Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima fails in stopping Madhvi’s wedding


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Social workers announce that this wedding cannot happen as the girl is very young. Madhvi’s father says she is my daughter so it should be our decision. Who are you to say all this to us? Leave! Bhima steps forward. Madhvi smiles. Bhima says they are from Mahatma Jyotibai Phule’s institution. My baba says they are helping women get their rights including education. They help women become independent and also protect their rights. Flashback of Ram ji telling Bhima about this institution are shown. Baba says Savitribai Phule is from Satara. Dhansukhlal says I know. I also know your leader. This wont make us drop our tradition. Bhima says age old wrong traditions should be dropped in any case. It is the age for girls to grow. This is what Savitribai tells the world. A strong woman builds a strong society / family. How will someone else support them if people from her own society wont? This is a fight for change. Mangesh says we don’t want to bring a change. We wont let anyone play with our traditions. Dhansukhlal says Bhima is afraid that’s why he brought these people are here. He is very smart. He uses the same lecture on us that his Baba gives him. Maharaj ji says it isn’t about who brought us here. It is about the fact that what you are doing is wrong. Our institution is bound to oppose it. Dhansukhlal says we wont back off. Anyone who tries to challenge us, will have to fight with us. Maharaj ji says we don’t believe in violence or using force. We do not have to force our thoughts on someone. You know the consequences of what happens when someone tries to use force. They walk up to Madhvi and surround her in a circle to protect her.

Bhima joins in in the circle. Madhvi’s family is given 2 options – either stop the wedding right now or we will take her with us if you think she is a burden to you. We will raise her and educate her. Bhima says she will be taken care of there. Dhansukhlal asks them if they remember from which community they are and with whom they are standing. Maharaj ji says we believe in outlook. For us, a person with a good mindset is from a high community. Madhvi’s father asks them what they know about his family. My elder daughter’s vidaai is due tomorrow. How will we face her in-laws tomorrow? We had to marry Madhvi in some time. What’s wrong in finding a middle way here? We wont feel bad for spending money in our elder daughter’s wedding this way. Why don’t you understand our position? Bhima says these problems are created by a man. You are trying to hide my sister’s helplessness behind this. Madhvi’s father warns him to be quiet. My daughter can never be your sister. You dared to get inside our house today because of these guys but you cannot be a part of us ever! Leave!

Anand and Dhruv tell Ram ji that Bhima is not at Dhruv’s house. Dhruv says he was feeling sad and helpless last night. Bhimbai says he is at Madhvi’s house.

Maharaj ji repeats the options for villagers. Mangesh asks them to go or the consequences will be grave. Madhvi’s mother asks Madhvi to come to her. Madhvi denies. Someone took a stand for me for the first time today. How can I run away from him? Madhvi’s father gives one and only option to Maharaj ji. He asks his wife to bring the box of kerosene oil. Bhima and Madhvi get tensed. Bhima tells Madhvi’s father he cannot do this. Dhansukhlal says we will do this only. Throw kerosene oil on everyone. Burn everyone down including Bhima. Bhima disagrees but Pundit ji gives a logic of raising a son and a daughter. Madhvi’s father tells his wife to do as told. Don’t get weak. It is time to decide. Madhvi tells her father to burn her just like he burnt her books when she wanted to study. He goes inside. Sakpal family reaches there as well.

Maharaj ji says we wont get afraid. We meet orthodox people like you every day. We wont run away even if you try to burn us. We will protect this girl till the time we are alive. Madhvi’s father says I wont do anything to you guys. It is better that my wife and I die instead of hurting our daughter. She should know that we died because of her stubbornness. Madhvi’s mother seconds her husband. You are giving us so much pain that even our 2 dead kids couldn’t. Bhima tells her parents to think about Madhvi. Madhvi’s father tells him to be quiet. We are doing what we think is right. Dhruv tells him not to fall in Dhansukhlal’s trap. It is a grave mistake. Madhvi’s father denies. We want to do this as this is right. He pours kerosene over himself and his wife. He picks up a burning log. Madhvi, Bhima and Sakpal family looks on worriedly. Madhvi throws it away just in time. Please don’t burn yourself because of me. I am ready to get married. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal smirk.

Madhvi hugs her mother and cries. Maharaj ji tries to tell Madhvi against it but Bhima tells them to leave. The house will be broken even if this wedding is stopped at this cost. He apologizes to Madhvi. I failed in stopping this. Madhvi apologizes to him. I said so much to you because I was angry. I will always remember that you could understand what no one from my family or community could understand. You are from a very higher community because of your outlook. No one from this higher community can match your level as you are way above them. She asks her mother to apply haldi to her now. Bhima walks away sadly. His family follows him.

Dhansukhlal tells Maharaj ji the game is up. Leave now. Maharaj ji says this hasn’t happened for the first time. We often fail because of people like you but we come back with hope of change every time.

Everyone tries to stop Bhima. He stops when Ram ji sternly tells him to stop. Bhimbai wipes his tears. Bhima says I dint intervene in their matter as you told me not to. I went to Satyashodhak Samaj that you once told me about. We almost succeeded but Didi gave up her happiness to make sure that her parents are safe. Ram ji says that’s how daughters are. Manjula agreed to the wedding even though she dint want to marry. Bhima asks him why parents and society are like this.


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