Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-1

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Hiii friends lahari here with another ragsan ff….

One girl was running to catch train carrying two bags…she wears white tee nd denium short looking hot…she is noneother than our angle ragini…..one boy was talking on phone in same station..he is our handsome hero sanskar….while running ragini hits sanskar ..she fell on floor nd that boy mbl was slipped nd brked….the girl stands nd lifts her two bags nd she noticed her train was left..she angrily looks at sanskar who was collecting his mbl brken pieces….
Ragini(angrily):what d hell….dont u have eyes idiot
Sanskar: oh hello miss ..mind ur toungue..u r d one who hitted me..bcz of u my mbl got broken..nd u r blaming me

Ragini:oh hello bcz of u i missed train..u only came in my way..
While she arguing with sanskar..she noticed one man in black suit with black googles she quickly hides behind sanskar..sanskar asks what she was doing…that man neard sanskar nd shows ragini pic nd asks have u seen her anywhere…ragini slowly wishpered plz tell no plz…sanskar doesnt understand any thing..sanskar said ha i.. before he completed his sentense ragini pushes sanskar on that man..both fell on ground while ragini runs frm there.. That man stands up quikly nd runs behind ragini….sanskar gave a look like what was going on..he murmured mad girl..

Ragini hides some corner nd dials someone..
A big villa looking like royal palace was shown surrounded by full of security…one old woman was praying sitting infront of home temple…she hears her mbl ring..she came nd lifts d call..
Ragini:hello dadi
Dadi:laado..r u k..what happened..did u reached railway station
Ragini:ha dadi but ..
Dadi:but what happend..

Ragini:they came here to..she told what had happened in station
Dadi:k u dnt wry..u should leave frm this city asap..u go which train was there present.nd u(before she could speak ,some voice came behind her)
Voice:maa whom u r talking with
Rag dadi shocked hearing this..ragini cuts d call
Dadi:vo…vo..sharadh its wrong no..
Sharadh(ragini’s father):dnt lie..is it ragini
Dadi:no no sharad..
Sharadh snatched d mbl frm dadi’s hand nd sees its unknown num..he gives mbl to her nd says y is she left maa..y?..dadi gives a helpless look to sharadh….
at station ragini takes a sigh relief nd thinks how she changed her sim…..she get into train which was present there…She settled herself in seat..she closed her eyes nd praying “god plz help me”..she opened her eyes nd shocked seeing sanakar who was jst came nd glaring ragini…

Sanskar:oy mad girl..y did u pushed me like that in station
Ragini:then what can i do..i requested u to not tell but u r reasy to tell about me..idiot
Sanskar:stop calling me like that..i understand u r in a pblm..i want to divert him saying i seen u somewhere but before i complete u only pushed me..
Ragini (bites her tongue):how can i knw that u r trying to divert..u said ha..so i thought u want to tell s
Sanskar:k say sorry

Sanskar:what what..say sorry to me
Ragini:noway..im not used to say sorry to anyone
Sanskar:head weight girl
Ragini gives a i dnt care look…sanskar setteles his seat which was opposite to ragini…some time passes …

Ragsan wr having dinner glaring eo…suddenly sanskar gets hiccups..he looks at his waterbottle which looks empty..ragini takes waterbottle frm her bag..she looks at sanskar..she drinks it while giving evil smirk to sanskar…sanskar gives unbelievsble look to her..some old lady who was sits beside sanskar offers water…sanskar thanked her nd takes water….now ragini gets hiccups then she looks at her empty bottle…then looks at sansksr who was holding waterbottle with smirk on his face…ragini glares at him nd grabs d bottle frm sanskar hand and drank…sanskar looks at her furiously…ragini smiles evilly….

Their journey ended like this..they reached some abc city….but ragini dont knw where she went..she tries to call dadi but it was not reachable..she doesnt understand whst to do..she doesnt have any idea about these places…She sees sanskar who was getting in auto…she too getting in auto nd followed sanskar…sanskar getdown in busstop…ragini too getdown..sanskar sees her but he doesnt care…he gets into some bus followed by ragini…after 2hours they reached some xyz village….sanskar noticed ragini eho was walking behind him…he stops turns to her nd asks r u following me…ragini says y should i ..do u think i dont have anyjob..dnt think somuch…saying she crossed sanskar nd walks….ragini in mind now what to do..i will get house for rent but it seems a village how can i live here but u dont have option ragu…
Ragini went to 2 r 3 houses but she get reply as they didnt give house for unmarried girls…..
Here sanskar also searching for house he also gets reply they didnt give house for bachelors…..

Ragini tired nd sits some under tree nd noticed sanskar who was already there…sanskar sits facing ground….ragini in mind what he was doing here..is he also like me na..she got thought..
Ragini:excuse me
Sanskar(looks up):tum
Ragini:ha mein..what r u doing here
Sanskar:y should i tell u
Ragini(gets angry but controlled):vo..do u want house for rent

Sanskar(in mind how she got to knw):ha tho
Ragini:u didnt get bcz u r bachelor right
Sanskar(un interstedly):ha tho
Ragini:will u become my husband

Sanskar(utter sbocked):what
Ragini:i mean fake husband…i also want house for rent but here no one can ready to give house bachelors..so y dont we get a house acting hus&wife
Sanskar:mein aur tum..hus wife..no way
Ragini:oh hello..i jst asking to act..not real
Sanskar:if it is real i would die instead of marrying headweight girl like u..
Ragini:shut up u idiot..im not dieing here to make u husband go to hell..
Saying ragini walks..sanskar starts thinking…

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