Lost love-Part 2

There is a gunshot!

Rudra turns back.. Soumya removes her hand from her back and it was covered with blood.Rudra looked at her shocked, terrified….with tears in her eyes.Soumya remembers all their moments.

(From their first meeting in hospital…. Rudra neglecting her in college….Rudra and her becoming gud friends….Rudra getting angry knowing love angel’s secret….Their marriage…family knowing about their marriage…Rudra blaming her….again meeting in plane)

Every incident was flashing before her eyes and she was constantly looking at Rudra.

Rudra’s eyes widened on her painful scream as the bullet hit her hard and she fell on the floor, he froze on his spot but as realization struck him he sat beside her, she was having problem in breathing, he could feel his friends shouting that the plane will land soon and that hijacker was tied now but he hardly payed any attention to them as his eyes were stuck on her only.

Soumya’s eyes which were filled with tears, he could still see love and care for him in those eyes of her, she was still calling out for him

Soumya- Rudra tum theek ho na

he wanted to die right there on being a jerk to let her suffer, she raised her hand and even before he could realize he forwarded his hand and held her’s in his… she smiled a little and blinked her eyes as if telling him she liked his move…he tried to smile too but couldn’t

Soumya-‘Yo..you are free now ru..rudra’

she let go of his fingers and closed her eyes, letting unconsciousness engulf her, he shook his head and then shook her hard telling her to open her eyes, he scolded her, screamed at her but

the way he turned blind to her love and concern for him,

she too turned deaf to his pleads…

tears rolled down his cheeks and he let them flow with her lying lifeless in his arms.

After 5 years

Time passes so quickly and a lot gets change with the time… something which you had very close to you is nowhere to be found, someone who wanted to be just yours don’t even wish to be around you anymore, it’s a saying that time is the best healer but sometimes you get the punishment you deserve with time only and it doesn’t heal you but it gives you pain and grief to deal with for the rest of your life

Rudra Singh Oberoi, he is not the same flirty cry baby like he use to be before, it all changed when she left leaving nothing behind but a void in him, a void which can never be filled again, something which made him so incomplete that his whole existence got changed… his life took a U turn and took him to an unknown path, a path where he is walking from past 5 years but still haven’t reached anywhere

It’s like getting lost in a desert with no way back to life..Rudra’s life turned completely when he saw her dying in front of his own eyes, that moment he fell in love with a girl who was opposite to him, how unlucky was she to be loved by someone like him, the only thing she wanted was his safety but what he gave her in return? He couldn’t even protect her…the girl who was ready to sacrifice her life for him deserved this much of his concern if not as his wife then at least for the sake of humanity

But he didn’t even came out as a good human being, he in his blind and aimless anger left her to die…he shouldn’t had been that cruel…

He was brought back to present when someone shook him lightly, he blinked his eyes as if to remember where he was, he then looked beside him, both his Anika and Gauri bhabhi were seating beside him on the dinner table

Anika-you are late again rudra, come on now have your food’

She passed him his plate while gauri served him his food, he passed both of them a small smile before silently having his dinner…

This loneliness, this guilt, this is what he chose for himself, because that’s what he got after she was gone…he shook his head, his bhabhi’s were watching him and he should stop thinking about it right now…

Gauri-you think hiding your pain from us will give you any kind of pleasure rudy?

he has no answer of her question thus he took another bite quietly

Anika-rudra you know we are here for you, you can share what you feel, you can tell us rudra’

Rudra didn’t dare to utter anything.He is not weak now moreover this punishment is just for him and no one is allowed to be a part of it, she has chosen this for him, just him… both of them looked down feeling defeated in front of his guilt and weakness

Gauri-Rudy it’s been 5 years since she is gone, you won’t move on we know but at least tell us how you feel…’ ‘share your feelings with us rudra

he felt like shouting on them to not to do this to him, he felt like crying out aloud to not to bring up any topic related to her…it make him replay it all and at last the only thing he wish to do is strangle himself to death…

‘I am done’ he announced getting up from the table ‘

Anika-but rudra……

Rudra-Bhabhi please the only topic i can’t talk about is of somu…i mean soumya, it’s better if you both remember it the next time you think of having a conversation with me

he said with a straight face and went to his room while both annika and Gauri set there upset with the fact that the rudra they knew is officially killed… only soumya can bring him out of this shell but she won’t and they knew it.

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