Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai asking Dhara is this the same truck. She says yes, I m sure. They see some people taking the idols. Dhara gets closer to him and then feels their closeness and moves back. Dhara stops jai and says not like this. He says then how. She shows him some costumes and gives him an idea. Ketki is talking to her family and Lily hears her. Lily asks with whom were you talking. She says my sister’s, she passed B.A. She asks about jai. Lily says we don’t know where they are. Lily says Dhara is with jai. Ketki says they will get the idols. Aarvi says they will win, they will find the idols. We will be happy to see them come back with the idols. Ketki is annoyed with Dhara and leaves.

Aarvi asks Lily why is mummy furious with Dhara. Lily says because your mummy is in tension. Dhara and jai are dressed in animals costumes and they see the goons. jai says its looks like the godown is upstairs. The managers scolds jai and Dhara and tells them that he has idols upstairs. jai asks Dhara are you fine. She says yes. He says find the idols, I will look out here. She says yes, we have to go to our village before sunset. They try to find out the idols. Someone comes and they hide. They keep an eye on the man and jai and Dhara are closer that she can hear his heartbeat. Sajna ve…. plays….

The man looks around and leaves locking the door from outside. Dhara gets tensed and says what will we do now. She tells jai there is no way out. She says there is one way, look there. She says I m mad, how will we go from there. He says yes, but we can ask for help. Dhara gets the Kishan ji’s flute and they find the idols. Dhara and jai smiles seeing the idols. She prays folding hands. She says Radha ji will be here only and finds it there. They get happy. She says we got them.

jai says yes, but how to take them out safely. Parul is thinking about jai’s challenge to Chandrika and is worried. She thinks of jai’s words to Ansubaa. Ansubaa comes and says don’t worry for him, pray for him, jai will win, as he did not learn to lose. She praises Parul for getting a son like jai. Parul cries and says he forgot himself and took the duty of this house and we have let him go as jai is always there for us, we never thought about his life. She says sorry but I m talking like this being a mum, I can’t see jai like this, everytime he sacrifices his happiness for us. Karsan says its not like that. Parul says everyone are worried about the idols, no one cares about jai.

She says he is unable to walk properly, he is wounded. Karsan says its not like that. Parul says jai is taking care of our duties. Parul leaves crying. Karsan tells Ansubaa not to care about Parul’s words. Ansubaa says Parul will be fine and happy seeing jai back.

jai shouts for help. Dhara supports him and he says thanks. He says there is no network in his phone and he can’t call anyone. Parul is trying to contact jai. She cries and wishes jai is fine. jai says we got the idols but if anyone buys this idols, then it will be all gone. Paritosh comes there and hugs Vilas. He praises Vilas. Vilas says we got a buyer. Paritosh says bring the idols. The goons come to get the idols. jai hears them talking about the idols and gets ready to beat them. Dhara says what are you doing. He says no way out. She says we still have.

She says we have to go with the idols. She says sit in the box. He says are you mad. She says we don’t have any other way, sit in the box with the idol and makes him sit. She covers him. She wishes the Lord to be merciful towards jai. Dhara also sits and hides in the box. The men take the boxes with them. Karsan tells Parul we all are worried about jai. He says Ansubaa and Hasmukh are worried about jai. Everyone care about jai. He says Ramila is chanting for jai. Parul hugs Karsan and cries. Karsan says our jai is a ideal son, we have to become his ideal parents. He says don’t flow with emotions, be calm, everything will be fine.

Parul comes to Ansubaa and apologizes to her for her behavior. She smiles. Paritosh and Vilas go for having food. The goons keeps the boxes and leave. Paritosh sees the boxes moving and looks on. Vilas says what happened. Paritosh says something is fishy. He sees someone popping up from the boxes and is shocked.

Dhara and jai try to take the idols with them while Paritosh is watching them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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