Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-16

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Ishani was returning to her hostel for her study…she comes to ragini nd hugs her nd says take care of chotu..ragini smiles fakely..then she hugs sanskar..sanskar too hugs her(friendly hug)..ragini signs him enough leave her..sanskar brks d hug..
Sanskar:i will miss u
Ishani:me too handsome
Ragini glares at sanskar..after bidding bye to all ishani left…sudha ,prakash ,dadi too went to see naina&raghav…ragsan r alone…
Ragini:sanskar im feeling bore
Sanskar:then what can i do
Ragini:what type of husband u r..entertain ur wife
Sanskar(sarcastically):jii madam..as u said
Ragini(pouts):can u do this for ur wife..
Sanskar..felt good hearing wife word..he looks at her nd admiring her cute pout face..
Ragini:what r u looking
Ragini:can we go to a movie
Sanskar:hello madam..this is a village..no theatre r here..
Ragini:once sudha aunty told me..there is s theatre in town which was beside this village..

Sanskar nodded..they got ready..she wears jean nd crop top..sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:y r u looking at me like that
Sanskar:y dont u wear Chudidar
Ragini:dadai left na..now i can wear what i want
Sanskar:but u r looking good in traditional
Ragini:am i not looking good in these clothes
Sanskar:not like that..but u looks so innocent cute in traditional..
Ragini(smiles):k..i will change nd come
Sanskar:it k..u comfortable in these clothes na..come no need to change
Ragini:u dont like na..i will change
Sanskar:i like whatever u wre..come
Ragini looks at him..sanskar realized what he said..
Sanskar:vo..i mean..i have no pblm with ur dressing..come fast

Ragini nodded..they gets into bus..after sometime they reached theatre…after getting tickets they gets inside..movie starts…sanskar looks at ragini who was staring at something with mouth opened…sanskar looks at where she was staring..he finds one couple romancing in corner seet nd they r kissing..sanskar makes ragini turns to screen..
Sanskar:did u liked that movie(couple romance)
Ragini:no..they r not watching that movie..
Sanskar:its their wish..
Ragini:then y they came nd how could u they romance openly like that
Sanskar:u too want(he winks at her)
Ragini widen her eyes nd nodded no..
Sanskar:concentrate on this movie..not that
Ragini nodded..nd she starts enjoying d movie..hero told one love dialogue..ragini whistles..sanskar looked at her shocked nd asks u knw how to whistle..ragini says she learned frm her cook…she enjoyed d movie shouting nd whistling..while sanakar was admiring her..movie ended..
Ragini(holds sanskar hand):im very happy..do u knw it was my first movie in theatre..i enjoyed alot..
Sanskar:what..it is ur first movie
Ragini nodded

Before sanskar could ask further.
Ragini:im hungry come we will have din here only…
Sanskar nodded they went to hotel nd had din..
Sanskar:want icecream
Ragini:yes but not here
Sanskar:then where
Ragini:it would be lonely nd peaceful..
Sanskar:we dont knw any places here..how can we find it..eat here only..
Ragini(cutely):plzzz sanskar
Hearing his name frm her mouth that too very sweetly sanskar melts..after searching some time..they found lonely place which was look like a smal park…luckly ice cream vendor there..san got two icecreams..nd they sits on bench…they r under moon light ,cool breaze was passing ragini was having icecream admiring d atmosphere…she recalling fb
In her home(ragini was at 18)
Ragini:dad..i want to eat ice cream
Within seconds all flavours of icecreams placed infront of her..
Ragini:dad..i want to have by going out..not like this
Sharad(rag dad):u knw very well it cant be happen..eat quitely..
Ragini took one ice cream annoyingly nd went to her room..it was a big room but no one is there..she dont like to have like this but she has to do…
Fb ends

Ragini recalling recent moments nd says in mind finally im living my life as per my wish…her thoughts brkn by sanskar voice..
Sanskar:what r u thinking
Sanskar moves close to her..ragini looked at him shocked by his sudden move..he leaned to her nd wipes cream near her lip nd steps back..ragini looks at him lovingly..
Sanskar:shall we go
Ragini nodded they goes nd gets into bus..sanskar was in deep thoughts ..he wants knw about ragini..y she ran awy frm house..he decided to ask her..sanskar about to ask but bus stopped with a sudden jerk…after cheking it driver told it has some pblm it cant be move further..
Sanskar:what..then how can we go
Driver:areh saab..we almost reached..u should go by walk..
Ragini:by walk..no way
Driver:it will be 2km only madam ji..
Sanskar:2km..k..we dont d way..

Driver told d directions…ragsan helpless nd starts walking…they stopped where they finds different ways at one point..
Ragini:no driver said left
Sanskar:u heard wrong..he said right…come saying he holds her hand they walks..
Ragini:sanskar see its look like jungle..r u sure is it crt way..
Sanskar:its village area na..so its like this only..dnt wry
Ragini nodded..they walked some more distance but they dudnt find any way afterwards…
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:i thinl we cam im wrong way..
Ragini glared at sanskar..who was bowed his head..
Sanskar:chalo we should go as how we came here
Ragini:no..i want to be here..

Ragini:ha..i watched in movies where hero heroin lost their way..it will be fun..i have felt that time im also spend one night in jungle..
Sanskar:but im not ur hero na(in mind i wish i would be)
Ragini in mind u idiot u r only my hero..dont u understand buddu..
Sanskar:u called me buddu
Ragini(shocked how he heard):u heard it
Ragini:what u heard
Sanskar:buddu only
Ragini in mind he didnt heard important matter but he heard buddu..really he is buddu
Sanskar:areh y u said again me buddu
Ragini:bcz u r really buddu
Ragini:ha u only
Sanskar suddenly drags her..she landed on his chest..sanskar said i will show u im not buddu..ragini smiles nd pushed him nd runs sanskar chases her…

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