Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bala patches up with Dhruv

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

UpdateBhima asks his Aayi to wake up Dhruv. She reassures him that he will be fine. Everyone watches Bala grinding those leaves. He asks Anand to give him turmeric. Dhansukhlal recalls that this is what Dhruv’s mother used to do. Maybe it will fix him. Bala makes the lep for Dhruv. Mangesh wonders what he is doing. Dhansukhlal tells him to let him do it. He prays for Dhruv’s well being. Bala covers his hands and Anand ties a piece of cloth around his brother’s face. Bala applies the lep on Dhruv’s chest. Please wake up. Tell me how you play English Band. How is their band and our band different? Only you can tell us this. Wake up now. Your Aayi used to say that your heart is weak and sweet but it must be strong now. Your Baba sent you to Bombay by playing a game but we still have to play. Ram ji looks on. Mangesh and Pundit ji hold Dhansukhlal. Bhimbai comforts Bala. They both are in tears. She notices Dhruv’s moving eyelids and makes Bala look at him. Bala calls doc. Pundit ji warns doc not to touch Dhruv yet again. Bhima requests doc to save his friend. He folds his hands in front of him. Doc tells Pundit ji he might be from an upper community but he is a doc first. I cannot see my patients dying in front of me. I will give him injection. Rest is on his fate. Mangesh disagrees but doc speaks about the vows he had taken while becoming a doc. Let me put my education to use. He gives injection to Dhruv.

Sakpal family and Dhansukhlal watch Dhruv anxiously. Bala turns to his mother. She assures him that Dhruv will be fine and hugs him. Ram ji looks at Dhansukhlal who walks away sadly.

Next morning, Dhruv gains conscious and calls out to Bala. Everyone rushes to his side. Bala asks him if he is fine. Dhruv apologizes to him and coughs. Bala stands at a distance. Bhimbai tells him to have rest. You can talk to him later. Bhima asks him if he is fine. Bhimbai tells him to let Dhruv rest. Bhima and Anand bring doc to check on Dhruv. Doc tells Bala that medicines may have helped Dhruv but prayers also help paitents sometimes. We believe in such things too. The best outcome is that he is safe. Bhima says I saw it for the first time that Bhaiya is so emotional. Bala asks him if he tought him to be stone hearted. Bhima says for a moment I did feel that way. Bala tells him to go away then. Why are you still here? Bhima says I wanted to thank you for saving my friend. Bala says he is your friend. Who is he to me then? Anand asks him to answer himself. He may not be my brother but he is no less than a brother to me. Dhruv asks him to come near him then. Bala complies. Anand shares that Bala Bhaiya was very worried when you fell ill.

Everyone is having dinner and is sitting around fire. Dhruv tells Bala how they play music in English Band. They play with 14 instruments there. They also enjoy playing bands in our language too. Bala teases him by saying that he does not know English. 2 officers come to meet the Doc. They have taken over the area and will provide the resources whenever needed. Guru ji introduces Ram ji and Sakpal family to them. They did their best to save the patients during this hard item. Officer thanks Ram ji. We will share this with our leaders as well. They go aside to discuss it with the doc. Guru ji says they may be abusing people around our country but they are helping us. Puranjan seconds him. It is because these 2 are Indians. Guru ji calls them lucky.

Next morning, Pundit ji is miffed with Ram ji. He is an opportunist. He cajoled people from our community to go to hospital. They would now think that Ram ji tried to help our people atleast. A guy informs them that Government is going to recognize Ram ji for his efforts during the plague. They all decide to do something to stop it from happening. Dhansukhlal says let it be. We will inform the revolutionaries what Ram ji is up to. They don’t see eye to eye with the government so they wont spare Ram ji. We also have time. Pundit ji says we have some people in Pune who are not happy with English government. They are against their medicines as it is destroying our dharma. They wont spare Ram ji either if they hear this.

Indian officials say that they have defeated plague finally. We should remain alert for some more time though. We want to thank each one of you, especially Ram ji. We got to know that you are retired Subedar. We have decided to give you prize for your hard work. It is a thing of respect for us too. Ram ji says it was a team effort. People from every community stood together to fight this battle. It isn’t just one person who fights such diseases. It is always a joint effort. Everyone claps for him. Pundit ji, Dhansukhlal and Mangesh consider it an insult to them. Official says we will take 10% less tax this time as recognition to everyone’s hard work. We will handle things from here. Sakpal family heads home.

Ram ji tells Dhruv to rest. We will make food till then. Bhima offers to be with Dhruv but Bala decides to stay with him instead. Bhima agrees. You both will talk about the Band anyways. I wont be needed there. Everyone smiles. Meera helps everyone wash their hands and feet. Bhimbai asks about Ganga. Meera says she is inside. I tried to talk to her but she isn’t replying. Bhima picks up little pebbles from the ground before heading inside to meet his sister. He throws them on the floor to draw her attention. Ganga looks at him.

Precap: Pundit ji tells Dhansukhlal to ask everyone to come together and protest against Ram ji. Kulkarni says you mean whatever Ram ji and his family did was a lie. One guy throws stone at him. Mangesh encourages everyone to beat him to death. Ram ji watches them from far and is confused as to what’s happening.

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