Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Gunesh overpowers all asoors attacking him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gautom performing yagna while all are watching happily. Gunesh is thinking about sindhu’s plans while sindhu is challenging gunesh in front of narad as narad is thinking foolish about sindhu & also instigating him against gods & narayan too. Sindhu tells him I’ll talk with narayan by myself & he has to do what i wish.
Gunesh thinks today that will happen for which world is waiting for while asoors are moving ahead towards ashram as children’s are getting scared & mahadev watching.
Mata’s are discussing about yagna’s performance which will bring calmness while gunesh says I’ll be wholly responsible for safety of this place & he leaves with mayurji to face asoors.
The asoor leader sees mahadev & gets scared thinking mahadev’s weapon cannot be faced by me & gets flown back with powers of mahadev.
Sindhu calls narayan to intimate saying you have taken responsibility to safeguard my palace gate so no gods should enter this which you might help them but narayan tells him you are a fool then too gods do not betray in their words but sindhu says which god as there is only one god that too me so do not try questioning me & just do your job as gatekeeper while gunesh says who abuses god always invites his punishment.
The asoor leader comes falling down in front of sindhu telling him mahadev’s weapon is very strong whom i could not face & sindhu kills him. Sindhu sends different asoors who challenge gunesh saying we have such weapons which are stolen from gods by which all will be killed & they shoot their weapons towards ashram while sindhu tells narayan that i have sent such people who has your gods weapons & that child will be killed easily making destroy that ashram too but he also insults narayan so narayan tells him once if you complete your three times insulting me then my responsibility ends guarding your gate so remember that. Sindhu tells narayan that i know everything will be destroyed so i can sit for meditation but gunesh uses his powers to acquire all weapons in him which shocks asoors saying all gods are in him which is tremendous & they go to inform sindhu & he kills them too getting shocked so he himself goes to warn gunesh showing his huge form & returns back to his palace for meditation.
Gunesh comes to his palace gate & seeing this mata ahilya is asking paravati mata what will happen if gunesh faces narayan or will they confront but mata paravati calms her.
Gunesh asking narayan will you allow me to enter but narayan tells him i am bonded towards boon to him that’s why i can’t but gunesh asks him you have also given him warning of respecting boon & narayan accepts his advice saying i know if he insults me three times then he will lose my boon so gunesh tries to instigate sindhu who is sitting for meditation but can’t concentrate so he calls his mayasoor for helping to guard as he does not have faith in narayan who can help gods & as sindhu trying to concentrate while gunesh is keeping on instigating & insulting him saying why have you hidden if i have come to face your challenge & sindhu gets wild to talk with gunesh telling him i am meditating & your narayan is guard of my gate who won’t allow you to enter but then too gunesh is more & more instigating him as in wake of talks sindhu insults narayan three times & gunesh tells narayan that now you are free from sindhu’s boon & narayan praises gunesh allowing him to enter.

Precap : Sindhu seeing mahadev in gunesh while attacking him so he runs getting scared as gunesh follows killing him instantly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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