Sadda Haq 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyu brings Randhir, Parth, and Vidushi to a classroom and tell the guys they will have to go around the class. Randhir asks what kind of task is that. She tells him to do it instead questioning. They do that. Sanyu then blindfold them and asks them to wait there for 5 minutes. Sanyu takes Vidushi with her and they rearrange the benches. Vidushi has no idea what Sanyu is doing. The girls go back to the guys. Sanyu says they will repeat the task, but now as they are blindfolded, they will have to walk according to the girls’ directions. Randhir says she keeps bumping into him all the time and she will give him the directions? Sanyu says she will give directions to Randhir, and Vidushi to Parth. Randhir and Parth start walking. Parth gets irritated and asks Vidushi to shut her mouth. Him and Randhir keep banging with the benches or the chairs. They finally complete the task. They open their blindfold and see rearrangement of the benches. They ask Sanyu was that a joke or something? She says she wanted to prove this only. Before they finished the task in 30 seconds and now it took 6 minutes. She makes them do the task over and it now takes 4 minutes. She wants them to do it over until they finish it in 30 seconds. Parth says he doesn’t need this trust coordination to win tomorrow. Randhir says for that coordinate is required too. Parth throws the blindfold and walks out. Vidushi also leaves. Randhir tells Sanyu he doesn’t need to trust anyone, he can win on his own. He leaves too.

Sanyu is going back to her room when she hears some girls talking to each other that LITS boys are bothering them a lot. Sanyu recalls how they misbehaved with her and says they haven’t seen a real girl yet, let me show it to them. She calls Kastuki.

Kastuki goes in front of LITS boys and stands there. They go to her and say she’s looking gorgeous. Kastuki takes them with her for a conversation. They all get happy, but Kastuki takes them to Sanyu who are with the other girls. The boys say they thought it was just their jackpot with Kastuki, but now it looks like whole casino is theirs. Sanyu asks them what they think that they can behave any way with any girl and get away with it? All girls take hockey sticks out and surround them. The boys get scared. Sanyu says they can’t run away either after task that they did today. Maya comes there and asks what’s going on. LITS boys complain her that Sanyu tricked them and brought them here. Sanyu tells them they are not kids that she would trick them. She then tells Maya that she wanted to teach the boys to respect the girls, and if they don’t learn, then make them respect the girls. She asks Maya how come she didn’t teach them that. The girls leave. Maya yells at her students and reminds them that they came to win the competition, not to impress the girls. If they don’t manage to win, then she will insult them such a way that they will remember it for their lives.

Sanyu and Kastuki laugh. Sanyu says they will never go after any girl now. She gets call from Sameer, but she doesn’t pick up. Sameer gets mad and decides to go to FITE.

Next day, all gather for the next task. Vardhan tells them that they will be assembling the PCs first, and then the generator. They will have to manipulate generator power and take it to certain amount of voltage to light the bulb. If it’s even 0.1 voltage low, then the bulb won’t lightup, and if it’s over 0.1, then the bulb will explode. Sanyu tells her team what they will do. Other hand, LITS boys wonder how they will control voltage manually.

Vardhan says the twist will be that their hands will be tied with each other. LITS boy asks how they will assemble the parts them. Vardhan asks what will be left for them if he answers everything? He tells the students to decide who will be in left of who. LITS team decides based on their knowledge of computer and generator. FITE team just stand without any plan. LITS captain is in center, so both of his hands are tied. He tells his teammates to do what he says now. Sanyu and Randhir are on the ends, so only one of their hand is tied. Vardhan introduces another twist and that is no one will talk to each other. They will do the task with their instincts and team coordination. Randhir says he can do this task only his own and tells other just not to move and not to disturb him. Sanyu tells him it’s called team work, not disturbance. He says she had to tell him something. Vardhan says they have 30 minutes to finish the task and time starts now.

Sameer tries to call Sanyu once again, but her phone is switched off. Sanyu realizes she should be on Randhir’s end and him on her end, but now she has no choice, but to start working with computer stuff. Vidushi says in her mind to let Sanyu do all assembly work, she will look at the generator. She moves and Parth also moves at the same time. He stares at her. Parth then checks the generator when Randhir is also checking. Randhir says in his mind, he had to interfere. FITE students fall down as all keep pulling the rope and LITS team laughs at them. Maya tells them that they are wasting their time by laughing. Vardhan says its better if all concentrate on their team and their task. FITE team stands up and starts working. Sanyu scolds them and tells them to concentrate with gestures. Maya tells Vardhan, he was right, this task is really tough and she doesn’t get how he chose this juniors team. Sanyu sees Vidushi is entering wrong number in computer and Randhir has set some other number. No one is looking at her. Vidushi knows Sanyu is trying to get her attention, but she acts as if she doesn’t know. Randhir finally looks at Sanyu and she tells him with gestures about wrong numbers. Randhir says in his mind why Vidushi is entering bigger number when it’s not required. They can finish the task quicker with number he set. Randhir makes adjustments. Parth says thank God Randhir noticed it, else 5 more minutes and vidushi would have explored the bulb and who knows what else. Sameer comes to FITE. Sanyu’s phone is still off. He goes in the lab. Sanyu is shocked seeing him.

He asks her what she’s doing. He’s calling her since so long and she isn’t picking up. He asks her what she thinks of herself. Sanyu can’t say anything. Maya tells LITS team to get back to work. Vardhan goes to Sameer and asks if he can’t see what’s going on here. He’s creating disturbance here and he is also thinking what he (sameer) thinks of himself that he came to his lab like this. Sameer says he doesn’t like coming to FITE either. He will leave now with his fiance. He asks Sanyu to go with him. Vardhan yells at him saying it’s his lab, not his house. Sanyu is a student here, not his fiance. Sameer tells Sanyu to come out within 3 minutes else watch what he does. Sanyu is in dilemma what to do.

Precap: Another task. Sanyu and LITS captain go up and stand on a wooden plank on an elevated tent. Other teammates will have to assemble trampolines right under it. After 10 minutes, the wooden plank will start moving and eventually the team member standing on the wooden plank will freefall to the ground. Both teams will have to save their teammate. Randhir is not confident about trampolines doing the job. He thinks they will have to do something else. LITS captain is scared and he doesn’t want to do this task. 10 minutes are done. Both team members get ready to save their teammate.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Tdy’s episode –
    – Randhir’s mind voice – referring Parth – isse toh beech me aana hi thaa, idiot – lol!!!!
    – When all the 4 fell down, i remembered, Ring-a ring o’ roses…….

  2. Thanx Tina…

  3. hate Sameer n Vidushi

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