Saraswatichandra 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud coming to meet Saras. Danny says he is inside. Kumud goes to Saras and finds him angry on her. He says till when will you wait. She says till I get my answers. Pramad talks to the villagers and warns them not to say say anything against Kumud. He blames himself for whatever happened with Kumud. The villagers call him mad. Pramad asks them not to look at the Desai family as he is related to them and calls Kumud his wife. Saras and Kumud are outside the house arguing. She asks him why did you leave Pramad free. The police comes to Pramad and says we have a compliant against you for trying to kill Kumud, come with us. Pramad goes with the police. Pramad comes to know that Kumud lodged the complaint and laughs saying Kumud Desai. Saras says Pramad wants to apologize. Kumud is angry and says its my mistake if I go to the police station without informing me, and if you hide such things from you, its not your mistake. She leaves. Saras thinks how to tell Kumud about Pramad’s condition.

Danny is trying to tell Kusum that he loves her. He thinks its Kusum, but its Kalika who heard his love confession. Kalika smiles and says I saw you coming, I knew I will get some proof of your love, she sees the rose which Danny left for Kusum. She leaves from Kusum’s room seeing Kusum coming. Kusum sees the rose and thinks from where did it come. She sees the peacock feather and cries. Kalika comes to her with tea and Kusum asks her not to do any work for her. Kalika says this rose is beautiful, maybe someone kept it for you. Kusum asks Kalika to leave. Kalika says it looks like you like this peacock feather a lot, things which we cannot get, why to wait for them, you won’t get happiness if you do so. Badimaa says Kalika, Yash is looking out for you. Kalika leaves. Badimaa asks Kusum to come with her as she is going to give food to Danny and Saras.

Kusum says me… Badimaa says you need a change and sticks the rose to her hair saying its looking good, don’t remove it. Kusum goes with her. Danny comes to Saras and says shall we go to Vidyachatur’s house, we should go there for lunch. Saras says not now. Badimaa comes with the food for them. Danny thanks her. Badimaa goes to meet Saras. Saras greets her. Badimaa says did you both fight again. Saras says no, she is annoyed with me, the thing is she did not think I will hide something from her. Badimaa supports him and says tell her. He says she will not be able to bear it. She says you are there for her, don’t waste time, talk to her. Danny sees Kusum and the rose in her hair. He asks are you annoyed with me, she says no. He gets happy seeing the rose and says thanks, I can’t say how much happy I m. Kalika comes and sees them talking. She brings sweets with her as Badimaa forgot to bring it. Badimaa asks Kusum to make Saras and Danny eat food, and leaves with Kalika.

Badimaa asks Vidyachatur did Pannaben called. Guniyal talks to Chandrika that this issue will reach your family too. Chandrika says no matter, its not Kusum’s mistake, Pramad came to meet Kumud. She tells Kumud, its no one’s mistake. Kumud says yes, but they got insulted, if they like Kusum, then the relation should not break because of me, I will apologize to them. Guniyal says we have to tell them everything. Yash’s mum says to whom will Kumud apologize. Kumud says I will apologize to the for my sister. The guy Mohan talks to his mum to convince her saying he likes Kusum. His mum cares about the society and ends the talk. He says fine, I won’t marry, as I won’t marry anyone else than Kusum. Kumud says I will go and meet them. Badimaa says Mohan is good for Kusum and Kumud should talk to them.

Vidyachatur gets a call from Pannaben and he talks to her. Everyone looks at him. He tells everyone that they said yes for Kusum. Everyone are happy and congratulate each other. Vidyachatur says Kusum’s engagement is finalized. Kusum comes and Kumud hugs her. The rose falls. Danny gets upset hearing this. Kalika asks Danny to make Kusum eat sweets and he does with a heavy heart. He says congrats. Kumari teases Kusum. Guniyal signs Kusum to be quiet. Kusum leaves. Kalika says two hearts are breaking and I m the only one to hear its sound.

Kusum lights the diyas in the mandir. Danny comes to her and says whats the use for this, that you are bringing darkness in your life, why don’t you tell everyone that you don’t want to marry. Kumud comes to Saras’s house. He welcomes her. She tells him that Kusum’s relation is finalized. She says sorry to him. He says its my mistake, I m sorry. Danny talks to Kusum and says you decide, you love your family, but will you be happy, I will talk to uncle. She says no, let this happen, its good for everyone. He says its not good for you. She says I have to do this marriage and leaves. Danny talks to the Lord and why are you making Kusum go far from me. He says I won’t let this happen.

Saras tells Kumud how would I tell you that….. She says I m not hurt that you have hidden it, but that you have thought me weak. Why did you keep me under darkness. Saras says I promise, I will tell you everything, Pramad was your past but he is still connected with your present, I know ykou have to face him, he is about to tell about Pramad’s condition and Danny interrupts saying I need to talk to you. Saras goes with Danny. Kumud gets a call from inspector and he tells her about Pramad’s illness and the doctor said he has only few days left. Kumud is shocked. Pramad smiles in the lockup.

Kumud tells Saras about Pramad’s condition. She runs to see him leaving Saras. Saras is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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