Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Aryan tires to get suhana up. She opens her eyes. Aryan asks are you okay ? She say yes. He asks why were you so tensed ? She says I just fainted. He says I get it when people like you come to temple this happens. Lets go.
Suhana sits on the stairs. He says what’s wrong now ? She says I feel like I came here with massi maa. He says this is your fear from wedding. You are just restless. Do you wanna marry me ? or there is some second thought. suhana says I lost memory but my heart is same. Still I don’t have any feelings for you but Aryan in arrange marriage people fall in love after wedding.
Suhana gets up. Aryan says I don’t want anyone to blame suhana. Kamla and vitthal are in hospital. Mehta says to dheraj police is still looking for kalpana and I fear that they shouldn’t get any proofs. Vitthal over hears and says goes in. He says what did you say ? What shouldn’t police know about her ? Where is kalpana ? She is our hope. My wife is living in that hope that we will find her. Tell me if you know anything about her.
Kamal comes in and asks vitthal to leave him. Kamla gives him the photo and says this is kalpana we are looking for her. Have you seen her somewhere ? Mehta says I am so sorry no such girl came here but maybe she is alive. Kamla says you listen vitthal this little hope matters to me so much. She takes him out. She says have you drunk again ? Doctor is a nice man what will he get if he doesn’t tell us. Vitthal says money. kamla says are you mad? Vitthal says I feel like everyone talks about her.

Suhana and Aryan comes out of the car. Aryan takes her to a momo’s shop. Suhana says I don’t like momo’s at all. Some thugs come and say oh madam. Suhana says don’t you have manners ? They say no why don’t you teach us ? Aryan says come don’t talk to them. suhana says someone is teasing your fiancé in front of a lot of people and you are saying all this. He says they are so many they will beat me. Suhana leaves in anger. Aryan says that’s what I wanted. I wanted you to go home and tell everyone that I don’t deserve you. After she leaves, Aryan takes off his coat and starts hitting the thugs.

Scene 2
kamla come to work. chachi says is this time to come ? You thought suhana will come and save you. You got her stuck in your magic but you can’t fool me. Kamla says my daughter.. Chachi says that’s you personal problem keep them in your house and here just focus on work, kamla says this won’t happen again. Suhana is swapping TV channels but she isn’t liking anything. kamla comes in and says why are you so resented ? Suhana says some thugs were teasing me and Aryan said ignore them and eat momos. kamla says I will talk to them. kamla says sometime he have to act wisely. We should ignore people like them. Aryan was right. Meethi comes in and says its suhana’s birthday today. I will tell everyone. Suhana says I didn’t like aryan’s act at all. I feel like Aryan doesn’t love me. kamla says kalpi.. I mean suhana.. Suhana says ai.. suddenly she says are you okay massi maa ? Sit here. kamla says in heart why I felt like she called me ai. suhana says you miss kalpi a lot ? kamla says kalpi wanted to achieve a lot. She wanted to give us things we could only dream off. We educated her as much as we could. But kalpi is lost somewhere. I know she will come back. She has to come for her family. suhana says calm down please. I feel like I know her when you talk about kalpi. Kamla says you love me that’s why you feel like that. Suhana hugs her.
Dheraj over hears. He asks suhana to take her medicines. He says doctor said that this one is so important for your recovery.

Scene 4
kamla says to vitthal we have faced hard times before but you were my courage back then, give up drinking please ? Pakiya comes in kamla says its suhana’s birthday. pakiya says what are you gifting her ? kamla smiles.

Suhana gets a lot of gifts. she says what was the need of these gifts ? sanjay says you are suhana dewan why there is no need of gift? Kamla does her arti. suhana says where is my gift ? kamla gives her a rolled paper. suhana unfolds it and smiles at kamla. Chachi says kamla its party today so we have a lot of work. Dheraj says you have a lot of work too, suhana says chachi talk a lot. kamla says suhana its your birthday you should start a new life today. suhana sits on the bed and says yes massi maa I want to start my life from a new note. She looks at the drawing kamla gave her.

Precap-aryan says to chandni I will free suhana from this relation ship today. Chandni says really ? suhana comes in with kamla ? Aryan stares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I’m curious to know how many viewers EMA lost because of this stupid story and losing it’s two key characters…

  2. Negi u’re one f a kind,luv u alot,aryan isn’t bad eithr luv u both 🙂
    Negi,u wer da reasn i started wtchin da shw else ‘tws jst ignored :*

  3. Asha and Kunal are doing a great job but I’m still missing Rachana and Ashish… No one can replace our Ragna.

  4. prachi mittal

    I m the topmost person who loved the serial most once upon a time n now I m the topmost person to hate it

  5. prachi mittal

    Mahaa bore n mahaa bakwaas

  6. Where the hell is raghav

  7. I too, enjoyed this soap the most. I only read it now, but this is the LAST TIME that I will even read it.

  8. This show is total shit…….

  9. This show is total shit…. Sorry but true…

  10. really…there is no twist in this serial now….bullshit …. getting bored…..what’s wron with “DJ’s Creative Unit”…what they want to prove….

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