Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-1)

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character sketch

Shekhar: middle class business man, having market for cloths and wealth house in good place.

Sharmeshta: Shekhar’s wife. Typical wife, mom and teacher in middle school.

Swara Gadodia: Shekhar and Sharmeshta daughter, strong and courage, study management to help her father in his work,

Laksh Gadodia: flirty boy, handsome, cute, grateful to his uncle shekhar and wife for raising him after his parents death,

Laksh and swara have that type of relationship that they always fight on almost everything and tease each other but support each other and whenever what

Maheshwary family

Durga parsad: head of great petroleum company and very rich… discipline like forever all he care his family, his rights, his name nothing else matter as long as hidden, hated his younger brother for being loved more in the family.

annapourna: Durga parsad wife, his total opposite, nice and sweet, real mom and love Durga as he is no matter what.

Adharsh: Durga only son, his right hand in working, less discipline from his dad but bit evil and fishy.. He love himself more than any

Parinita: Adharsh wife, she seem good to family but she jealous from any woman that consider her threat and knows about her husband many affairs but still try to contain him

Uttra: Durga daughter, sweet and calm, love all her family, she learning to sing and study in high school.

Ram Maheshwary: Durga brother and used to be the most beloved one in family, who was punished from house long ago

Sanskar Maheshwary: Ram son, his mom death affected him a lot, and grow up with no love, Durga parsad was always cruel to him and pours his anger and hate on him, only Anborna was nice to him to up to his mom death…

Ragini ranwat: fashionable girl but in simple way, studying managment with swara and close to her a lot and know almost everything about her, orphanage and lives with her dadi ma only


I never asked
for blessing like you
like I’ve spoken to god
and my wishes came true

I asked for a person
to love and to hold
to be loyal and faithful
not angry and cold

God placed you on earth
as I quested to find
the one who would be there
so sweet so kind

In my wildest dreams
I would have denied
that something so perfect
could at all be supplied

U have such sweet face
but ur so much more
u r my friend and I love you
your flaws I ignore

With this small simple statement
I give u and pray
that u ll love me forever
and forever u ll stay


Here we enter a house through it’s hall and going upstairs from at corner and enter a room with creamy color and glitter over door, wide room with marble floor and no carpets of any kind, rosy walls with few pics, queen bed in the middle with light blue curtains, modern simple book shuffle on the wall.

Room is spacious and don’t have a lot decorates. Coach on one corner and desk on the other with laptop on it and a girl sitting there and quietly put her glasses on desk and stand up stretching her body with sound sight (aaaahhh), turning around our beloved swara, wearing a nighty of wide black pant and light blue shirt with pink petals.

She just finished her studies, its 1 am already, walking through the room bare feet (she always like to feel bare floor) to her wide window and look to the sky……..

Swara: hello my dear, as usual na!! 15 mints late, but vaah today ur full and so clear, what an attitude, hahaha, my dear moon, ur my secret diary, no one else to tell him about my day, today was a blessing as usual, its quit, calm, my day started……….

And swara started telling her day to the moon as her usual since she was 11, but got interrupted by motorbike noise standing below her window, she looked and sight to see the nightmare of her life. At motorbike two persons boy get down and off his helmet, nice hair, chocolate skin, tattooed hand eyes that looks very flirty, then reveled handsome boy. Other person on motorbike is a girl in s*xy black dress, the boy helps her to get down and get close to her around his arm on her waist

Girl: laksh, we might be seen, bas.

Laksh: ohhh, lavanya baby, only lovers r awake this time babyyy, (getting close to her and smell her neck getting close to her lips and take them softly between his)

Swara shocked to see all that and turn her face away, while laksh say bye to his gf and let her go to her house. He went to his house checked his pockets and mummers (yaar) he out his phone and called a number, swara phone rang and she didn’t reply, simply open her room door and went downstairs slowly so not make noise and wake her parents, then open main door and laksh there with phone, she gave him a smug face and point him to remove his shoes and follow her, he did as she pointed and when she go to her room he didn’t follow her and continuous to is room and go inside, swara got angry with his move and follow him to his room while he off his jacket, she gave him few hits on his head

Laksh: aaari, swara, what happen? Awww bas, swara

Swara: shshshs don’t shout all sleep, keep silent while hit, huh huh

Laksh: swara bas Awww bas, aaari man of the house kya hwa?? (and catch her hand) what happen for all that?

Swara: what happen? Its 1:30 am laksh, dad was so worry, also going out with lavanya and those shameless things with her, has u lost Ur mind laksh???

Laksh: really swara, what’s new? Dad always worry Na, im young yaar f not having fun now then when and what shameless things yaar?

Swara: laksh I just saw u ……don’t deny…

Laksh: really swara, it’s just kiss, no big matter, and where u spying on me swara, and watching me making out with my gf?

Swara: who spy on what laksh? U stop below my window, and I was…breathing air, why would I spy something low like that? That kind of kisses no big matter laksh….hw u…

Laksh: com on swara don’t b like that … it’s no big deal, it’s just little lusty kiss, just u so awkward and old fashion… unless Ur jealous,

Swara shouted angrily; laaaksh, have u hit Ur head or something? its just wont be good to be seen that way lucky, y u never listen? Do u think girls like type of boys like u who have new gf every couple months..

Laksh: actually swara they do.

Swara: I’m girl na, and I tell u most of girls don’t like flirty type.

Laksh: u? girl? Please swara, till today u didn’t even fall in love, how u ll know what girls like?

Swara felt so hurt by his words, her eyed almost shade tears, she turn to leave, and laksh felt how badly he used his words and catch her arm

Laksh: swara I’m sorry, really I didn’t mean it that way

Swara: let my arm go laksh (she said giving her back)

Laksh: swara pls bas listen to me I really didn’t mean to hurt, I’m…I’m…sorry (his eyes reflex his guilt and his hurt to see her that way)


Sooooo here is it

What u think

Expect much more in 2 ok

Love u all

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    Awesome dear but I was thinking I read it somewhere where swara love Laksh it may be Laksh love swara I read long ago can’t remember……. I read 3-4 parts only ….. Is that written by u dear??

    1. Rajkumari

      Perhapes my dear… its on wattpad and i contnioud it there…

      1. Radhika..

        OK than will read whole there as while reading I don’t find the parts thanks for telling

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