Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu and Molu ask for their mom’s letter. Kokila tells Gopi that it is not good to send kids to school today. She fears that kids might know of the truth in school. Vidya asks where is Rashi Maasi. Meera asks her siblings to come to school. Gopi asks her to take care of her brothers and sister. She promises and hugs her. Kokila says, it is wrong to hide their mom’s death from them. We shall inform them. Gopi says, but…..They are very small. They can’t bear this trauma. Kokila says, kids will be pained whenever they will find out the truth. Kokila says, we shall make them mentally prepared for it. Kokila says we shall not get late.

Kinjal brings tea for Urmila and doesn’t find her. She informs Madhuben. Urmila’s husband and Madhuben get tensed. Kinjal says, she knows where she went.

Kokila asks Jigar to eat something. Gopi asks him to have food as Rashi will feel bad to look at his condition. Paridhi apologizes to him and asks him to eat the food. She tries to feed him forcibly. Jigar gets angry. Paridhi says, she knows that he is angry on her and acts childish. Hetal asks what are you doing. Jigar is about to go inside, Paridhi hugs him. Everyone get shocked.

Urmila comes there and sees Paridhi hugging Jigar. She gets shocked. Paridhi asks him to have food. Urmila taunts them and says this is going on here. Kokila tells her that they were asking Jigar to have food. Paridhi feeds food to Jigar. Jigar eats the food. Urmila asks Paridhi to come with her. Paridhi asks why? Urmila asks her to go to Delhi. Paridhi refuses and asks her not to disturb her. Urmila says, I came here to see my grand sons. Gopi informs her that they went to school. Urmila scolds her as Rashi died a few days ago. Kokila says, we shall worry about our kids. Urmila tells Gopi that you are playing with kids’ emotions by lying to them. Hetal asks her to calm down. Urmila says, she will sit in Rashi’s room and goes inside.

Kokila tells Paridhi that she wants to talk to her now itself. Paridhi says ok. Kokila scolds Paridhi for hugging Jigar. Paridhi asks her not to take Urmila’s words seriously. Paridhi says, what did I do? I just hugged Jigar and said him sorry. Kokila asks her to shut her mouth. She tells her not to interfere in their lives. Paridhi says sorry and says I know that you all are sad. I wanted to bring smile on your faces. Kokila asks her to go.

Kids come to school. Their classmates start gossiping. Tolu and Vidya ask them what they were talking about. They say nothing. Kids think to find out. Urmila asks Paridhi what was going on. Paridhi says nothing. Urmila tells her that you are trying to win Jigar and wants to become his wife. Paridhi says, she is just trying to take care of him. Urmila asks her to be in her limits else…..Paridhi thinks she will go mad if she listens to Urmila’s sayings.

Tolu, Molu and Vidya ask Meera about the classmates gossip. One of their classmate tell Tolu about his mother’s demise. He starts fighting with them. Meera goes to stop the fight. Tolu says, Saurabh said that my mom is dead. Teacher comes and stops the fight. He says, my mom will come and surprise us. Teacher asks them to sit in the bus. Kinjal talks to Hetal on phone. She says, Urmila is traumatised about Rashi’s death. She asks about Jigar. Hetal tells her that Jigar is very sad and couldn’t overcome the loss. Jigar tells Ahem that he is not in a position to work now. He folds his hand and asks him to leave. Hetal, Kokila, Urmila and Gopi come there. Jigar cries. Ahem feels his pain. Kokila asks Ahem to understand Jigar’s mental state. Ahem says, I just wanted him to be away from loneliness. I can’t see his state. I didn’t feel bad. I am worried about him. Hetal hugs Ahem. Ahem says, we have to take him out of this depression.

Kids come home. Urmila asks them about their dirty clothes. Tolu says, he fight with a boy. Molu says, because he said that our mom is dead. Tolu says, he lied with us. Badi Mummy said that she is playing game with us and even sent a letter for us. They say, our badi mummy never lies. Urmila is shocked.

Urmila tells Gopi that she will tell the truth about Rashi’s death to the kids as they have the right to know about their mum. Gopi and Kokila get tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wat the hell is going here……stupid….idiotic… Worst serial….what is this this is no more the same SNS for which we had been waited excitedly to watch the twists n the excellent expressions of Rashi n the family values….but now it is an idiotic serial which is losing its standards n going away from the theme of the story line…..writers at least now wake up n try to make the changes in the script to stop the audience from abondoning this serial………this paridhi is not at all looking good beside jigar…..she is saying to meera to call her as sister n if so then she will become jigar’s daughter but they r pairing up her with jigar…..wat the hell is wrong with this writers now a days…….

  2. Lol or should I say lool. aha the looloolshow: oh no

  3. Dis paridhi should be thrown out of modi house.,.,,,…wt does she think of herself….she cant take rashis place…,,

  4. Lokeshwari don’t post such comments.

  5. Lokeshwari is absolutely right……

  6. Why grisy what is wrong in Lokeshwari’s fact it is true..this is the most disgusting serial.Lokeshwari g I like ur comments very much they are more interesting than the serial.

  7. Lokeshwari is absolutely right that show storyline has been going down since rashi’s death

  8. Give some suggestions but no bad comments.

  9. Okay one of the suggestion is end this serial.

  10. The best episode coming ahead will be the one which shows “The End” at 7.00PM 😀

  11. Telly updates

    Guys you people have a right to say ur opinion but u cannot use such words. Especially Ms/Mrs Lokeshwari…

  12. Plz don’t post comments with site names….n we have ur own views n what ever Lokeshwari said is true….love ur comments Lokeshwari… Let’s discuss abt it in college tmr…gnt

  13. Why don’t you show raadhi soul in paridhi which makes jigar fall for for her

  14. First should be the kids should know the truth, second is if the story has to go by the title then you should show jigar missing rashi but taking care of the kids. Some peace in the modi household with children growing up without Urmilas interference. show some good happening to dhaval and kinjal. give some time to jigar to come to terms with the loss. Ek biwi mari nahi ki doosri aa gayi that will not fit the concept. The writers can write it but we as viewers cant accept it just now.

  15. lol… i love reading comments than serial itself.. coz, people dont like it, yet read it and write against the serial ?? what is wrong with you people.. i see from past 3-4 month everybody says.. to stop the serial, stupid serial, so boring.. then i suppose you have yorr self control in not reading the episodes and let people who like – read them.. Also poor lady takes the pain in writing the whole episode, least consider her and stop reading …

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