Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 27

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After hours of travel, Pragya reached the place she suspected that he would be present.
Pragya thought, Not sure how am I going to search him but hopefully I am able to catch him!
She was at Kolkata and booked in at a 5-star hotel. One of the well-known hotel there with a slight hope that he would be also there.
Reaching her room, she could only feel he is also beside her but don’t know where he is…..

As for Abhi he was wearing dark black coloured hoodie jacket and shades to be in an incognito mode and passed her room while she was inside.
After settling herself in the room by unpacking her stuff she ordered some food to eat in her room.
Her food arrived and she ate it half-heartedly as she needed the energy to find him….or in her senses now it’s to catch him before he runs away.

Abhi was very into his plans and roamed around in the city at different places and talking to people of different walks of life. He was very determined to finish his plan for which he is in the city for.

Days passed and she too roamed in the same places that she was before to search for his Uncle and now it’s searching for him.
She was slowly losing hope of finding him in such a big city and entered the hotel that’s when she passed him and Abhi was rushing to somewhere.
Pragya stopped walking and tried to recall what she had seen, Did I saw him? Or am I imagining him? What was that? He is wearing some hoodie jacket?

She hurriedly went out to look whether he was there but he had already left the place.
Pragya, Who ask u to think instead of just going after him? Stupid! Now what do I do?
She thought for a while and decided to just wait in the reception area. She took a newspaper there and was reading it to pass her time.
Pragya, Oh god! It’s already been two hours that I am sitting here either by reading this paper or using phone! It’s so awkward when the receptionist is keep on looking at me in some suspicion. Please help me God! Just for once let me see him! Just for once….
As she was thinking like that, then her Kiddy arrived in the same attire but he didn’t saw her as she her face was hidden behind the newspaper. He approached the receptionist and his loud voice caught her attention. She slowly saw him and he seemed to be very frustrated.

Abhi “How many times do I have to say not to give my number to others?” Receptionist “No sir…it was a call from someone who said she is your Dadi and she requested many times to get your number….” Abhi “Your job is to attend the calls and attend to enquiries not to give others my number!” Receptionist was taken aback by his loud and furious voice….She remained silent and then said “Sorry sir…” Abhi “Whatever….This is the last warning!” By saying that he stomped away from there with loud footsteps. Looking at all this Pragya was stunned with his actions.

This time she was not thinking and followed him by hiding herself behind the newspaper.
Pragya, What is this? He staying at the same level as me! And all this days I never see him at all!
She saw him entering his room which was five rooms away from hers. He slammed his door again making her stunned in shock.

Pragya, When did he became so furious? I never seen him getting so frustrated before…Haan I did saw him getting annoyed but even in that time he will be very funny with teasing or by giving sarcastic comments….There was always slight smile in his face even in that times….But now his smile is totally gone! He looks so disturbed….
Pragya was keep on worrying for him and was thinking how to even make him feel her presence. Her night just passed for worrying for him and dreaming that he would be as lovely as before.

The next day, after freshening up herself she made her way to the reception as early as possible in the morning.
She didn’t want to miss his presence as she was not aware when he would leave the hotel. Somewhere in her heart it said that he would be coming now…and she was keep on looking at the elevator or the stairs to see his arrival.
As expected he came in the elevator and Pragya quickly headed to the receptionist and told her something and passed him making sure he had a good glance of her.

Abhi looking at her was puzzled. Abhi, What is she doing here? Is she following me? Did Dadi like brainwashed her mind? This Dadi na…is always like this!
Abhi just ignored her but then noticed that Pragya was looking nervous and was leaving the hotel.
Abhi, Why is she looking so nervous?

It disturbed his mind and he followed her. Pragya was smiling with pride thinking that she made him follow her. She reached her friend’s house and knocked it. Abhi, Who is she meeting now? He wondered and stood near the window to see what’s happening inside.
Pragya entered the house and hugged a man. Abhi, What the hell? Who is she hugging now? That too a man who looks like some giraffe!
Pragya sat opposite to him and she cried in a while looking at him. Abhi, Why is she crying now? As usual she is making me confused…..

The man “If he is like that means why are u even still loving him?” Pragya looking down said “He also loves me….that’s why….” Man “Ridiculous Pragya…he is such a confusing person! You should just run away from him like he mentioned in the letter!” Pragya “No….he is not confusing….it’s me who made him confused….and that was with a purpose that he knows of…..even he likes that confusion….just like the way he loves me….” Man “Oh dear Pragya….Can I tell u something?” Pragya nodded her head in response. Man “Both your love is confusing….only the two of u can understand…” Pragya in argumentative tone said “It should be like that right? It’s our love and only we should understand….Why should others understand about it?” Man laughed at her reasoning and said “I am happy for your confusing love story….” Pragya “For those around us it could be confusing but to us it’s not…..” Man was still smiling and looking at her.

She said “Whenever I see him especially his eyes there is a lot of things I am lost for words….” Man “Please explain….” Pragya with a pleasant blush said “What is there to say when my eyes meet with his eyes? What is there to say when everything lies in the eyes of his that I see….My everything is the Love that lies in his eyes….”

Abhi hearing all this gave a smile unknowingly and thought “You are right we are not confused of our love but we are making others confused…..I love to only see your eyes that shows the love towards me….I love u too Leiko….”

Man “Waah! This much love for him….I am impressed Pragya….what if he is around here and is listening to all this?” Pragya lied to him and said “I can only wish if it happens but I don’t know where is he now…..” She looked sadly towards the window and Abhi quickly moved himself so that she can’t see him. Abhi, I miss you too Leiko….you are my little flower that gives light in my life and how can I leave this light and live in the darkness without u?

A while later the man hugged Pragya again which made Abhi irritated. He passed something to Pragya and taking that she left the house. Abhi after that continued to follow Pragya secretly but he was not aware that Pragya knew he is behind her. Pragya was at times smiling inwardly that she made him follow in her paths of love……

Abhi “I can help u if u listen to me!” Pragya “I am always listening to u! Now u listen to me!” Abhi “You are talking too much!” He took her duppata and tied that around her mouth to make her stop talking! Pragya struggled in his attempt to carry her!

Thank u for reading and the other ff needs some time so I thought of uploading this first! That will come later in the night!

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  1. Awesome
    confusing confusing confusing of sweet love story

    1. Maya

      Thank u Priya and sorry for the confusing story! Haha it just happens this way and I also don’t know why it turn out to be this way! hehe

      1. Hai maya
        The way u did the confusion story is really super, I like the confusion in Antigua and my self too, sometime I also y this two this much confuse and make me confuse too…….
        I like be co fuse with ur confusion story …. hehheheheheh

  2. Prathi

    Let him follow and know about her love. Pragya finally made him follow her

    1. Maya

      Ya she finally made him follow her but how long he can follow? lol that’s what comes into my mind now

  3. Saranya24

    ??so cute leiko and kiddy loved it akka love u loads???????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya sis for finding them cute! Love u too!

  4. Asmithaa

    Awesome diii. Finally Abhi understood my Leiko.. oops.. his Leiko.. I think if I were a boy Abhi would be bashing me black and blue.. Am I right??? ????

    1. Maya

      Maybe but I won’t let my sister get bashed! Anyways Thanks CA for finding it awesome!

  5. Sowji

    Very nice… this way of love are also very nice..waiting for next part…update soon..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sowji for finding it nice! Please wait and the next part will be tmrw!

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      Thank u friend!

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    1. Maya

      So sweet of u too! Thank u Varsha!

  8. tooo sweet dear great twist and am now comfortable lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve uuuuu

    1. Maya

      Glad to know that u are relieved now! Thank u for ur opinions and feelings about this story Lopez!

  9. Aww so cute??? ! LK – Leiddy’s are so damn cute in what ever they do !???? lol now its Kiddy’s turn to follow his Leiko !??? Hohhhhooo Leiddy’s Love Story is Epicantastic !? I Love ittt !? Love u too !???

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it!!! Thanks for reading

  10. Awesome episode di all the scenes are superb your thoughts and writing style is so nice di Abhigya always lovely and cute

    1. Maya

      Thank you Minu for finding nice in so many things! Glad that u liked it!

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      Thank u Reshu!!!!!!

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