A Complicated Fairy Tale (Manan Sandhir FF) Intro 3

  1. Introduction to new world (part 3)

Hi guyes sorry sorry sorry (kaam pakad kar) for delay…hope you like this ff pls readers, silent reader please do comment how was it criticism excepted

Introduction of fab5(except manik)

Dhruv vedanth :A bit shy in nature.A gem by heart.A very shy person to express his emotions.He will cocoon himself for the rest of the world but it opens up only in front of Alia. Yet to realize why.Buddy of Manik. Friends are his first priority. Music and dance both are his heart and soul.He is one of the guitarist in  FAB5. Studies at FITE with SPACE.

Alia saxena:Cute and hot bubbly doll.She is sooo soo Adorable.One word to explain her is full time fashionista. Fashion and music is her passion. Dhruv only opens up about his emotions to her even she doesn’t realize why. Loves FAB5. Friends are her life .She is the pianist in her band FAB5.She studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Mukthi vardhan: A perfect Tomboy .A girl similar to coconut,hard and tough outside but soft and sensitive inside.She and alia share a sisterly bond.She has crush on abhi but cannot express this care and concern stuffs as she is very bad at it and obviously because of her tomboy girl Ka role. Loves her friends like anything.She is the electric guitarist in her band FAB5.Studies at FITE with SPACE.

Cabir dhavan: Sweetheart and joker by nature.Best friend cum Mindreader of Manik. He understands Manik better than the rest.He loves his friends and mom. He is a lead drummer in the band. FAB5. Studies at FITE with SPACE.(not gay in my story).

Members of NH9(excluding Nandini):

Abhimanyu singania or simply abhi: A perfect gentleman in any angel.A guy every girl would wish for.Loves his friends especially the boys gang. Part of NH9… Has a crush on mukthi.But unable to express because of her hard to get attitude .He is the  pianist and is able to play any musical instrument.Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Aryaman khurana or simply Arya:Handsome and Pretty hot.Number one flirt. Only does healthy flirting know his boundaries and never croses them while flirting.Music and cooking is like rhythm and taste for him.Loves his friends and his only little sister Soha khurana +flirts with his band mates too.He is a 2nd drummer in the band can also play tabla. Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Soha khurana: Sweet and cute sister of Aryaman khurana.She is a chirpy girl full of life. Fashionista of NH9 official fashion designer of NH9. Fashion designing and music are the two things like two eyes equally important.Has a soft spot for Harshad never ready to except though thinking it might affect their friendship. Loves her friends alot. Mostly her girl gang. Electric guitarist of her band NH9. studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Navya Naveli: Great Bhakht of Durga maa.She is a blend of sanskari + modern which means she carries both types of outfits.       Soha,Jiya,chahath ,nandu and she herself share a pure sisters by hear relation.Full to nautankii,dramabazz and  filmy kidaa by nature.Loves music and drama like two limbs of a body equally important to maintain balance.Loves her friends but her girl gang the most.Member of NH9 she is the keyboardist of the band NH9. Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Harshad saxena: Elder brother of Alia .Handsome and dashing. A protective brother to his sister. Treats everyone in his band group equivalent to a family. He has that bad boy wala image but in  a good sense. Respect each and every girl has a soft corner for  Soha never realised it though.Loves his friends alot.Mostly the boys gang.One of the guitarist of the band NH9. Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Jiya Arora or Jef : Sister of chahat Arora. Loves her sister a lot. A bit protective. She is bubby and cute both at a time. Full of fun in nature but arrogant at times.She is like the modern era girl she will fight till the end for what’s right and what’s hers. Loves her Friends and mostly her girl gang.Loves music.One of the guitarist of the  band NH9.Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Chahath Arora: Sister of Jiya Arora. Loves her sister to the core. A bit protective. She is bold and beautiful in the same page. Number one chat box by nature. lady dabangg for those who messes with her sister and her band. Loves music and it connects her with her sister and Friends. Loves her friends especially her girl gang.Drummer of the band NH 9. Studies at FITE with SPACE college.

Madhyam singh: Hot and happening in the same page . Lovely but a bit bossy. Hard nut to crack type guy. But once you know him you can’t stop admiring him. If you wanna party I’m a call away by distance buddy call me any time for party type. Loves his friends, mostly the boys gang. Loves music to infinity. He is the cellist of the band of NH9. Studied at FITE with SPACE college.

Uff  really really really really really very sorry for the late update got stuck up with some personal stuff but I promise weekly one update to pakka from this week or maybe even two but pakka promise at least one I’ll post weekly. Rest only two intros  pending. It’s about dream team the fairies and few parents of our lovely lovely characters.i won’t drag the intros here by so I gave both the musical bands intros together.ok then c you all in the next intro that’s part 4 and give them the real story will begin.
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    Hey people the role of Jiya Arora is played by bharkha Singh and chahat Arorais played by Pratibha ranta.

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