Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu i trying to convince Paki to that she shouldn’t go to Panjgani. She says we will go to mall and will have so much fun. Paki says okay we will go after i come back from panjgani. Its important for me to be with her she will sad after Kalpi’s admission in boarding. Now go i have to sleep, because kamla maa said so.

Scene 2
Paki is lying and she recalls manda provoking her that she will she would have hided somewhere if she was in place of her. That the teachers there are so strict. They beat students.
Next morning kamla wakes up and she can’t find kalpi beside her. She goes out and finds kalpi on stairs. Kalpi says i don’t wanna go. I am so scared. Baba will be ill after i go. Vitthal says no i won’t be. I will come to you if i miss you. You have to smile for us. Let me bring the auto. She kisses vitthal on cheek. Kamla asks what are you thinking ? You can share with me. Kalpi says promise you won’t forget me. Kamla hugs her and says no you’re my daughter and i love you. Kalpi says tell me that you love me more than paki. Kamla says yes daughter i love you more than her. Kalpo says who would you choose between us? Kamla says for a mother no one is important then her child. Kalpi says not even paki right ? Kamla kisses her.

Scene 3
Nettu asks mummy ji to convince Paki not to go panjgani. Mummy ji says let her go with love. Paki comes and asks how am i looking dadi ? Mummy ji says good as always. Nettu says you will be lost in that bus. Paki says no i will have kamla maa with me. She will take care of me.
There kamla and vitthal are putting kalpi’s luggage in auto. Kalpi is having a sad look at the chowl.
Kamla on bus stand tells Vitthal that paki is coming too. Vitthal says you didn’t even bother telling me. Kamla says she wished to.
Paki comes with nettu and hugs kamla. Nettu says you’re taking her with you but just take care of her. This is her lunch. She hands over kamla a box. She says i have given paki someone take them if you want something. Nettu says to kalpi you are going what you did for kamla and i gave her so much money. Look what kamla did to both of us. Are you really kamla’s daughter she made you someone else in a moment. She will send you to boarding and will spend 24 hours with Paki. Kalpi is sad. Look hoe happy she is with paki. You are no one to her. Vitthal comes and she changes her sentences to kalpi. and says good luck, go safe. Vitthal gets in the bus.
The bus starts and paki sits with kamla. Kalpi is sad. Kalpi sits with Vitthal and Pakiya.
The bus stops on a spot for lunch. Vitthal asks kalpi if she wants something ? Kalpi says no i am not hungry. Vitthal asks kamla would she like tea ? Kamla says yes. Vitthal orders two tea. Paki looks at a boat in front of her. She says kamla maa i wanna do boating. Kamla says no just sit here. Kalpi is sitting a little far. Paki goes to her and says that lets go to the boat we will have so much fun. Kalpi says no i don’t wanna go Ai will be so angry. Paki takes her hand. Kalpi is so scared that they’ll miss the bus. Paki holds her hand and jumps into the boat. She starts it. Kalpi is scared she says that i don’t know how to swim.
Kamla asks Vitthal where are the kids ? Vitthal says they must be in the bus. Kamla looks in the bus but they’re not there. Vitthal and kamla see them in mid of the lake on the boat. Suddenly the boat starts moving fast and kalpi and Paki fall from it into the water. They are drowning. Kamla is shouting she jumps in the water and saves Paki and hugs her. Vitthal jumps as well he follows kamla and take paki out. Kamla takes her out and asks is she okay ? Paki asks is kalpi okay ? Did you save her ? Vitthal takes out kalpi. Kalpi says to kamla you knew i couldn’t swim why you still just saved Paki and left me there.

PRECAP- Paki has grown up. Kamla is walking on the roadside suddenly a girl in a fast car stops a bus by stopping her care in front of it. Kamla shouts Paki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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