Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
Aryan says our families want us to get married. I want to know what you want ? Suhana says you know I have forgotten everything about my past, I am lucky that my family and you support me. My family has suffered a lot because of me. I can’t be selfish. I know they must not have consented to this wedding without my choice. I can’t hurt them In al this. I am trying to be like used to. I am trying to adjust in all this. everyone is happy with this relationship and you are not bad either so I can settle for you. Aryan says in heart when did she turn this emotional ? its not better to say anything right now. Aryan says since I come back I feel like my memory is lost too. I don’t get which suhana did I get engaged to ? She had a mole on her left hand. Show me your hand. he says that mole is not here that means you are that suhana. She laughs and says stop it and eat the meal. He says keep smiling like this you look better with smile. So shall we leave now. Aryan asks waiter to bring the bill. Suhana says to waiter to pack the remainings and give it to some poor people and add some desert to it. They will pay for it. Aryan says do as she says.
Aryan says suhana listen, promise me something. I came here to spend time with you. it was okay till now but inside the bar you won’t talk about your massi maa and her dishes anymore. Suahna laughs.

Scene 2
Dheraj says to aman where is the money I gave you yesterday ? aman says I spent it with friends. Dheraj says stop these parties and disco. I will be strict with you from now. chichi says he is our only son. He should enjoy his life. he is not a girl that he can stay home all the time. She says lets go son. dheraj gets a call from doctor Mehta. Doctor tells him the cops came to hospital to investigate. Dheraj says that means they doubt that some strange girl came to hospital that day. Whats her name ?kamla stops there for a while and then leaves. He says we have to find that girl’s name and her family. He says if her family finds where she is she, it won’t be better for any of us.

Kamla is making poran poli for suhana. she says kalpi used to like it a lot in hope suhana will like it to., Chachi asks kamla to make acup of tea for her. Dusheli is there. kamla gets a call from inspector. She asks did you go to the hospital ? What did you find ? keep looking for kalpi ? I will come with you whenever It requires. Dusheli adds extra salt to tea. kamla says how will kalpi be ? She has to come back for her ai. kamla gives tea to chichi. SHe spits with the first sip. She says what have to made ? you added salt to tea ? She says dusheli now only you will make the tea. Aryan and suhana come in. chichi says to kamla if you ever make a mistake you will be fires. Suhana says massi maa comes here to take care of me. She just helps others she is not a servant here. Kamla apologizes and says stop it suhana. She is like your mom. Suhana says you are like my mom too. When I met my accident she was in her house and massi maa came here to take care of me and I won’t like if anyone insults her. kamla says I serve here I am a maid. I get paid to take care of you. if you try to be rude with your family for me I will leave this job. Suhana says massi maa.. Kamla says come with me. Dheraj says in heart why is she so protective about kamla.

Doctor calls dheraj and says that police is looking for that girl. her mom wants to find her. dheraj says please do something no one should know what happened. I am out of medicines. He says okay come tomorrow I will bring the stalk.

Chandni calls Aryan and asks did you talk to suhana ? He says I couldn’t she has changed a lot. she is so nice and I fear that people will blame her for everything chandni says get ready you will wed suhana. he says no. She says what no ? if your don’t say anything you will get wed. he says I have to find a way that no one should get blamed.

Scene 3
Suhana is in her room. She is trying to use her tablet. Chandni comes and tells her. suhana hugs her. chandni says I am sorry I you had to wait for me a lot. Suhana says its okay I had to meet Aryan that day. chandni says you used to do all these pranks before. I have not forgotten what you did in the car once.
Suhana said Aryan you didn’t say me I love since now. Aryan says I will says you on the time. She said you have to say I love you right now. he said you have to say I love you first. I will only accept if you say I front of the world. We are on a signal right now propose me in front of everyone.Suhana got out of the car and said my fianc√© wants me to say I love you to him. She loudly said I love you Aryan.

Suhana says you must be lying chandni. I can’t do this. I can’t say him I love you in front of whole world. Chandni says you can ask Aryan if you want. You once filled Aryan’s favorite flowers in his garden. suhana syas did I love aryna like that ? chandni says that the love that you still agree to marry him. Suhana says I feel like there is nothing in my heart for Aryan. in fact I feel like I ever met him before or I said I love you. I don’t know why is it so. Chandni gets a call. she says suhana I have to leave. suhana says please stay. chandni says I wanted to sty to but there are guests at my place. Come tomorrow. Chandni says I will come for sure.

Precap- kamla sasy to vitthal you miss kalpi so you drink. I miss kalpi too so I will drink too. vitthal says have you gone mad ? Kamla says you have gone mad. I feel the pain too she was my daughter as well. if you can drink I will drink too.

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