Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhuben and Radha worries for Kokila. Radha says, something might have happen to Kokila. Gopi comes home and calls everyone. Hetal hugs Ahem. Hetal asks, where is Kokila? Kokila comes. Hetal hugs her happily. She asks, where did you go without informing us. She tells about the kids. Kokila says, till when you will lie for me. Everyone is stunned. Hetal hugs her and says your memory is back. Kokila says, that accident took my memory and apologizes to her. She says, now I recalled everything. I remembered everything. Baa says, I knew you went there for some purpose. Kokila apologizes to everyone for her behavior when she had memory loss. Hetal asks her not to apologize to them. Kokila recalls misbehaving with Parag and apologizes to him. He asks her to forget it thinking it as a bad dream. Kokila apologizes to her kids. Ahem and Kinjal happily hug her.

Kokila says, she should be happy to have this family. She says, I am lucky to get this family. Baa says, you didn’t need to apologize. You took care of this house. Kokila apologizes to kids. Kids emotionally hug her. Hetal says she will call Madhuben and inform her and Radha about Kokila coming back safe. Gopi says Radha won’t be happy if she hears Kokila is back as she is the reason for all the bad happenings in our house since 8 years. Whole family is shocked to hear that. Radha and Madhuben reach their via an auto. Rashi sees Radha entering house and sends all the children up. Tolu/Molu say they will punish Radha. Rashi asks them to go now first. Kids all go to their room.

Radha and Madhuben enter house and greet the family. Madhuben asks if they got any news about Kokila. Radha thinks if Kokila is really dead. She then starts her drama and asks what about Gopi, Ahem, Jigar, Rashi, Meera. Gopi and Ahem come down. Madhuben hugs Gopi emotionally. Radha thinks Gopi is silent, then it is 100% sure that Kokila is dead now, where they would have hiddend her body? She starts crying and says she wants her naani kaaki/kokila back. She gets shocked to see Kokila coming down and walking towards her. Kokila gives her a tight slaps with everyone ashtonishingly seeing that. Urmila holds her cheek seeing that. Rashi thinks Kokila will reveal the truth and asks her why did she slap Mani so hard to kill a mosquito. Kokila says Mani’s cheek had a mosquito and it would have made her ill. She asks Radha to go up and apply ointment.

Once Radha goes, Kokila apologizes Gopi for slapping Radha as she could not control her anger. Madhuben surprisingly asks if Kokila’s memory is back now. Kokila says yes. She asks why did she slap Radha. Urmila says her daughter is the main culprit behind all the bad happenings to Modis. Madhuben gets angry on Urmila. Gopi takes Madhuben out from there to tell about Radha.

Radha calls Tripti and informs about Kokila tightly slapping her. Call gets cut in between. Radha thinks Kokila must have got her memory back.

Precap: Gopi says Madhuben that she will punish Radha for her cruelty. Radha hears their whole conversation from behind.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Nice that kokila slapped radha..

  2. That b*t*h radha heard everything again omg

  3. Alright is enough this b*t*h should be buried in a wall and left to die kutti

  4. kya dumbos hai
    if they want to punish radha first they have to keep an eye on her. she is listening to everyones conversation. Gopi do you want to punish radha or get harmed think first. the only thing good in todays episode is when kokila slapped radha

  5. when koki slapped radha i felt amazing…i thought serial is going to be nice now but radha i hate you(choti height wali)

  6. hey guides what is going on?EEEEE……radha was worried first that if anyone will know her truth by koki…..and she was worried to go to jail….so why these MODIS are not calling police after this….stupids….really stupids……radha thoughts if they will know her truth they will sent her to jail but why these modis are not calling police…..and gopi what drama you have started now what the hell this 8 days drama…..we have to bear radha for 8 days OMG

  7. What the hell is this worst episode band karo ye serial

    1. Telly Updates

      Oh for somoene called i have mone i bet y diont

  8. another bakwass episode why dont they call the police so stupid of the modis when will this dumb show end

  9. Liked the episode……
    .this episode is a sign of relief after a long torture……….only one slap…….noooo!!!this Radha deserves a lot of slaps as we suffered for two months bcoz of her…….idiot…..atleast all modi parivar members should kick her doing overactions…………she deserves a lot…….now what is this mosquito drama…….boring Yaar……how long we must wait to see Radha and tripti behind the bars……..I now every time MODIS will be ready to call police but this time why they didn’t called them……..always Radha will be listening to their conversation by smirking this time why didn’t she……..idiots what writers didn’t have any other better script than this worst script………..

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