Shastri Sisters 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vrinda getting up to leave. She stops seeing Shastri ji and Alka come. Shastri ji apologizes for taking lots of time. Vrinda asks the answer. He says his answer is yes. Minty is shocked. Everyone is happy and smile. Minty thinks this girl has confused me. She says congrats, I knew Alka will say yes, but I was waiting for him to say this to you. Vrinda is glad and kisses Alka’s forehead. She says I m careless, and did not think what to give in shagun if the answer is yes. Sareen jokes. Vrinda gives her gold bangles to Alka as shagun. Alka touches her feet. Vrinda says now everything is Alkas. Sareen asks what about my Minty, she is the matchmaker. Shastri ji says we will come soon to fix engagement date. Alka looks at the bangles and feels bound in a new relation now. Anushka notices her. Vrinda leaves.

Anushka comes to Alka and asks why did she say yes to Rohan, how will you be happy. Alka says the thing which can give happiness to Papa, how can it be a compromise for me. Alka cries and says she has taken the right decision this time. My answer is yes. Anushka hugs Alka. Peeya and Devyaani hug Alka. The sisters have a talk and smile. Alka is happy seeing everyone happy. She asks them to be happy even after she goes. She says she will miss this a lot. The sisters have a group hug. Sareen, Minty, Shastri ji and Anushka come to Rohan’s house with the shagun.

Minty says the fruit basket has to be big according to the house. Sareen jokes on Minty. Rohan’s Bhabhi welcomes them inside. Rohan greets them happily. Rohan’s dad and Vrinda welcome them. Rohan asks how is everyone. Anushka calls him Jija ji and he smiles. Rohan’s dad sees the fruit basket and says its Desi, did you not get imported ones. Vrinda says its good we got a beautiful and educated girl for Rohan, we don’t want anything else. She asks her bahu Astha to get some tea and snacks. Rohan serves the tea to everyone as Astha finds it tough. Vrinda says we spoke to pandit about engagement and its small problem. They get tensed.

Vrinda says pandit ji said tomorrow is a good mahurat, that’s the problem, we can do a small function. Sareen says it will be very soon. We will feel bad if its not good, I will talk to pandit and asks him to get a new mahurat. Minty says we have to agree to them. Vrinda says no, we don’t believe in boys and girls difference, we just wanted to do it early. Shastri ji agrees. He says you all can come tomorrow. Rohan’s dad asks them to do good arrangements. Anushka asks where is washroom. Astha says you want to see our home right. Rohan says he will take Anushka.

Anushka asks Rohan will he keep Alka happy. He says any doubt. He says he understands how a girl needs support, and I will become her friend. She asks him to promise that he will keep Alka very happy after marriage. Rohan promises and Anushka smiles. Anushka comes home and tells Devyaani and Peeya that the engagement is tomorrow. Devyaani says why so soon and asks about Rohan. Anushka says he is very caring, he said he knows when a girl comes to her husband’s home, she needs support. Devyaani asks who is the strange one there.

They come to Alka and say the engagement is tomorrow, will you come. Alka gets shy and leaves. They think what happened to her now.

Rohan calls Shastri ji and says he wants to meet Alka before engagement. Rohan and Alka meet in a café. Rohan says I don’t want anything between us to start with lie. He asks her to tell him if there us anything she has to share. She says I loved someone, I had someone in my life before. Rohan is shocked and leaves silently.

Update Credit to: Amena

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