Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu and Molu ask for their mom. Tolu says he won’t cry. Molu asks will God take care of my mum. Jigar says, God will take care of everyone. We have to take care of your mummy. He asks them not to cry and behave well. He says, your mummy will be happy to see you doing good work. Gopi says their mummy is near them and asks them to do good work to make their mum happy. Kids promise her. Gopi hugs them. Kokila and Hetal look on crying. Gopi tells the kids that she is their badi mummy and hugs them. Ahem asks Jigar to take rest for sometime. Paridhi asks him, shall I download a good music for you. Jigar declines and thanks her. Gopi asks Paridhi, do you want anything. Pari says no. Kids ask her to help them in home work. Pari says, she is chatting with a friend. Hetal tells Kokila that kids are trying to live without their mom. Kokila says, kids are always near to Gopi. Hetal says, I am worried about Jigar. Kokila asks her to give the worries to God and he will make everything fine. He would have thought something about Jigar.

Pari thinks to cheer up Jigar and searches on the net. Jigar is talking to Rashi’s pic. Pari looks on. Jigar says, your memories are inbuilt in the walls of this room. He asks her to come back. Pari feels his pain. She thinks she can’t see him in this condition. He searches on the friendbook, how to make anyone happy. She reads stupid comments. She thinks to do something which was not plan before.

Pari comes to Jigar’s room and looks at him. She says, he looks so cute. Gopi wakes up kids and asks them to get ready for school. Kokila asks Meethi to iron Ahem’s clothes. Pari adjust the projector and says she have to connect the projector to get the stars on the wall. Gopi takes Tolu for bath and says she will send Molu. She connects the wire to the electricity box and starts counting. Electricity goes off because of the short circuit. Pari shouts.

Hetal says, what happened? What was this noise? Gopi tells the kids that she will go and check. Kokila says, we shall check Jigar’s room. Jigar asks Pari, what she is doing? Pari says, she planned surprise for him and don’t know why it happened. They are shocked to see Pari’s face blackened. Kokila asks, what is it? Ahem shows her that short circuit have happened. Pari says, she wanted to show him the star through the projector. Kokila scolds her. Pari says, electrician will repair it. Kokila scolds her. Gopi says, kids have to go to school. They haven’t taken bath yet. Pari says, We have water. Pari asks them to order breakfast from outside and send clothes to laundry. Kokila is angry. Ahem says, he will call the electrician. Jigar looks tensed.

Gopi serves the food to kids and says she will ask Ahem to drop them to school. Ahem comes. Gopi asks Ahem to drop kids at school. Pari worries about her projector. Everyone sit for breakfast. Pari goes to call Jigar. Hetal says, she is not bad at heart. Pari comes back and says Jigar is not in his room. Everyone get tensed. Gopi says, he was in his room when I gave him tea. Ahem calls on his number. Tolu worries for Jigar. Molu asks, will their Papa leave them like their mummy? Everyone is tensed. Hetal says, Papa will come soon. She asks them to go to school. Pari wonders where he went? Ahem says he will call his friends. Baa prays for Jigar’s safety.

Urmila changes Urmila Mansion name as Rashi Mansion. She asks Rashi to call her. Dhawal asks her to take care of herself. Urmila says, her daughter left her and she can’t see her kids as well. She wipes her tears and determines to bring Tolu Molu to her house. Dhawal says but. Urmila says, she knows that she is doing right. Everyone worry for Jigar. Gopi asks Ahem to check outside. Ahem says, he will check in the park. Pari talks to his friend Sameer and asks him to connect it to GPRS.

Urmila asks where is Jigar. Hetal says, he is missing. Urmila says, you are worried about your son. Have you thought about my daughter. Kokila asks, what do you want. Urmila says, you will get to know soon.

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  2. the serial lost its charm long back, it is just dragging. Urmila wont understand anything she feels it safe to blame gopi, but if you actually rewind and see she herself is the main cause of rashis death., If she did not instigate rashi against gopi, rashi would hve listened abt masterji when gopi told her and would not have bought him home.In radhas case also this mother and daughter duo were responsible so that gopi and radha never bonded. Rucha wanted to leave so the character of rashi was killed, but now instead of creating more problems from urmila it would be nice if her character was showed to mellow down. This Paridhi is a step ahead of rashi, she does not need anyones help to do any khand, so she is trouble waiting to happen for gopi.

  3. I dont get connected with this serial anymore..i only watched some parts of episode of today on the begining of it where tolu molu talking to gopi and urmila naming the colony to rashi name..i only watched these two parts.

  4. This serial is getting interesting day by day. Best serial ever

  5. oh ooh woah oh

  6. this serial is becoming so worst day by day nd without rashi this serial became soo much boring ,nd i cant bear the overaction of gopi nd the new charactor of paridhi is not suiting this serial. i hope they would make this serial nicely nd intrestingly

  7. This story is getting worse day by day.these comments are more interesting than this story.Lokeshwari g I love to read ur comments very much your vocabulary is so good….kokila the santoor mom…LOL…..

    1. Huehue.. u are right sanjana.. 🙂 I too love lokeswari g ka comments..

  8. Hmmmmm…….ammmm….oh……..!!!! No change same family drama…don’t no why the writers are writing this type of stories…. This parish I is really disgusting man…….I can’t bear her over action n I can’t see her occupying Rashi’s place….did u guys observed this kokila near the dining table the total powder was present in her face is such makeup is necessary for her….are they thinking to show her a santoor mom……don’t now why this writers are dragging like this…it is better to end this than making the nonsense plots……..jigar can’t marry this paridhi she is looking like a small girl beside him… this ahem too became dumb…the men in the modi bhavan will have only expressions no dialogues…. Writer ji plz write some dialogues for them also at least where the script demands them to speak at least a two r three words……

  9. Gopi Ben is always getting blamed for everyone’s murder. She never murdered anyone and i have a feeling she never will. First Umang then Meera now Rashi. Why cant the bad people die for once. Rashi had been getting on really well with gopi for about a month then bring it back. I bet Vidya doesn’t even know about Rashi’s death . Also ahem and kokila didn’t even mention that they went through the same thing with meera. But they didn’t actually know that meera was on the saf e side because if they had discovered her in the sea then Radha would have kept triying until she was dead. Beaten to death probobly…

  10. I am the 1st to comment. It has become more interesting.

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