NEttu asks srvant to bring some sweet.

Ragahv starts coughing. Pakhi asks what happened ? Let me bring you water. SHe recalls when he had it because of the room spray. Both kalpi and pakhi bring him water. He takes kalpi’s glasss but later takes Pakhi’s too.

The waiter comes to nettu and says the ice cream is over. Nettu says how is that possible ?Bring the halwa and ghulab jamun. Kamla comes to nettu and says i know you like it but its not good to eat too much here. Lets go home. Nettu says you should go i will come by myself. Ragahv says to pakhi lets go. Pakhi says yeah let me bring my clutch. He goes out.
kamla and kalpi are on the road looking for an auto. Kamla says kalpi you meet Ragahv here and there but you have to stay away from him. Kalpi says I didn’t come to meet him i don’t even want to. Kamla says thats better for you. I trust you.
Kamla is looking for an auto. Ragahv comes and says let me drop you. Kalpi says i don’t want your favor please go. Raghav leaves. KAmla comes to kalpi and they start moving forward. A car that looks uncontrollable is coming to kalpi and kamla but their face is on the other side. Ragahv sees it and runs to save kamla and kalpi. He shoves them but the car hits him. Kamla and kalpi look. He is on the floor and his head is bleeding. Kalpi shouts Raghav please open the eyes. Kamla says let me get a rickshaw. Kamla stops a rickshaw and asks the driver to help her. he says its a police case he won’t help. Kalpi is crying hard. She says please open you eyes Raghav. Kalpi stops another rickshaw and says please stop and help us. Ragahv is dying please. The driver comes and they put him in the auto. They leave. Pakhi comes out and looks here and there for Raghav. she can’t find him. She calls him but his phone rings in his car. She wonders why is his phone.

Scene 3
kamla and kalpi reach the hospital they are so worried. Doctor takes Ragahv in the emergency room. The doctor says call the police. Kamla says let me call and inform pakhi. She goes out but there is no network. Kalpi asks the doctor how is he ? She says the situation is critical yet. We can’t say anything. Kamla comes and sasy noithing will happen to him don’t worry. KApi says please remove all the hate from your heart and pray for him. I will never meet him again if you say. God listens to you please ask him to save Ragahv. Kamla says he is my daughter’s husband and I can’t see him die. I will pray for him. Kamla leaves. The nurse comes and asks kalpi to fill the form. She syas you have to fill the name, relation, contact and address. Kalpi writes everything but is empty in the relation box.
Kamla calls pakhi. Pakhi says Ragahv is no where. I was about to call you. I don’t know what to do. Kamla says listen to me calmly. Raghav has met an accident.
There kalpi is wondering what to wirte in the relation box. She recalls when Ragahv placed sindur in her hair SHe writes wife.
Pakhi asks kamla is Ragahv okay ? She says just come as soon as possible. Kalpi returns the form.

Precap- The doctor comes out of the room and says his situation is critical. Pakhi says please save him do anything don’t worry about the money. Doctor says not money you have to arrange the blood. He is negative. Kamla says let me contact someone. Kalpi says do my blood test, Pakhi says do mine as well. Nurse comes out and says hurry up doctor his condition is deteriorating.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. the writers are set on making raghav with paki so i have not been watching for weeks i only read the updates…but i dont understand who in the world suffers like kalpi….what is the message her….all i am seeing is that paki gets everything and now raghav because he has given in to kamla…..so whose dream is kalpi fulfilling…hers or stupid kamla’s …kamla talks about rich people but yet she wants kalpi to be rich she is such a low class woman as well as a disgrace….forgiving neetu and sahil for murder but not forgiving raghav….to make matters worse she talks about neetu and sahil putting food on the table for them while she was a maid for them but forget it is raghav who has a roof over her head…..if they so dislike raghav then they should move out of the chawl…..this story is no longer about acheiving anything…..because kalpi did not get her love neither did raghav…….as for paki she got everything except the love of the man she loves………and if the story turns out to be raghav and paki then they might as well end EMA today

  2. Bad serial why raghav askin kamla forgivenes is he killed her daugter i wonder why indian people are think themselves bad

    1. Again raghav gave Kasam to Kamala that he will not let her down and he will listen her

  3. If Raghav will forget about kalpi then will he forget about revenge too? The so called revenge that isn’t happening. I don’t want to think about this serial anymore!

  4. hello all, kamla is really very mean lady she never think for shake of her real daughter never think he condition how much pain she is feeling aftr see her love in others hand and in pain she is thinking that he is paakkhi’s husband even she knows marriage is full of love relatonsip and raghave doesnt lover paakhi but still she is saying and praying that they will get together and forget kalpi and she nevr think how kalpi will survive. i know this accident is end of ou kalpi and raghave kitna bhi duniya ataychar kar le true lovers ko juda karne ke lekin upper waala sab theek kar deta hai bure love bhale hi bahut samya tak khush hote hai apne kamaybi maine lekin us kabmyabi ke peeche jo dard wo de rahe hai wo unko maar daaleg kamla tujh jaise lady ko to kahi bhi sakun naa mile. bacha de raghave ko kiyuki wo paakhi ka husband hai tere kalpi ka nahi kalpi or raghave ko ek dusre se door kar de but kisi ke man main tum kisi or ke liye payar nahi bhar sakte wo apne jindagi bita sakta hai kiyuki wo kamla maa is izzat karta hai but kamla ke force karne main wo paakhi se payar nahi kar sakta kalpi ko bhoolne ke kosis kar sakta hai lekin pakhi se payar nahi pls raghave pls dont fall in with paakhi…..kalpi

  5. I think so after accident drama pawandeep will kalpi away from raghv
    Bcoz bicth like pookie

  6. I really hate love triangle for real. kamla is a shame. your daughter is begging you to save her husband and you agree but not for her but for long face paki. raghav just saved both of your life if this doesn’t change your attitude towards him then you’re really hateful. second, how can you say that to kalpi while raghav is there you don’t need no rich guy, how lame are you. you just wanted to hurt raghav and rub it in his face.

    I still dont understand why raghav is listening to everything long face says, i mean your friends but you know she likes you so why you letting her still treat you like a husband. seriously grow some bones. tell that b*t*h to stop.

    and lastly long face paki, leave the man alone because your the one gonna get hurt at the end. stop introducing everyone of your friends to raghav saying thats your husband when he clearly said you guys are friends. your being to clingy and needy.

    in conclusion, we all know raghav will forget kalpi and kamla will save his life once again. telling him to forget kalpi and move on with paki. also he might get amnesia from the accident which he will only remember being married to paki, which i’m hoping he only remembers being married to kalpi. but we gonna get rakhi which is upsetting.

  7. kalpi loses again…thank god i only read updates…….so like every other serial….well paki gets everything….and kalpi will get her mothers dream wow…..not even her own…..anybody has such a sad life…

  8. Why can’t Kamala forgive Raghav?It is not his fault for marrying Pakhi,his mother made him to take a vow just like Kamala made Kalpi to take a vow,not to see Raghav for1 year.They being children did what their mother’s wanted.Now Gauri can take her revenge on Pakhi by not letting her go near Raghav,she should only allow Kalpi to be with him.This will make Pakhi get more jealous and Kamala should not stop Kalpi from seeing Raghav.

  9. Clearly she meant paaki’s suhag!! Silly her dialogue! I hate her

  10. What the heck does Kamla preach about? It is ok to murder and she can forgive that but she can’t forgive hurting her daughter? What is a crime and what isn’t in her stupid world?
    Also she says she will pray for her daughter’s suhag-

  11. EMA , what the hell u are showing ??? this triangle is torture and can’t bear any more. Please try to understand we want raghav and kalpi together. Idiot Pakhi ko raghav ki life se hatao. Just kill her. We would love to see the actual revenge raghav takes from Kapoors , not idiotic stupid triangle between raghav, kalpna and idiot pakhi. Just hate pakhi. Use kisi aur ke sath dikhao raghav ke sath bilkul achi nahi lagati. Just kill her and kamla

  12. Hi I will like to know Why dalbala always says has 2 daughters from last year when I start looking this show she only had 1 daughter daballa remember nutte refuse to br*ast feed her own pooknie that don’t make her dabalas daughter,dabala you forget you was the maid so everytime she talk about 2daughters it send mad 1daughter Kal she is so perlight and she got what it takes. But the 2nd one she need to have a nose Job on her pointed nose, Kal is right about the blank space on the form that she is his Wife Rags did put the Sindur for Kal, with pooknie he only sign a piece of paper, Now the true wife is the one he LOVE Kal . Kal always fight for your rights what you wants ,Yes you love your family,So now your job in Rags office open for you because you knows that office inside out and Rags will like that, By the way where is Sammy please smile

  13. Ema fan plz dnt say these thngs.rag nd kalpi is made 4 each othr.if rag dsnt luv kalpi more dan his life he wouldnt risk his life 4 kalpi.even in engagement day he risk his life 2 safe kalpi 4m fire.hw could u even say dat rag isnt perfect 4 kalpi.

  14. I knew that dumbla will prey for raghav Bcoz she believes he is pookie a husband not kalpi
    I hate dumla n pookie
    Hate more pawandeep n misha gautam
    Don’t like there cvs don’t know what they’re trying to prove
    Don’t love your own daughter
    Feed somebody else baby
    If 1 god don’t listen change to another 1
    Jo love karte hai unhe separate karo
    Paise wale hamesa winner or garib ki koi value nahi , garib ko dream hi dekhe
    Cvs should change name
    Ek muthi bakwas

  15. good kalpi …
    i loved that scene kalpi wrote wife in relationship….

  16. Oh my god.hope in tomorrow episodes that pakhi will come to know about raghav and kalpi marriage.and i also hope that raghav to forget paakhi not kalpi.kalpi is for him.not pakhi.writers please dont let paakhi to interfere so much in raghav life,its irritating to watch this serial.and please make raghav and kalpi to be reunited.then only this story will become more interesting.pls directors dont separate our cute and romantic couple raghav and kalpi.they are made for each other.this is the onething that all the viewers of ek muthi aasman want to see.

  17. raghav does not deserve kalpi…..she is to good for him…..its better that he stays with pahki as no one understands kalpi…..she loves him more than life itself and makes all the sacrifices in this programme and no one appreciates her…..she needs sumone to fyt for her and will love her more than life itself…..will raghav ever realize her worth as I would think a 3rd person will steal her from him……..coz she deserves so much more……yes raghav loves her with all his heart and soul but they are soul mates but there is to much pain that kalpi has to go thru and shes the hart of ek mutthi aasmaan and I hope she finds real love and true happiness……yes every series must have twist but this series always put kalpi thru ongoing test…….her life lies in raghavs hands and would love to see them together but this story pahki an raghav is not very entertaining and makes the show very boring……..will raghav ever end up with his true love kalpi or will this be another pavitra rishta story – that naren and pari and ankita…….I want to see ragav an kalpi end up together nd I hope it does happen

  18. Hope they end this bloopers soon.. its really irritating to see paaki with raghav. Even now kamal a ko paaki ki padi hai rather than kalpi. Kuch bi ahhh.

  19. Kimi choudhary

    Wow nice epi i like it but upset for raghav

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