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Vivan holds back Dhara as she is trying to leave when Adrij comes and holds Vivan by the color and warns him. Adrij says that you are the same boy who he got with tackled earlier and made him fall his drink. Adij says that how dare you go near Dhara. Vivan looks and Dhara and says that are you going to tell him that you know me. Adrij says that Dhara only knows him and that no one else can even look at her. He beats Vivan up but Vivan doesn’t fight back and just looks at Dhara. After that Adrij tells his friends to take him (Vivan) away.
Someone is sitting in the office with the coach and wants to enter the competition. He gives the blood report and his physical fitness the coach is very impressed and welcomes him to the competition. HE says that the room will be allotted to you soon for the stay. He says that he would prefer room 212 as he is a little superstitious. On his way out of the office he puts on his cap and the man crossing by looks at him very strangely.
The man enters the office and the coach greets him as a senior personal. The man asks about the information of the boy that just left and says to the coach to show him his file. He looks at the file and smiles. Meanwhile Adrij and his friends take Vivan downstairs to a room and lock him up. Adrij warns Vivan to never to never to look at Dhara again. Dhara is thinking of Vivan and Vivan whispers that why are you doing this.
Adrij goes to meet his father in his house who is the same man who took the boys file. He asks that where is his love story with Dhara and says that they don’t have a whole year but only a month. Adrij says that he loves Dhara but she is a little upset right now and that’s it. His father reminds him that they have a plan, and that he is moving away from it. His father tells him to keep his eyes and ears open as there is someone else. Adrij says that the boy came from the village and Dhara won’t even look at him. His father tells him that it’s not that boy at tells Adrij to do as he is told and make Dhara fall in love with him. His father again looks at the file.
Anshuman comes down and looks at Vivan as he is bleeding and remembers the first time he bled. Vivan manages to hold himself and unties Vivan from the ropes and says that you must be very bold as you fought three guys, that why they tied you up so that you cannot go after them. He introduces himself as Ansh. When he shakes his hand with Vivan, Vivan asks that who he is? He says that they will talk later first let’s get out of here.
He takes Vivan out of there and they find out that they have the same room. Anshuman says that it’s good that they have the same room. Anshuman says that we must take you to a doctor but Vivan says that it’s not as bad as it looks. Vivan asks if he knows him or if they have met before as he reminds him of someone. Vivan remembers of how his family was killed while Anshuman cleans his wounds. He gives Vivan some pain killers and tells him to go to sleep.
The two of Adrij’s friends are walking down the corridor later that day and Anshuman leaves his room. The two friends start getting hit by something they cannot see and find themselves naked and tied up on the streets. Vivan wakes up and sees Ansh and says that he has not called Preet Madam, he decides to call her. Ansh wants him to go to a doctor but Vivan says no.
Vivan calls Preet Madam and she asks him if he got settled there, he apologizes that he has not called her as he promised. She asks him if he has met Dhara and how things are. Vivan lies but Preet Madam says that he does not know how to. She tells him to not lose hope and says that to achieve any beautiful thing you must work hard. She tells him to remind Dhara of all the moments that they spent together and everything they talked about and that he is the one who brought a smile on her face for the first time. She tells him that they are made for each other. Vivan says that he will do anything that she told her. Preet Madam says that just don’t lie to her again and she know that he received a wound both emotionally and physically. Vivan says that how does she know everything. She says that he is very important and makes him to go to the doctor tomorrow.
Preet madam says that Dhara has learnt everything she has taught her. She says that Dhara knows exactly how to make this boy desperate and that is exactly what she wanted. Ansh comes and says that when he asked him he didn’t agree but instantly agreed when his madam told him. Vivan says that he cannot refuse her. Anshuman says that whatever Preet is because of him but that there is still good inside her.
Vivan is lying in his bed wondering, he then leaves the room and Anshuman follows him and says that it’s true that love is blind and sees nothing. Dhara comes down to look for Vivan where he was trapped by Adrij while Vivan is standing by the ladder and taps Dhara on the back and says that he is alive. She wants to leave but he says that she must admit that she know who he is. Dhara says that she knows who he is, he use to come too his to play with her that he was kept on job and was a worker.

Precap: The guard says that don’t you know that he acted like a Romeo and entered the girls hostel. The guard says that he was caught and that the Principle is very strict in this manner and that he expelled him. Vivan gets Kidnapped by some people and Anshuman tells to Dhara that he doesn’t know where he is as he has not come to pick his stuff even.

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